(Hard to believe that was nearly twenty years ago.) Much more a precision tool which oozes class. Mark has taken his quest to transfer more power to the nail a step further. Sold out Quick view. Please note however that both our production facility and our shipping facility are currently operating short staffed during this pandemic. Thank you for visiting Martinez Tools! Mine came with an Occidental product tag on it. Registered England No 4519982, Apply for a Trade Account and Save on Time and Money, Heavy Section Washered Hex Head Tek Screws, Light Section Washered Hex Head Tek Screws. There is a lot of science that goes in to how he has done this and frankly it went way over my head, but there is a golf analogy that simplified it for me. Please know that we will email you shipping confirmation the day your order ships. This hammer comes in weighing a total of 2 lbs. Mark Martinez is the man who started the titanium hammer revolution back in the late 1990’s when he introduced his first solid titanium hammer to the world. The level vial has returned to the heel of the rapid square, and heels will now be offered in a choice of 5 different colors (Red, Black, Orange, Gold and Blue). Titanium hammers, by their nature, are evenly balanced which makes them feel lightweight and good in the hand, however, what it does not do is put all of the available force onto the nail head. The world thought titanium was the technological peak in hammer design, but not Mark. You’ve heard the rumors, and yes, they are true. Construction workers are always going to break hammers, but what if you could replace the head simply and easily in two minutes flat and be back to earning PDQ? All the heads in this system are high–grade steel, proven to take the punishment dished out on construction sites. I know, I know, I can hear you groan from here. Both have that fantastic nail puller feature on the side of the head which gives you 10x more pulling power that the claw can muster! Claw Hammers What they are and what they are for. Order soon as it may be awhile before we get additional stock. Kevin I’m not even trying or dare to question you or somebody else about how you spend your money. More power equals less physical fatigue. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Mark talks through why he does what he does in this short video he made. I can see the confusion on your faces from here! I just ordered a 20V, 18 gauge Dewalt nailer from the same company. C’mon, you got it yesterday. This is frankly the ultimate hand hammer, the last hammer you will ever need buy! They are both named after iconic US military assault weapons as Mark is proud of his country and his association with the US military. They reduce the shock of the blow transferring up along the arm of the user. Pretty sure this one will do me just fine. They have Occidental tags on them. In fact I would argue he has created a piece of art with this design. For the M4 Series of hammer heads ONLY (not for the M1 or wood hammers). Whether you buy stock hammer builds or you want to mix and match heads, handles and grips to create your own custom hammer, rest assured that Martinez Tools stands behind every product we make. I must be too cheap. Is that for the wood handled model? An authorized Martinez Hammers retailer. They are in WoodCraft store for 169$$ here,, screw them. Absolutely the best hammer I’ve ever owned. We are currently out of stock of our Titanium Red Headed Step Child Rapid Square. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. © Robert Bosch Tool Corporation 2014, all rights reserved. Push Reel Mowers: The Good, The Bad, The Best, The Ultimate Guide. Again design making your day that bit easier. Just received an M4 today. Better grip means more control and more control means less stress on the elbow, which in turn reduces the risk of that old demon carpenters elbow. I’ve got the Martinez M4, with curved handle and dimpled face. In his own words, he wants to make the best tools he can, his name is on these tools, they are his legacy. Q: Can you put an M4 head on a longer M1 Shaft ? You can work longer and cause less damage to your body over time. So if you are on the lookout for that special gift for that special person, a Martinez M series hammer is going to get you loved forever. I guess that Occidental is acting as a distributor for Martinez. The faster it goes, G-force makes it heavier, the heavier it then gets during the swing, the more whack you get on the ball. I bought a 13″ Dewalt planer for $599. £14.99. It seems things have moved on a lot in the world of hammers since I last bought one. Home Tool School is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Hope to be able to try it out soon. Instant install and removal. I'm Jim Waugh a 50 something tool mad Scot who grew up on a farm. These are one time purchase tools to be cherished by professionals, serious DIYer’s and tool addicts alike, Being honest, who doesn’t love a slice of toolbox bling ? Compatible with the M4 Dimple Head, M4 Smooth Head and the M4 Wide Claw. $350 tax included from atlasmachinery for a 12 oz hammer. Do they have a place in the home toolbox or garage? Add to cart Quick view. Martinez Hammers are top of the range and we are proud to be a stockist of their products. Martinez Tools M1 Titanium Handle 15oz Milled Steel Head Curved Grip Framing Hammer, Martinez Tools M1 Titanium Handle 15oz Milled Steel Head Straight Grip Framing Hammer, Martinez Tools M1 Titanium Handle 15oz Smooth Steel Head Curved Grip Framing Hammer, Martinez Tools M1 Titanium Handle 15oz Smooth Steel Head Straight Grip Framing Hammer, Martinez Tools M4 Titanium Handle 12oz Smooth Face Steel Head Curved Grip Finish Hammer, Martinez Tools M4 Titanium Handle 12oz Dimple Face Steel Head Curved Grip Finish Hammer, Martinez Tools M4 Titanium Handle 12oz Smooth Face Steel Head Straight Grip Finish Hammer, Martinez Tools M4 Titanium Handle 12oz Dimple Face Steel Head Straight Grip Finish Hammer. