To make matters worse, Anna revealed to the media that Mark had sexually abused her and that after police began their investigation into Anna's claims, June didn't believe her. Ella Grace Efird[48] (born December 8, 2017) is Lauryn's only child; Lauryn was 17 when she welcomed her with husband Joshua Efird. Sadly, Mike Shannon’s wife Judy died on July 28, 2007. [33] She married Joshua Efird, the father of her daughter Ella, in April 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada.[34]. [85] The scandal ultimately resulted in TLC canceling the show. [68][69] He, along with June, was arrested in March 2019 for drug possession in Alabama. Discover the Coney Barret family tree. We share in your sadness. In "Switch the Flip", Stewie declares his body swap experiment a total disaster, like when Peter tried to keep Michael Shannon from going insane. March 28, 1961) Married Janice Hughes (b. April 1, 1954), Jennifer Shannon (b. June and Alana first appeared together in an episode titled Precious Moments Pageant 2011, which originally aired on January 4, 2012, though filming for the episode took place in 2011. If you are having trouble, click Save Image As and rename the file to meet the character requirement and try again. Kylee Madison Cardwell (born December 9, 2015) is the youngest of Anna's two children, born to Anna and her then-husband, Michael Cardwell, when Anna was 21 years old. BEAR FAMILY RECORDS Proud To Be Independent - ♬ Vinyl, CD, DVD ♬ - These Cats Dig Music [39], Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark[40] (born July 26, 2012) is the eldest of Anna's two children, born to Anna when she was 17 years old. [79][80] Experts estimated that one serving of go-go juice contains as much caffeine as two cups of coffee, a worrisome amount considering that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children under the age of 12 not consume caffeine at all. Only the owner of this obituary will be able to see this information. For latest updates on Entertainment, Celebrity Babies follow eCelebrityMirror.

Alana's outgoing personality and funny remarks made her a fan favorite and several of her phrases from the show, such as "A dollar makes me holler," later became the basis for popular internet memes. [13] Her weight loss journey was the basis for the reality TV show, Mama June: From Not to Hot, which aired on We TV on February 24, 2017.

Michael Corbett Shannon (born August 7, 1974) is an American actor and musician, known for his work in Revolutionary Road, Nocturnal Animals, 99 Homes and Long Day's Journey into Night.

See All of Her and Her Daughters' Beaus", "Honey Boo Boo's an aunt again: Find out the baby's name", "Baby Kaitlyn From 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Is Basically an Adult Now", "Pics: Lauryn 'Pumpkin' Shannon Shows Off Baby Ella, Talks Life As New Mom", "Ella Grace Efird (@ellagraceefird) • Instagram photos and videos", "Sugar Bear Reveals Exactly What He's Done Sexually with Other Men -- Mama June's Shocked! The Pape Funeral Home is assisting the family. After her mother's crack cocaine arrest, Alana now lives with her 20-year old half-sister, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon who also obtained legal guardianship of Alana. We assume that he is living a normal life and maybe visits his children and their family time-to-time. He was convicted of sexual exploitation of a minor, after attempting to solicit oral sex from an undercover police officer he believed to be a teen girl. He played at the University of Missouri before making his MLB debut with the Cardinals in 1962. [30] At the age of six, Lauryn was struck by lightning. ", "Sugar Bear Learns Paternity Results: Is He Really Alana's Father?!? [58], Lee "Uncle Poodle" Thompson is Mike's brother, Alana's paternal uncle. Michael (Mike) Leon Shannon, 79, of Clinton, Iowa passed away peacefully on Saturday, August 22nd at Mercy One Hospital in Clinton. [76], In 2015, Alana and June appeared on an episode of The Doctors, who urged June to take control of Alana's weight, which had reached 125 pounds, making Alana clinically obese.[77]. [29] She has daughter Ella Grace with Joshua Efird. He was raised in St. Louis, Missouri and played with the Cardinals during some of the team's most successful years. He surely has done a great job to get his kids very distant from the spotlight. ", "Mama June's Daughter Lauryn 'Pumpkin' Shannon, 18, Gets Married in Las Vegas", "Alana Honey Boo Boo Thompson | Dancing with the Stars: Juniors", "Dancing with the Stars: Juniors Cast Revealed — Honey Boo Boo, Tripp Palin Johnston and More! ", "Sugar Bear: June Shannon is Keeping My Daughter From Me! [41] Though Anna's high school sweetheart, Caleb Clark, whom Anna dated for two years, has said he believes himself to be Kaitlyn's father, Anna and her family expressed doubts as she had been intimately involved with a second man around the time she became pregnant. [56] It was reported that Jennifer was considering weight loss surgery, as her obesity was causing her mobility issues, but said that she was hesitant to undergo the surgery for fear her husband would leave her if she did, as Mike prefers larger women. He and his late wife Judy Shannon had six children: Erin, Timothy, Daniel, Patricia, Peg and Michael. (VIDEO) | Wetpaint", "Lauryn Shannon: I Already Regret Becoming a Mom! Michael Corbett Shannon (born August 7, 1974) is an American actor and musician, known for his work in Revolutionary Road, Nocturnal Animals, 99 Homes and Long Day's Journey into Night. She weighed 6 lbs, 2 oz at the time of her birth and her birth was featured on Season 1 of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. During their time on Toddlers & Tiaras, June was filmed giving Alana, who was then 6 years old, a drink she referred to as "go-go juice. All relationship and family history information shown on FameChain has been compiled from data in the public domain. Right here at FameChain. June pursued relationships with men who would later become convicted sex offenders; her daughters Jessica and Lauryn were fathered by Michael Anthony Ford (b. About Us; Contact Us; View Popular FameChains . [20], Anna has had a strained relationship with June, as June defended McDaniel in regards to accusations that he sexually assaulted her and reportedly began dating McDaniel again in 2014. Eugene Edward "Geno" Doak[63] (born October 8, 1975) is June's current romantic partner. Possibly, he does not want his children to be friendly with the limelight. The two began dating in 2017. UGH! Peg Shannon Caldwell – The name Peg is of the Greek origin with meaning ‘pearl’. Find out the Truth About the Reality Star's Condition", "Honey Boo Boo's 'Mama June' And 'Pumpkin' Open Up About Their Sexuality, Bisexuality", "Mama June Struggles With Weight Gain in 'From Not to Hot' Season 2 Trailer", "Mama June Models Trim Figure in Little Black Dress Months After 300-Lb. [45] After her mother and step-father separated in 2017, Kaitlyn moved with her mother and half-sister from Alabama, where she'd been living since the age of 2, to Georgia.[46][47]. Michael Anthony Ford (born 1977) is the father of Jessica and Lauryn.

