As such we can offer you ads and content you might be interested in. A high chromium content stainless (14 percent) that contains molybdenum and vanadium, which enhances the toughness, corrosion resistance, and edge holding ability. ... ATS-34 is a high carbon and chromium stainless steel that contains molybdenum to increase hardness. Is VG 10 stainless steel Good for knives? how hard is it ? VG10 has been around much longer than I would have expected, being from 1959 or perhaps even a couple years earlier. The questions were really ramped up after my recent Fallkniven A1 survival knife review, which put on display one of the best survival knives on the market. The more chromium the more carbide is formed. Cutlery-grade stainless generally contains more than 13 percent chromium, the oxide of which helps to form a passive film that protects against corrosion and staining. Subscribe to our newsletter to get a free guide on ”your subject”. The carbon is mainly located in the crystal grid in this steel and hardly between the intersections between the crystals which benefits the quality. However, this also does not utilize the contribution of Mo. The Vg-10 steel core is sandwiched between Damascus steel on both sides. S30V, in particular, got a lot of press for being designed specifically for knives, but SG2 predated it by approximately a decade and according to the patent was developed for cutlery. SG2 has less vanadium carbide than steels like Elmax, S35VN, S30V, and M390, which likely makes finishing it easier than those alternatives. @mezzadracuchillos. … This steel is based on VG-10 steel and essentially an improved version of it. Very similar to the ATS-34 and 154CM grades but with a higher vanadium content, this steel behaves equally as well but with more stain resistance and toughness. Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife review, Actress Halle Berry Reveals Her Ketogenic Diet Health Secret, Procter and Gamble Attack Police In Latest Commercial, How To Make Hand Sanitizer In Minutes (it’s easier than you think), How To Build Your Survival First Aid Kit Before Disaster Strikes, The Most Practical Survival Shelter You May Have Overlooked. In this section, we’re going to compare our steel with other steels, and for this, I use four criteria; Edge Retention, Corrosion resistance, Ease of Sharpness, and Toughness, and I use a scale or note from 1 to 10. When a rust spot occurs it must be ground/polished off to prevent that the corrosion continues. PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories. It also means lower hardness though maximum hardness was not a discussion point within the patent. This grade provides excellent wear resistance and high toughness, but at a cost. According to the chemical composition and the HRC of the VG10 stainless steel, it offers the following properties: Edge Retention: With a 60HRC steel, the VG 10 is a hard steel that offers a great edge retention. It is not the same steel as VG-10.. VG-1 has a Carbon (C) content between 0.95-1.05 %, Chromium (Cr) content between 13.0-15.0 %, Molybdenum (Mo) content between 0.2-0.4 % and contains less than 0.25 % of Nickel (Ni). VG10 is a stainless steel type with a - for stainless steel - high carbon percentage, i.e. Regular sharpening of the edge prevents corrosion that can lead to breakage of pieces. VG-10 (Takefu Special Steel Co., Ltd.) is one of the most popular and highly regarded Japanese Stainless Steels for making cutlery. Knives are complicated items, much more complicated than they appear to the initial optics. S60V and M390 already existed though M390 had not yet been used in knives at that point. I could speculate on why toughness would be low but I don’t know what they might be doing. The vanadium leads to the formation of vanadium carbides and increases the hardness of the chromium carbides, and both of those improve wear resistance and edge retention. Available knives in this steel: a few Sakai Takayuki knives and Tojiro knives. And seeing the Fallkniven A1 cost a pretty penny, that led many to wonder if VG10 steel is really that great. Blue Paper Steel was named after the paper the manufacturer Hitachi packages steel in. Strength and toughness are comparable to that found on VG-10 or 154CM. The combination of the VG 10 steel makes its hard steel and easy to sharpen at the same time, so the sharpening experience won’t be so hard for the VG10. The test piece hardness was 60 Rc of SCM435 with a friction distance of 200 meters and a load of 6.3 kg. The carbon aspect is minuscule in the blade’s makeup, however. It is a small notch below 440C which is about in line with where it would be expected based on its volume of chromium carbide: I do not have an experimental value for edge retention of SG2, but it can be estimated using its carbide content and composition. what is its chemical composition? The vanadium helps to refine the grain size and the molybdenum addition helps to … Cronodur 30 is stainless steel with a low carbon content and the addition of nitrogen. Before you continue reading, If you wish to know more about how the hardness of a steel is measured, check this post! I’m sure it’s possible to get at least 63 Rc since I