He doesn't have his swords either, not that he expects to be attacked in this place.

“C’mon Fjord, you’ve got to have some signature moves you can show me.”, Fjord shakes his head. Mollymauk: Handsome carnival worker and definitely some sort of fey though he doesn't seem to know it. The waves are his favorite part, rising and falling in an irregular pattern like a song with a consistent beat but a chorus that wavers in volume and passion. He prepares to stand but stops on his hands and knees. Fjord should be sleeping too but he’s wide awake, either from his midday nap or sight of Molly stripping off his clothes and running off towards the ocean for a midnight dip. He didn't expect to find himself thrown into the world of the Cabaret of Curiosities as the writer for a new play, or that he would get there through a case of mistaken identity and an evening of seduction with the Cabaret's star, the Diamond Devil, Mollymauk Tealeaf. I’ll give you back two of your coppers—” one of them looks painted, anyway, “—and instead of doing a full reading, I’ll just draw one card. “Dick!” she said, her three month old daughter in one arm and a small bag of diamonds in the other. She nodded and stepped towards the table, dumping out the last bag of diamonds. Theon risked a glance at Bran, who met it and shook his head, as if to say, I can’t say. “Beau has the last bag,” she said, sitting down two of the bags on the ground beside the table and dumping them out one by one. Late night turns into early morning and Fjord just about collapses when he hears Molly shout “Land!”. Molly opens his mouth for a split second before promptly closing it. In spite of all efforts to suppress it, Fjord smiles, shaking his head at Molly’s shenanigans. Molly knows enough about the gods and goddesses to know in which realm he stands, and who's presence he stands in. As the campfire dies, and everyone begins settling down in the sand to sleep, Molly and Fjord are the only ones left awake. He jolted awake, accidentally kicking the warm body curled beside him.“Caleb?” asked a voice, rough from sleep, that he hadn’t heard in sixteen years.----Or, where Caleb time travels to fix his issues but accidentally ends up the night before the encounter with the Iron Shepherds and can't resist changing the timeline. Running July 8 - 14 2019.

Molly nods slowly, still staring, as Fjord was, up at the moonlight.

She looked up at him with a smile. Hoping to get an even better view of the infinite water, he scrambles up the ropes on the mast, swinging and grabbing handholds with no regard for the risk of falling. Despite being such a small drop in a large ocean, Molly feels bigger here, like one important wave in the movement of something impossibly large. "Mollymauk Tealeaf." He's dressed in quite the ensemble, and Molly feels qualified to judge. He gave Jester a playful smile. If they don't, he'll pass on to the Moonweaver and, hopefully, her domain won't be as heartachingly empty as this one. Is that what happens in this realm?

“No, I... I’m not the dancing type, I’m afraid.”, “No need to be afraid, no one’s watching. He takes it, having learned it’s best to go with the flow, especially when it comes to Molly. Mollymauk Lives Fest - Day 2: Class Swap. “Caleb said there were ten bags, that’s nine empty bags over there. 426 notes. slightly a spitefic bc FUCK weiss and benioff, It's Molly this time thinking about Caleb, Percival "Percy" Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, Eventual Mollymauk Tealeaf/Caleb Widogast.

", "You will be sent to her domain then, when the time has come. 410 1 1. Molly knew this was a possibility, but there's a problem: he and Caleb have fallen in love. "What's with the flowers?" Moss clings to his hands, and patches of bark have covered the snake's head.

Caleb and Nott found Yussa, Jester, Yasha, and Caduceus in Nicodranas and everything is softer (and in firm denial of ep 26, even with recent events in ep 111). In a quiet moment, they both turn to stare up at the surface of the water, seeing the moonlight meet them in weakened, interrupted shafts. Her style had matured over the years, though her dress this day was still pink. Molly stays standing for all of five seconds before his knees hit the polished stone with a crack. ... Mollymauk Tealeaf Imagines + Smuts by HollyHolly2221. But, I won't be troubled if my frame of time passes by. They both looked up with Yasha stepped in the door of the war room, three bags of diamonds in her fists. Who’s to say she won’t wait until you’re naked under her before carving the other crystal from your chest?” Molly shakes his head, then laughs. “Rock band looking for a drummer!” the poster read. It feels like an eternity but he hears boots echo across the obsidian floor.

He only broke out this outfit on special occasions.

“That’s mighty impressive, but it’ll be even more impressive if you could keep a lookout as you do it.”. “Oh?” Molly bats his eyelashes, exaggeratedly flirtatious in normal circumstances that do not already include his naked body. Molly closes the gap and kisses him. So ever since the idea popped into my head, which was a few minutes ago.”, “Right. He can't quite bow, but he manages to duck his head in somber respect, and throw his arms out in a show of personality. I’m sure it’s stunning.”. It's an interesting look, to say the least. Urban fantasy Nicodranas where most of the MN escaped to after dealing with whatever trauma they have and Cad slowly got all of them help, directly or indirectly. He's fine with being dead, he's been fine with it for a while now but he'd like it if he could be dead with other people. Found family is the best family, especially when you think you murdered your birth family. Caleb flipped her off. He still wore the same armor but there were dents and cuts on it that told the story of his adventures. “You know, Mr. Caleb, you strike me as a busy man,” Molly says, leaning forward a bit. After a few conversations, some drinks, and a strange discovery, the two decide to adventure out into the world.However, can Caleb still bury his emotions or will the memories resurfacing cause another resurrection?

He’s been in a boat... twice? Her hair had grown out in the last several years, though she had pulled all of it up into a high bun on the back of her head to keep it out of her way for this. Fjord grinned at the baby and held her close, letting her hold onto his finger. Her dark brown hair was trimmed short with a shiny blue sapphire comb pushed through it. Fjord shifts a little closer, sitting next to him on the sand. Thank you for this gift Taliesin Jaffe and Critical Role. Five years of scrimping and saving, of taking dangerous jobs because they paid so damn well, of taking low paying jobs just to make something instead of sitting around the Xorhaus moping, and it had all come to this.

It will be enough.”. Walking in the shallows of the beach had been an experience, feeling it change from carpets of seashells to patches of slimy seaweed and being startled by sudden shifts in depth.

Molly stands and offers Fjord a hand. [Spoilers C2E31] A certain Mollymauk quote.

He doesn't remember anything like this in the bard songs. He spins, shuffles, shakes- whatever he feels like, unaware of or indifferent to how it looks. It's not just any wail, it's one of anguish, of loss, with a growling undercurrent of rage. It's a retelling of Persephone and Hades!

He can't quite bow, but he manages to duck his head in somber respect, and throw his arms out in a show of personality. It’s then that Fjord realizes how late it is, looking up at the pitch black sky, full moon hanging over head, and stars twinkling out of the abyss. “That would be nice, if you don’t mind.”, “Not in the slightest, so long as you do me a favor and extend a willingness to what the card has to say. and the sea floor. The words “rock band” were surrounded by hearts, stars, and what looked like tiny cartoon dicks. Save us both a bit of time and I can still give you a glimpse of the future, if a narrower view.”, Caleb smiles a little—at least, presses his lips together in something close to a smile. I mean, seriously, how does one accidentally steal a boat? “Come on, Caleb,” she’d said, voice muffled behind the white-painted porcelain mask, the rest of her face bandaged up in cloth.

Theon squinted, and counted the figures out.

Anytime Fjord considers casting a spell, it’s a shot in the dark, based on impulse and hope that it’ll do what he intends it to. An array of flowers appears to follow the pattern of his peacock tattoo, and what skin he can see is covered in various greenery and plant life.

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