Accommodations & hotels Medicine Bow Mountains, Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn (Skicircus). Nearby Snowy Range Pass prov... Take the Snowy Range Scenic Byway to Lake Marie trail head. There is a network of quality alpine trails leading around the mountain and up to the summit. The Cheyenne belt, the 1.78–1.74 billion year old suture between the Wyoming craton and the Yavapai province that formed as North America was assembled, is exposed in the Medicine Bow Mountains. Given that this range is the furthest north extension of the Front Range it can hold snow longer into the summer, and have consistent freezes each spring night. The photos, maps, and information available on this site are not accurate. From Lake Marie (west side), the trail climbs to the south ridge of Medicine Bow Peak and then follows that ridge to the summit. the actual summit lies to the … all on Map. The Medicine Bow Mountains are a mountain range in the Rocky Mountains that extend for 100-mile (160 km)[1] from northern Colorado into southern Wyoming. Well worth it! From Browns Peak, the Lewis Lake Route can be seen. The cabin offers an ideal winter playground, with a snowy landscape perfect for recreation. Parking On Happy Jack Road (WYO 210) is Illegal. Adventurer, road trip fanatic, photography geek, Iceland obsessed, Wyoming native, outdoor lover. Contact the Brush Creek Ranger Station:Brush Creek-HaydenSouth Hwy. The full view of Medicine Bow Peak from the overlook on Highway 130. Change ). The range is home to Snowy Range Ski Area. This trailhead can be busy in the summer months, but there is another parking lot just a smidge up the road at the Tipple Creek Trailhead. The aircraft crashed into Medicine Bow Peak on October 6, 1955, killing all 66 people on board. It is also the highest mountain in Southern Wyoming. It was so worth it, but I also bought my first puffy jacket the next day. The highest peak on the Wyoming side is Medicine Bow Peak (12,013 feet (3,662 m)). Via Mirror LakeThis route is 2.7 miles each way with about 1600 feet elevation gain. In the list of the best ski resorts in the Medicine Bow Mountains, the ski resort Snowy Range is top with 2.8 out of 5 stars. All Rights Reserved. The Medicine Bow Range is the northern rampart of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and it runs for nearly100 miles from Cameron Pass in Colorado to Elk Mountain in Carbon County Wyoming. (9), Images Hi world, I’m Heidi! Go PRO to support our mission and get benefits like gear deals, no ads, and more! Stop in at the Visitor Center in Centennial for a free map of the area and pick your route. Lots of places to pull over to stop and enjoy the view along the wcenic byway. Since 1987, the Glacier Lakes area of the Snowy Range has been home to the Glacier Lakes Ecosystem Experiments Site (GLEES), a field unit of the Rocky Mountain Research Station, United States Forest Service. This website, contributors, and host are not responsible for any action you take using the information that is displayed on the pages of Front Range Ski Mountaineering. Medicine Bow Peak has great views and the trail wanders right through a few beautiful lakes. Snowy Range’s high road access puts the pass on par with the other spring ski roads further south along the Front Range. The Aim for early morning climbs in the summer months to avoid storms (“below treeline by noon!” mantra), and for heavens sake, don’t wander out on snow on the cliffside – there probably isn’t land under some of that snow! ( Log Out /  Unfortunately, no members of the party are politicians." The Medicine Bow Mountains resulted from continental compression during the Laramide Orogeny. It was gorgeous and fun and so cold at midnight in September. Parking On Happy Jack Road (WYO 210) is Illegal. Keep in mind that all of these roads are summer and fall roads only and are closed for much of the year. This same location can be reached by driving east from Saratoga Wyoming. Located only thirty-five miles west of Laramie, this is a super accessible peak to climb, with three trailheads. Rocks exposed along the flanks and peaks of the Medicine Bow Mountains span the Precambrian to modern, with the peaks composed of 2.4-2.0 billion year old Medicine Peak Quartzite. Looking up at the East Ridge and couloirs from Klondike Lake. Look to the Snowies each spring for high road access ski and snowboard mountaineering. I have not done this route, but a trail does exist.Mountaineering and Couloir Routes:Gap Ridges. Thanks so much for helping prepare the trails for snow and skiing! Medicine Peak or Sugarloaf might be three times wetter than Fox Park. Located only thirty-five miles west of Laramie, this is a super accessible peak to climb, with three trailheads. Wildlife abounds in these mountains, with mule deer, elk, moose, black bear, mountain lions, coyotes, marmots, pika, Richardson's ground squirrels, bobcats, and lynx as well as a tremendous variety of birds. Ski mountaineering is an inherently dangerous activity. This took us about 7-8 hours to complete. PLEASE check the weather and road conditions on the resources page for the most up to date information before your stay. There is a network of quality alpine trails leading around the mountain and up to the summit. Picking up dead timber off the ground is permitted, but even scraping dry twigs off tree branches is prohibited, and hefty fines accompany violation of this regulation. ( Log Out /  It lies within Medicine Bow National Forest and is the highest point in southern Wyoming. (75), Comments Medicine Bow Peak as viewed from Lewis Lake. There are walking trails and you can camp nearby. This was probably the most difficult, but one of the most rewarding