His arrest was featured on an episode of To Catch a Predator. © - use subject to the information collection practices disclosed in our Privacy Policy.

[citation needed] While in June's custody, Anna was sexually abused by June's then-boyfriend, Mark McDaniel, who was later convicted for his crimes. The Democratic party contender for President. Patricia Shannon VanMatre – Patricia is a female name that came from the Latin word ‘patrician’ meaning ‘noble’. [86], On March 13, 2019, June Shannon and her boyfriend, Geno Doak, were both arrested at a gas station in Alabama, after police were called to the scene following reports of a public dispute. March 9), Joanie Shannon, now McDonald (b. January 9, 1971), Anna Shannon (b. August 28, 1994), daughter of David Dunn, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Shannon (b. July 26, 2012), daughter of unnamed man, Kylee Madison Cardwell (b. December 9, 2015), daughter of Michael Cardwell, Jessica Shannon (b. October 12, 1996), daughter of Michael Ford, Lauryn Shannon (b. January 7, 2000), daughter of Michael Ford, Ella Efird (b. December 8, 2017), daughter of Joshua Efird, Alana Thompson (b. August 28, 2005), daughter of Mike Thompson, This page was last edited on 24 September 2020, at 00:27.

[67] Additionally, he is divorced and has children of his own from previous relationships and the two previously dated for a brief time in 2015. [81][82] June defended her decision to give the Red Bull-Mountain Dew mixture to Alana, saying that there were worse things she could give her daughter to drink, such as alcohol, and that she'd tried alternatives, notably Pixy Stix, which are referred to as "pageant crack" within the pageant community due to the energizing effects the high sugar content has on a child contestant's behavior. FameChain has their amazing trees.

Thank you for your understanding. ", "Mike 'Sugar Bear' Thompson Re-Proposed to His Wife, Jennifer, and the Ring Is Gorgeous! [50], Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson is the ex-partner of June and father of Alana. ", "Tristan Ianiero | Dancing with the Stars: Juniors". A cutaway gag features Peter talking calmly with an angry-looking Michael.

He went on to become an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster for the St. Louis Cardinals after concluding his playing career. Family Guy Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

[51] Mike later revealed he'd been unfaithful to June, having cheated on her with both men and women during the course of their relationship, on an episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. mode: 'thumbnails-rr', A Mike Shannon Memorial Fund is being established. [70] Mark pled guilty to aggravated child molestation in 2003, with June's eldest daughter, Anna, being his victim. Johnny Cash Recommended for you.

[62] Michael is currently incarcerated and ineligible for parole until 2026, after he was found to have violated his probation. After Judy Shannon’s death, Mike might have been taking care of his two sons. [25], Jessica Louise "Chubbs" Shannon (born October 12, 1996) is June's second daughter; her father is Michael Anthony Ford. [5] June became pregnant with her first daughter, Anna, at 14 and gave birth just days after her 15th birthday. We don’t know but Mike seems to have mastered the qualities of a mother too. Alana Frances "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson (born August 28, 2005) is the fourth and youngest of June's daughters; her father is June's former longtime partner Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson.

Mike said, “The loss is as serious and sad as anything I can imagine.” Perhaps he had to go through severe pain.

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