a6d and Skeppy are close friends, and Skeppy's viewers tend to watch both streams at the same time, which means a6d would definitelypass the required viewer count. While James Charles had a rather unceremonious start to his Twitch career, no one can keep YouTube’s premier makeup guru down and is firing up his channel again to compete in the event. The last time someone dominates Minecraft Monday because he's good at the game, he pulled ~65k viewers and went up from 500k to 1M subscribers on YouTube. It seems people have become addicted to each moms’ funny quirks – they way they are frozen still before they start singing, the classic mom head bob, and their distinct personalities contributing to the insane virality. In that case, the scores will be “awarded to the surviving teammate” to “reflect individual contribution.”. While some stars like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae scoop up millions of likes for each video, it’s more difficult for the average user to see such high numbers. YES! Keemstar needs to learn that he cant just ruin peoples days because he feels like they arent relevant enough, The gnome needs to actually shut the fuck up for a moment and let competent people like Mitch manage the tournament. Week 7 Edit. Press J to jump to the feed. In the seventh Minecraft Monday event, Technoblade was teamed up with Junky Janker to compete as Team 9. Unofficial subreddit for Keemstar's Minecraft Monday tournament. I’ve said this before but it’s fucking bullshit that people like Nestor aren’t allowed in. All players are armed with elytras, fireworks and… rocket launchers! Meanwhile PewDiePie is again streaming on his platform of choice Dlive as the two popular creators try to make their way through the brackets of KEEMSTAR’s latest event featuring Minecraft. All of these groups have huge audiences that would want to see them play, but most of the players fall short of the viewer requirements- not by a lot, but enough for keem to not consider them. Just surviving a game will get someone +2 score, but “whenever a team is eliminated all other remaining teams earn +2 score.”, While teams are obviously working together, the scores for Placements, Surviving, and Victory Royales are evenly split between the members of the team unless someone dies. TikTok is the home of the weird and the wonderful, hosting an enormous user base that spans just about every online community there is. As the terrain starts disappearing, it becomes harder and harder for players to survive! You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. The players were allowed to break blocks they weren't supposed to. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. The Cube and Hermitcraft continued to make MC content despite its death. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MinecraftMondays community. Agreed. For every Elimination a team gets +10 on their score, meanwhile a Victory Royale nets a squad +30 to their total. Their sequel is approaching similar numbers to the first instalment, but why have these women become so iconic overnight? Incredible, just wonderful, yeah just kick someone that can actually defeat the best player in the tournament, that would definitely make the event more interesting. Grandayy and Dolan Dark pull less than 500 viewers. After the overwhelming response from TikTok users, the daughters even recreated the video by imitating their own mother’s hilarious dancing. Sodapoppin shares hilarious reaction to Andy Milonakis’ brutal first impression of him, Guy Beahm breaks character to address Dr Disrespect’s E3 ban, Amouranth’s infamous eating habit returns in bizarre ASMR Twitch stream, YouTuber Corpse Husband explains why he won’t do a face reveal yet, ♬ Blow Your Mind (Mwahchallenge) – Dua Lipa. Techno went on a rampage, destroying people's builds and attempted to spawn the wither. There are streamers that the people actually want to be in the event,but can't because they don't have the required viewership count, despite being a decently large Minecraft channel (TapL), Also, Technoblade's teammate, ConnorEatsPants and potentially, ShotGunRaids' teammate, TimeDeo are in danger as well (nvm deo got kicked). A6D said the same thing but apparently them and Keem revived Minecraft so it’s different. Minecraft Monday Week 7 results. Entertainment PewDiePie and James Charles team up for Minecraft Monday – Highlights, bracket and more. The leaderboard above will update throughout the tournament, and you can check at the end of the event who won. The duo are up against 18 other teams vying for the chance to move onto the next round of the Minecraft Monday’s hotly contested bracket. It really sucks that this tournament is run by a guy who JUST cares about views. The hilarity is at an all time high as PewDiePie is screaming memes at the top of his lungs, while the new streamer Charles does the best he can while trying to navigate Minecraft and the technical difficulties of live streaming. Addison Rae & Bryce Hall’s relationship timeline – are they dating. A unique take on the classic Minecraft mini-game of Spleef! I don’t know why Keem kicking smaller creators leads to more views, but ig Keem’s on a different wavelength.. :/. https://twitter.com/keemstar/status/1168655493570736133, Oh my god. Each mom has their own segment of the song under direction of their daughters, but each one comes in slightly late, bopping their heads in a way that had people in the comments falling in love. The videos have even inspired people to imagine what each mom would be as varying different objects like shoes, kitchens, and even underwear. If history repeats itself, xNestorio will pull an insane amount of views because viewers from other streamers are checking out his perspective, A friend of a well-known YouTuber (Skeppy - winner of 3 MM weeks). The duo was very successful. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. That video alone racked up nearly 60 million likes. (Nothing against them just as an example) Keems logic doesn't work, why kick actually good Minecraft Youtuber who would make Minecraft Monday fun, and put inexperienced fortnite streamers in who doesn’t have anything for the event. Does he understand that streamers usually get more views if they participate in an event hosted by Keemstar for a $5000 winning reward, and will play with James Charles, CaptainSparklez and Technoblade. Updated: 2/Jul/2019 3:20. Team 12 Preston Logdotzip. Minecraft, Roblox View Join. Clearly the moms were not a one hit wonder, as they’ve broken the internet yet again with their new lip-sync to Dua Lipa’s Blow Your Mind, featuring some equally as passionate mom dancing. I know randoms aren't allowed to play anymore, but if the fans weren't outraged by the randoms dominating, I don't think the randoms would be removed from the event. However, TikTok user Mia Gillespie managed to go unprecedentedly viral – though the video didn’t actually feature Mia herself. Published: 1/Jul/2019 20:40 Conner gets views, the man is one of the SMP Live boys. The two YouTubers are doing their best to meme their way to the top of Monday Minecraft. The last time someone dominates Minecraft Monday because he's good at the game, he pulled ~65k viewers and went up from 500k to 1M subscribers on YouTube. Keemstar laid out all that entrants need to know in order to assert their dominance in the Monday Minecraft set of rules. Many of these videos have racked up millions of likes in their own right. Two of YouTube’s biggest stars Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg and James Charles are linking up for KEEMSTAR’s new Monday Minecraft competition that pits some of the biggest content creators around against each other. Minecraft, Gaming View Join. They seriously removed some of the top contenders to win, 2 hours before it starts ffs. While trash talk is definitely allowed, players must “still conduct [themselves] respectfully.” And Keemstar added a note about Clout chase, saying players shouldn’t be a “sore loser” insted just HAVE FUN! Just saying, this rule has been in place for a few weeks and nobody has been talking about it. There is NO cross-teaming, feeding, mods or resource packs that grant unfair advantages allowed in Monday Minecraft. Last team standing will win the most coins. Not to mention the kicked players are: An UHC legend who is said to be dominating this week MM. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Moreover, the “top two teams” get +20 score while the “top three teams” get +10 score to their name. Five moms went insanely viral with their wholesome lip-syncing TikTok, racking up views in the tens of millions. More people would want to see MC players play in a MC tournament than fortnite players that don’t know how to play. I’d be fine with it if they weren’t removed 2 hours before the tournament, like damn.

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