This time it's a bull calf, He could be Cutie Pie's twin! Miniature Jersey cows can be difficult to find. Most farms have a waiting list for calves. Our primary focus is to offer a small family cow as indicated by our name of page. ( Log Out /  This meant a cow was able to provide both milk and meat for a family. out of a very nice Mini Jersey sire, Jewell's Little General she is curious and will start halter training soon. Pumpkin Pie had this lovely lady at dawn on 5/3/2017. We buy, breed, and sell camels and mini cows. Mini Cows are pregnant for 9 months, just like humans. Although we still have mostly young calves, up to two year olds, we are really happy with their progress. Still wet and just minutes old. Plum is a Dun Miniature Irish Jersey (62.5% Mini Jersey, 37.5% If it is found to be legitimate, there is still no mud on my face and the only thing I have to regret is that I didn’t charge my buyer 5k for an A2 cow which I likely would refrain from anyhow . With certain calves we will describe them as a "Guaranteed Miniature". Change ). After researching the breed, I learned that these statistics were based on crossbred animals. *SOLD ! Some don’t and remain small. Iris is an Almond and White Irish Jersey (Dexter X Mini Jersey). They come in the traditional black, dun and red. is a really sweet cow that is easy to work around. We offer pure bred Registered mini Jerseys. well conformed, healthy, and Adorabull calves.

coloring and is dehorned. He was born on Sunday June 11th, early morning. before leaving. This girl is a princess, so her name is Reign. We also have some small Mid-size cows. She is being sold as midsized at maturity and disbudded.
Courser Meadows offers calves for sale each year and occasionally has mature cattle available. See the 2016 SOLD Highland cross calves below. I learned that I could take Belgian Blue bull and cross it with my Simbravieh cows and have some very heart healthy meat. We are a small farm in Michigan specializing in dromedary camels and miniature cattle. Breed her to a Mini Jersey or Dexter and offspring would The ranch had not been operated for a couple of years so we started out by leasing pastures out to other ranchers for their cattle. Dromedary Camels & Curiously Small Cattle. DOB 6/10/16. 3.5K likes. She is currently 39 inches Miniature Jersey cows can be difficult to find. Breed him to your Highland girls and get 50% short/mini calves. Shortly after deciding to go this route, I had to have open heart surgery to repair a disected aorta. We just couldn't bring ourselves to steer him, Bruno is just to nice! ” I want your life. Because we are uncertain, ules had this tiny chondro positive bull calf. Eevee is as short as she is wide, her mama is Puddin so we are expecting great hair. We also have some small Mid-size cows. beef or dairy. we live in a TB and Brucellosis free state. she showed no signs of calving so we were not watching her. This mini cow is not for sale. I'm sorry but this mini cow will not be for sale. Here at Our Little Acres we believe in Quality over quantity. Little Wink: VERY SMALL Mini Hereford x Mini Jersey bull calf *SOLD !

*******************************************************************************, We expect this girl to mature approx. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ", WOW! I look brown but I will turn black. Bought her in 2017 and was told she was 5 years old (not registered), so she would be approximately 8 … *********************************************************************************************************************************, Lady produced this Handsome bull calf  just, Truth be told, she was trying to steal Cup Cakes, *********************************************************************************************************************. To edit please go to Appearance > Widgets and choose 7th widget from the top in area 7 called Home Widget 2. carries the dun color gene. Mario & Heather Fabrizio © Copyright. her. This is your third home widget box. milking). Approximately 15 acres of the Northeast corner of the property is a natural wetland that is part of a much larger wetland that extends onto the adjoining properties. All of our calves and bred heifers/cows that were for sale during 2019 have been sold. Better cheese quality and yield Our miniature Jersey cows and bulls have the Kappa Casein B variant and BB genotype which are associated with increased cheese yield. He is … This B E A Utiful fellow is 75+% Highland. Can be vaccinated Bred animals will be confirmed by either BioPRYN or palpation by vet. She would make a great homestead cow or brood cow for The cow was bred and the resulting calf fed the family in the winter while the cow provided milk. Her birth date is 6/29/2018. This Little lady may just steal the show! Our Little Acres. cow once she calves. We offer pure bred Registered mini Jerseys.

milk cow (She is currently dry, but produced 1.5 gallons/day on once a day Guaranteed Miniature We are happy to introduce a new safe guard for miniature cattle buyers. She is trained to halter, lead, and tie and If you have any questions regarding our miniature cows for sale, Please feel free to give me a call. at the withers and we expect her to stay small. I'm 1 month old now. If we have adult miniature cows for sale, they will be posted on the mini cows page. Miniature Jersey cows are noted for their friendliness, but even miniature Jersey bulls are easy to handle and enjoyable to be with. During my recovery, I saw a show on RFD T. V. about Belgian Blue cattle and how they have less fat and cholesterol than skinless chicken breast. What a pretty thing with Hazel eyes,  and super tiny!

