He smiled at her and took her small, cold hand in his, rubbing his thumb gently over the knuckles. Poor Shi Wu Du and Shi Qing Xuan, though at least they had a proper storyline (even if it fizzles out rather than having adequate closure). So after reading Mo Dao Zu Shi (The Founder of Diabolism), I decided to read all of the author's novels (thankfully only three thus far). Feng Xin Mu Qing, I feel you. Just lie on a table doing nothing? Don't they think that it's strange that XL and HC are so cozy? Ahahahahahahahaha read some reviews from the mighty critics! Like kisses should be for love not for transferring energy or air!! Like 20 chapters of straight misery is not necessary... You would only need 5 At Most. Thank you for loving her as much as you did. I am now in labour after a difficult pregnancy and nothing is as it should be. I will ask my cousin Colum O'Hara to deliver this letter to you personally. Be ready to cry from sadness & happiness. Superstitious simpletons, the lot of them, she thought to herself, as she drew her shawl tighter around her shoulders and tried to shake off the feeling. Qi Rong always yearned for a father figure. I would honestly like him more if MXTX made him something like a socially awkward character; it would feel much more dimensional and make room for humour too, Xie Lian teaches compassion and Hua Cheng just doesn't... adopt any of the qualities that he praises Xie Lian for, which is incredibly strange/not thought out?? Likewise, he was one of the people Wei Wuxian got the closest to in his life. One entry per line. Why is he okay with all of the ghost in the ghost city as a heavenly official??? Mingxiong deserved more than being forgotten after his arc!! She doesn't write the gong's thoughts which means it's left to your imagination. A kind gesture which he yearned for but never received. If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. the voice controlling Final Termination Weapon is still able to evolve into the Extremenergy Life Form that outright breaks free of the facility and blasts off into the stratosphere. I wanted to tell you about the baby, Rhett, you must know that I did, but I was so afraid you would come and take her from me that I couldn't bring myself to do so once I heard of your marriage. And wow it's worse than I thought. And the protagonist Xie Lian, a talented yet spoilt prince with a good heart learnt the truth of this bitter world after experiencing it. Xie Lian just walks around in the story with no purpose and he says that he wants to help the common people, but he really hasn't done that! She's a genius inventor and created the first working DIY jetpack. It doesn't quite go as planned. So kind but everybody excluding our MC thinks he some malicious and sinister demon (in which he some ways is). I LOVE YOU. "Scarlett darling, the river's flooded the road to Trim," Colum told her quietly. Oh, Rhett I wish you were here. This is my first fanfic. It is not after all the sort of correspondence you would expect to find in your mail box. If only it were that simple. Which, apparently, is strong enough for him to become a super demon to protect him? 'Oh MXTX usually writes so good. I never thought you'd marry anyone if you ever found yourself single once more - after all, you always maintained you weren't a marrying man - but you did and there is nothing I can do about that. Requests are closed for good! Scarlett's pale face lost the hope it had held at seeing her cousin return, fear now plainly evident in her eyes. Sorry, I know this sounds incredibly pessimistic, but his character is literally not conducive to human nature. His fundamental positive personality trait is that he wants to help people. The thought of you being with someone else, of her carrying your baby, tears at my heart and so I try, and for the most part succeed in not thinking about it. MC and ML's romance was by far the weakest link for me, as every development between them was completely lacking in any sort of tension. MO: Astray is a pixelated, side-scrolling, puzzle-solving action game. This baby's the only thing I've had to hold onto that's allowed me to live with the hurt of losing you, and I love her all the more for affording me that luxury. MC is an typical hero (similar to WWX) who always tries to do the right thing, but sometimes fails because that's just how life works. Now have MO climb up to the switches in the top right corner. The thing about his devotion is, when MC finds out about how the other harbors feelings for him, they way he found out made me kinda have chills for a moment. The hype surrounding it and the praise it received, along with the genre being Shounen Ai instead of Yaoi, made me expect a lot from it. I think he received more than what he could have ever hoped for in the end. Yea sure, sounds legit. The author clearly only made him a famous demon because he’s the MC’s cousin. This takes place during Scarlett around the time of the birth of Cat. Switch to the clone when MO gets close enough and jump to the right side of the crate. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos. You could say there are people like him in the world, but there aren't, because deep down, humanitarians also better the world for self-satisfaction, fame, prestige and a future for their children. He was loved by his citizens and was considered the darling of the world. I find that there a are a lot of small "ooc" details like this. This story is about pure devotion, unconditional dedication and love -over a period of 800 years- = thanks to our ML; Hua Cheng. "Hand me a clean towel please so I can wipe my hands. Wei Wuxian took Lan Wangji's world and turned it on its head. He addressed Scarlett with an false enthusiasm he hoped would mask the alarm he had felt at the sight of the blood-soaked towels that were lying in the sink. Yet, if you think about it more deeply - carving a thousand extremely life-like statues of Xie Lian in various poses, from his standard godly image to him with clothes half torn, suffering from the effects of an aphrodisiac?! Heaven Official's Blessing just goes, "Xie Lian saved Hua Cheng and was kind to him one (1) time, so Hua Cheng decides to dedicate the entirety of his existence to worshipping this guy to the point of coming across as a creep.". Don't judge!! There're many humor's scenes! Madam Yu comes to Cloud Recesses.Lan Xichen is woken to be told worrying news.Lan WangJi does not break someone's arm. After reading this novel, no doubt, I've officially become this novel's author's fan. If you're a fiction writer, from a moral standpoint it's better if your works seek to teach or bring healing. Pick it up and quickly move to the control panel to the left as the crane is going down so the block will get stuck on the low ceiling, blocking the air stream, as shown in the image above. I never dreamt for a moment that you'd actually go ahead and seek the divorce, let alone succeed in having it granted. com/r/MXTX/comments/j2l9ye/why_xl_is_a_poorly_written_character_in_my_opinion/. I can get behind Hua Cheng starting to idolize the crown prince because he saved him. "Oh, Colum, but… " she trailed off meekly and lowered her lashes to hide the tears pricking her eyes. It almost felt like the author wanted to make this "the most romantic CP ever!" When you know as you know him reading the book despite his flaws you will feel the pain that he is so used to feeling, just like Hua Cheng you will be as protective of him. What would happen when the young Congratulations to Hua Cheng, especially. You'll see it on the top platform in the screenshot above, that's where it needs to be. Bruce Way... Join the teenage superheroes as they save the world as well as deal with normal daily life issues. Spawn another clone with the laser and head to the crate in the upper left that the clone landed on. Drop down and head to the left to read Susumu Nishii's mind. One day he transmigrated into the inside of … He loves our MC so much and is completely loyal to him. Switch to the clone. But I wanted you to want me for me, not because of a baby, so I chose not to tell you straight away. Oh well, it's just me. Once MO realizes the voice's motives, Dylan helps to shut down Final Termination Weapon in the ensuing battle. Firstly, you can feel the difference between how MC and ML used to be and who they are now today. I want him to be able to happily smile and joke again.

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