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. link to What is a Vernier caliper: Types, Uses, Best and more, Terms and Conditions for Home Tool School, Claw Hammers what they are and what they are for. I use it about as much for demolition work as I do pounding nails, it’s one tough tool! Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. I’ve got the Martinez M4, with curved handle and dimpled face. That price is more then what I would pay for a hammer. Or I have different priorities. Their Titanium hammers are well known for their excellent quality and craftsmanship. Where solid titanium hammers fall short is found in the heads, particularly the claws, which are more prone to damage than those made of high quality steel and if the head on your expensive, solid titanium hammer gets damaged to the point of destruction you have to replace the whole hammer, which is gonna hurt your bank balance ! There is no magic in it. With an overall length of 16 inch it’s 2 inches longer shaft than that of the M4, which gives it that extra momentum when building up power into the head. Stock Code: MART4121 . Kinetic energy will have the same formula. The overall shaft length at 14 inches is 2 inches shorter than the M1. Martinez M4W 12OZ Wide Claw Smooth Face Replacement Head fits M4 or M1 Titanium Hammer. Whilst it maintains its ability to maximize the power of the tool, it is much more controllable. Crabgrass: Identify, destroy and prevent its return to your lawn, Lawnmowers: Mower types and how much they should cost. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Covid-19 continues to impact our suppliers. To replace your grip, simply run a craft knife down the back edge, peel it off and slip a new one down the shaft. Based on customer feedback, our new Aluminum Martinez Signature Series 2-in-1 Rapid Square, is derived from the original Martinez Titanium Rapid Square. It won’t hit as a 20oz hammer ( as the advertising says ) unless you swing it faster. He was the man who created the first Titanium hammer when he owned Stiletto and then steered them to huge success. The M4 is a finish / siding hammer with a 12 oz head. The overall shaft length at 14 inches is 2 inches shorter than the M1. Too little weight and that little white ball is going nowhere ! Just received an M4 today. Home Tool School is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. I know my arm will be thanking me, but man is it ever pricey for a good hammer. Example Coupons - Martinez Tools Coupon as Below: M4 12oz finish hammer from $224.96; M79 Sledge Hammer Head from $74.95; MTC Titanium Nail Puller for $94.95; Find Best October Deals, Offers and Sales | Martinez Tools; Join the mailing list of Martinez Tools for getting the chance to take 15% Off when you spend a certain amount The answer is found in the Martinez Tool Company’s titanium handled modular hammer system and I am frankly blown away. This Martinez weapons grade series of titanium shafted hammers are clearly the top of the tree when it comes to hand hammers for professional use. It’s entirely up to you. I don’t think I need to say more than that about toughness! The handle is made from material created for the golf industry, where grip is everything. Build Your Custom Martinez Titanium Hammer, Pre-order today! That's right, the M4 finish hammer is the last hammer you will ever need. By keeping the titanium shaft light and making the head heavy, Mark has managed to keep the overall weights the same as the Stiletto equivalent but has transferred more power into hammer face. Limited quantities. Stock Code: MART4100 . £279.50. The Martinez modular system is not cheap. For a professional who swings a hammer every day, either is a first choice. link to Push Reel Mowers: The Good, The Bad, The Best, The Ultimate Guide. £258.00 (inc VAT) Martinez 12oz M4 Smooth Face Straight Grip Finish Hammer. M4 Finish Hammers We are deligently working to get these orders shipped as soon as possible. Add to cart Quick view. Congratulations Kevin, it’s definitely a nice looking hammer, looking forward to hearing what you think about it. 99 ($7.81/oz) $262.50 $262.50 The aluminum blade features a non-glare matte tumbled surface finish and has deep laser etched markings. Mark Martinez, creator of the highly regarded Stiletto Titanium Hammers, is back with a new generation of framing and finish hammers and other specialty tools. Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: Mark is a self–made man who started in the trades and worked himself to the top of his tree at Stiletto. Mark saw this as a flaw and one of his main drivers when creating his system. In one interview Jim Aikin, Mark’s engineer, pointed out that after 17,000 repetitive strikes the M1 broke the test rig ! Nothing is indestructible and hammer grips, even Martinez ones, are no exception and this is where this system gets clever. As the years passed more and more people discovered all of the benefits of them and now with each passing year their popularity only grows. Home tool School also participates in affiliate programs with ShareASale and other sites. In his original thread starting post @dirtywhiteboy said they were $269 at his Woodcraft store, I think the 169 was a typo. We thank you in advance for your patience. Both feature the awesome Martinez titanium shaft. Before you place an order, we’d like to let everyone know the following: For additional information please contact info@martineztools.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Our supply chain has also been severely impacted. That’s my perspective on it. Adding one of these hammers to your toolbox will probably mean it’s the best hammer you have ever bought and the last hammer you will ever buy ! Home Tool School is owned and operated by Jim Waugh of Ayrshire Scotland.

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