Small Family Cows for sale : Jerseys, Percentage minis & Beef x Dairy Dual purpose family cows. During the summer months, we take our traveling petting farm, camel rides, exotic animal exhibit, and mobile bird encounter— Animal Oasis —to several festivals, fairs, and community events. When we have those, outside of bulls, we keep or offer them to well known farms. We have owned and operated a custom cabinet business for nearly eighteen years, but are fairly new to the mini cow … They are very calm, gentle breeds and do well in any climate. We buy, breed, and sell camels and mini cows. Jules surprised us with this gorgeous girl on. What a handsome fellow, we will call him Domino. Olive is ½ Lowline Angus, ½ Dexter. Confirmed bred to our very small and FOR SALE: mini-Dexter bull. Mama says "I'm Handsome!". Miniature Jersey Cattle and Mini Cows Information Mini Milk Cows is owned and operated by David and Barb with the help of their son William, daughter-in-law, Karen, and son-in-law, TJ. What fun! Miniature Jersey Cows are availalbe from We are in Pattonville, Texas and home to some of America's best Old World Jerseys . (See the other benefits of the Belgian Blue cattle on the Belgian Blue page). ***********************************************************************************************, *************************************************************************************************.
We're expecting more camel baby arrivals for the next several months. She would make a great almond and white Irish Jersey bull (50% chance the calf will have his coloring) and have been handled daily since birth.

so far (both unassisted) and is a wonderful mother.

I'm 3 weeks old and everyone says I'm pretty!

I expect this mini cows adult height to be under 38". (VERY small with great dairy genetics) for a February 2020 calf milk production or beef. ome home 2 hrs later to this beautiful fellow, she showed no signs of calving so we were not watching her. Buttercup had a little girl on 7/25/2016!

We have owned and operated a custom cabinet business for nearly eighteen years, but are fairly new to the mini cow business. Mini & Mid Size Jersey Cattle, Altamont, Illinois. Phone number available through primary email contact, Small Family Cows for sale : Jerseys, Percentage minis & Beef x Dairy Dual purpose family cows, FB Link : Small family cow at SpiritGrove Farm, The case for cross bred dual purpose cows, The thoughtfully bred dual-purpose hybrid family cow, Disbudding ( Dehorning) and castrating: our practices, How I ( want to ) write my livestock sales ads. An example of typical occurrence is Blossom, a miniature Jersey who recently sold. B.Date 5/15/2016. DOB 12/05/17. ( We intend to have a herd of about 50 Mini Jerseys and we are well on our way. Should mature to be 39 inches at the shoulder. This Sugar Dumplin will most likely be a Fluffy mini cow. I'm pretty spunky and wouldn't stand still for the picture. Neptune is a wonderful little milk cow standing 39 inches at 3 years of age. WE DO NOT TEST FOR A2 Announcement for clarity of our mission: PLEASE READ BEFORE MESSAGING. Most farms have a waiting list for calves. We will offer a select number of heifers for sale … deposit is non-refundable as once you send us a deposit, we no longer consider sale to any other interested party. ears and cheeks. - Miniature cows are wonderful for small acreage owners.

Mini cows and Fainting Goats for sale in Wisconsin, Because of our crazy MOOOve last year, it looks like we will be expecting.

I like both cows of course! She is TB/Brucellosis/BLV/Johnes Neg and Both of these Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. _______________________________________________________________________________________________. With our 8 kids, loving life in rural Missouri. Contact us if you would like a tour of our farm to see if mini/small breed cattle are for you. can be transported in a small 2 horse trailer. be great for milk or meat, while keeping the small stature and fast weight My hair is soo white! There is no way to predict genetic behavior in a mixed herd like mine unless you are breeding a foundation pure miniature to a foundation pure miniature and we just simply don’t generally part with those calves.

Our mini cows are for sale in the spring. Ravens gorgeous baby was born on April 29th.

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