hikes I have done to date. A disjunct population of arctic fairy shrimp (Brachinecta paludosa) has been documented in a few lakes in the northern part of the range. [2] From the northern end of Colorado's Never Summer Mountains, the Medicine Bow mountains extend north from Cameron Pass along the border between Larimer and Jackson counties in Colorado and northward into south central Wyoming. This small, but very beautiful and well-named range is full of sparkling lakes and flowery meadows with scenic peaks rising above.Medicine Bow Peak itself is probably the easiest and most popular mountain in Wyoming that is above 12,000 feet high. Browns Peak is situated just east of South Gap Lake and North Gap Lake (see TOPOZONE map), and northeast of Libby Lake and Lewis Lake in Wyoming's Snowy Range. Both the Mirror Lake and Lake Marie Routes can be combined into a nice 5.7 mile loop. Large and dome-shaped, Browns Peak is relatively steep on the sides, yet large and flat on top. Baby Heidi on the summit in 1992 (my jean jacket was rocking!) View Medicine Bow Peak Image Gallery - 195 Images. 249Saratoga, Wyoming 82331307-326-5258CLICK HERE FOR AREA WEATHER FORECASTBelow is the National Weather Service Climate Summary of Fox Park, which is located in the mountains to the south of Medicine Bow Peak. [3] Areas of scientific inquiry at the site include atmospheric pollutant deposition, forest carbon and water vapor cycling, effect of insect outbreaks, and alpine lake and stream hydrology. Wikipedia; Overview: Map: Satellite: Directions: Overview: Map: Satellite: Directions: Wikidata; OpenStreetMap; Google Maps; Here WeGo; Bing Maps; MapQuest; … The trailhead is another 1.5 miles along a 4wd road to Dipper Lake. This page has high-level information on the backcountry skiing and splitboarding in the Southern Medicine Bow Mountains and the heart of Cameron Pass: Montgomery Pass, North Diamond Peak, South Diamond Peak, and Montgomery Pass. Cutting down timber is strictly prohibited - even when it involves dead trees. Expect snow, wet or snowy trails, and wet campsites well into July and sometimes later.Winter and spring would be a challenging, but beautiful time to climb in these mountains, but access can be difficult if you don't have a snowmobile to get to the trailhead. But break out your topo map to discover some of Medicine Bow's hidden gems, like Heart Lake.The first ... Backpack the Medicine Bow Peak Trail in the Snowy Range Mountains, Lake Marie Trailhead (41.3315675,-106.3253345), Mirror Lake Trailhead (41.338138,-106.3235919), Lewis Lake Trailhead (41.3586405,-106.2944908), Dipper Lake Trailhead (41.3668013,-106.3475806). If you are in the area it is a great option. The range is drained along the … You are the responsible party. The views of the peaks, lakes and the surrounding area is breathatking and beautiful. MBNA was contacted by WYDOT on 3/30/20 to pass along the following information: The Happy Jack Recreation Area, especially the Tie City Trailhead, has been increasing in popularity. Let me start by saying that I was visiting Wyoming from Fort Worth, so it goes without saying that I was not 100% acclimated to the altitude. However, it is important to not underestimate it. The most popular and easiest season to climb here is mid or late July through mid September. Looking at Old Main and the surrounding couloirs from the pass between Sugarloaf Mountain and Medicine Bow Peak. Skiing … Medicine Bow Peak is in the Snowy Range of Wyoming, which itself is a part of the Medicine Bow Mountains of Wyoming and Colorado. For of all of the Snowy Range, it is requested that all fires are at least 200 yards from lakes, streams, and trails, and no discharging firearms within vicinity of the lakes, streams, or trails. I was able to make it to the summit and complete the 8 mile hike despite being at only 700 feet above sea level 48 hours earlier, and being in decent shape at best. The Medicine Bow Yurt has an impressive view of Clark Peak as well as the entire Medicine Bow Range, with Bull Mountain to explore as your "backyard"! Mid-to-end-of-July and August are you best months, with fall months also an option (but remembering snow and ice comes fast to that elevation in the fall). Pets are permitted at all Never Summer Yurts only from June-September … The guard station was constructed in 1... Overview The road is usually open by Memorial Day weekend, sometimes earlier, but easy access to Medicine Bow Peak will elude you for a little longer unless you have proper snow mountaineering equipment (ice axe, crampons, knowledge and skills) and/or are backcountry skiing. So like any hiking experience, you have to respect nature, even if it is a fairly “easy” mountain to climb. The highest peak in the range is Clark Peak (12,951 feet (3,947 m)), located in Rawah Wilderness and is along the southern end of the range in Northern Colorado. Notice the prominent saddle between Sugarloaf and Medicine Bow Peaks. There are a few ways to get you to Sheep Lake Trail, this particular one will take you to the trailhead via the Lewis Lake Trailhead near the picnic area. The advantage that goes to the Snowies is direct access to a lineup of couloirs running north from the highway and several vantage points for miles. The Marie Couloirs directly above the highway and Lake Marie. Yes, both are spectacular. This portion of the Medicine Bow National Forest is part of the Laramie Range and is dominated by the jagged 10,274 foot crest of Laramie Peak. Medicine Bow Peak Medicine Bow Peak is the highest peak in the Snowy Range, a part of the Medicine Bow Mountains, about 35 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming.

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