- Abid al Shira (Egypt) Take command of your army and expand your reign in Medieval II. - Archontopoulai (Byzantium) Originally, the goal was to record new audio... Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod is a huge expanded campaign for Medieval II Total War Kingdoms expansion. - "Hotseat Launcher" for Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms When I started working... Xenophonia makes several factions in the game speak their respective languages instead of accented English. Neat! 7.0 LEGAL INFORMATION Dialogue won’t be overbearing as you probably won’t understand everything that’s being said. Changes include tweaks to blood, snow, sand and dirt. Whether you’ve completed multiple playthroughs or are looking to re-explore what it has to offer, here’s some of the coolest mods you can try out to make the game even more fun. - Added show date and seasons icons on hud command line preference. -----------------------------------------------. Tons of new content including new factions, units, and an expanded map are typical of these mods by now. - Iberian Peninsular: An enlarged subsection of the Iberian Peninsula from the Grand Campaign. - Boyguard units (Generals) can now be trained/retrained in high level core buildings. - Spanish Dragoons (Spain) 3.0 INSTALLATION That’s right, this transforms your M2TW experience into a playable Lord of the Rings game. Hi I was thinking and i thought that i would be pretty awesome to have real players in my campaign. - Turkish Crossbowmen (Turks) Upgrading mostly the environment textures – trees, land, and especially water now look much better than in vanilla. =====================. I'm releasing today, my submod for KGCM 5.0.2!!! Based on tons of research to make sure names are accurate and relevant to the time period, just under 500 names have been added to each of the factions in the game. Mr. Crow’s Warwagon adds a particularly fun unit to the game. (OPTIONAL), 4.0 LAUNCHING THE MOD 5.0 CAVEATS AND KNOWN ISSUES - Added battle editor command line preference. The mod comes with 28 playable factions including, Pontos, Getai, Saka Rauka, and more. We suggest you try the mod list with no filter applied, to browse all available. - Pronoia Infantry (Byzantium) - Installer: The mod is packaged with an easy to use installer for computers with a valid installation of M2TW: Kingdoms. If you’re looking to retain most of what you know from M2TW, but make it better, Stainless Steel should be right up your alley. -------------------------. - Unit recruitment options are not displayed on building information scrolls if playing as the Rebels. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. For players who prefer medieval warfare with sword-yielding knights, peasants, and crossbows, Medieval 2 would be your go-to in the vast selection of TW games. Led by Santa Claus himself, lead your reindeer cavalry, snowmen, and elves into battle! All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. 2.4 TECH TREE REBALANCING It features new units for all knight orders, for normal factions (e.g most western factions... KINGDOMS GRAND CAMPAIGN MOD *REWORKED*. For non-support related enquiries, the Author of the Retrofit Mod can be contacted directly at: Due to work, family and other commitments, the Author may not be able to reply or a may take some time to reply to any enquiries. This time we’re taken to the Middle East. 7.0 LEGAL INFORMATION This mod will allow you to play with 1 of the 9 realms(nord cosmology), - Increased recruitment times for ships, artillery and siege weapons to two turns. There are 22 playable factions, an updated map including 198 provinces, and a great campaign story to be discovered in this mod. Fantasy Mod for Medieval 2 TW vanilla and for Kingdoms expansion pack about alternative Earth. - Byzantine Gunners (Byzantium) It takes most of what the game did great, improved on it even further, and even took some of the best ideas from other mods. - Enabled more factions access to high level buildings. Easily the most popular mod for M2TW, Stainless Steel is like a New Game+ for Total War fans. Each faction comes with unique combat units including matching skins. A good visual upgrade is always a great way to enjoy older titles. - Historical and Multiplayer Scenario Battle Files: Historical and multiplayer scenario battles in the Custom Campaign Mod 2 modified to unlock all battle maps and factions. The aims of the mod are, to advance the Vanilla campaign, and to boost the fun when playing the mod into immeasurably. Ents, trolls, and wargs are now usable in battles. 2.4 TECH TREE REBALANCING - Al Haqa Infantry (Egypt) - All Armies selectable in Historical Battles. See full details for all that it offers. Just as DarthMods are known for, enemy AI will be much smarter making for a more challenging experience. This is a mod for Medieval 2: Total War, which expands greatly on the specific time period of the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453). New units include the Rostov Retainers, Alani Swordsmen, and Volga Pikemen. You can now battle with mages, elves, orcs, and even vampires in a world similar to that of Total War: Warhammer. - All AI scripting has been removed from Historical Battles to support their inclusion in multiplayer and to make all armies playable. The Custom Campaign Mod 2 can be launched via a number of methods: - Start menu shortcut Taking a more fantasy-based approach, Call of Warhammer completely changes the game. The mod currently contains voice samples in English, French, German, and Russian (among a few other languages, or so it’s claimed). Please do not contact the Author of the Custom Campaign Mod 2 directly for support. 2.2 CUSTOM CAMPAIGN MAPS - Khasseki (Egypt) See File Details for more info. This mod features: A large brand new fantasy map with lots of regions. If fantasy is more your speed, this is the one you’re looking for. Total War: MEDIEVAL II - Definitive Edition > General Discussions > Topic Details. But this one adds a sense of realism and level of detail that few would think of.

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