tempered at 400°F for ~61 Rc. The patent doesn’t explain the rating system. VG10 is more wear resistant, but tends to roll over, which hurts cutting performance just like wear/blunting does. Does someone feel the same? We are yet to see knives that fulfil that promise. (Note: Sometime during the 1940’s it became common to add 0.4-0.5% Mo to 440C). The name stands for V Gold 10 ("gold" meaning quality), or sometimes V-Kin-10 (V金10号) (kin means "gold" in Japanese). The questions were really ramped up after my recent Fallkniven A1 survival knife review, which put on display one of the best survival knives on the market. I also have the impression, though I haven’t confirmed it, that the manufacturers reputed to get good results from VG10 tend to be the ones who also work more exotic powder steels (ZDP-189, Cowry-X, HAP 40, etc.) And as you guess, the Fallkniven A1 uses VG10 steel. The following summary explains some of the most commonly used steel grades grouped as non-stainless and stainless steels. And I rated them according to the method laid out in the testing article. We now have over 150 supporters! Have a SHTF plan? VG10 (V-Gold 10) - stainless steel. ATS-34 has good corrosion resistance, though not as high as the 400 series knife steel. This also shows that the cobalt addition to VG10 is not strongly affecting its corrosion resistance, either positively or negatively. Chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, and tungsten are added to promote sharpness and outstanding edge retention. Excellent at taking and holding an edge and popular with forgers. In (kitchen) knife forums VG10 seems to have a reputation for being brittle from most Japanese knife makers, though performing as expected from some others. They have a range of “V-series” steels like V1, V2, V-Toku1, V-Toku2, V-Gin1, and the “V Gold” series which includes VG10 [2]. Here is a comparison with a few other stainless steels and the approximate date each was released. High vanadium content allows these two steel grades to be outstanding at holding an edge. With significant amounts of Chromium, Molybdenum, Vanadium, and Tungsten, these steels are 100% ready for action. Presumably they ended up with SG2 to favor higher hardness and wear resistance. Its fine structure and good distribution of the elements make it possible to add more alloy elements than in regular stainless steel. In my previous corrosion resistance experiments, I devised an equation that can predict behavior based on Cr, Mo, W, and N: Cr + 1.6*Mo + 0.8*W + 6*N. The contribution of Mo, W, and N max out at 2.6 as they can support chromium but not wholly replace it. This grade of stainless holds a good edge but can be difficult to sharpen because of its high hardness. Metallurgy and Testing of Knives and Steel. Is it stainless? The best toughness was found with grade 1; grades 2, 4, and 5 were a small step down. With its combination of relatively low Cr with high Mo and V it looks somewhat similar to S30V as well, at least superficially. I was excited to get some because these steels are often difficult to obtain outside of Japan. This medium-carbon, low-alloy steel grade is tough and hard. It is a good steel type for a very wide public. Slightly less corrosion resistant than 440A, 440C is more widely used and is better regarded because it takes and holds a sharp edge, that is tougher and more stain-resistant than ATS-34. Regardless, the difference from prediction is relatively minor. Unlike ZDP-189 most carbides are formed by vanadium and molybdenum, leaving more ‘free chromium’ to fight corrosion. It is the driving factor that will affect your knife’s overall quality, usability, how long it last and the price. Blue Paper Steel is better corrosion and chipping resistant than White Paper Steel, although it definitely is no stainless steel. This is presumed to be due to differences in heat treatment. 440C (and similar grades including Gin-1, ATS-55, 8A). Carbon generally decreases as numbers in the 10-series decrease, which results in less wear resistance but more toughness. Get a free guide on Knife Sharpening to find out how you can achieve more. This steel is hard at 60 Rockwell C hard, but not extremely hard. And others). Often used for combat knives. Toughness was measured with the 3-point bend test. Miyabi Birchwood Chef’s Knife It’s high-end steel with a balanced chemical composition, it offers great edge retention, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, hardness and toughness, so the question is pretty obvious here. VG-Max stands for V-Gold-Max. Would ignoring the manufacturer recommendations and heat treating it based on previous experience with 440C or 12C27 (both of which have a long history in Japanese kitchen knives) lead to a brittle blade? VG-1 (also known as V Gold 1 steel) is a high Carbon (C) Molybdenum (Mo) stainless steel manufactured by Takefu Special Steel Co.,Ltd. VG10 or VG-10 or VG 10, is a high-end Japanese stainless steel, it’s high in carbon and Vanadium, it’s one of the most popular steels in Japan, its made by @Takefu Special Steel Corporation located in Fukui Japan. Finer grained powder steels can take a sharper edge. They also performed a “natural weather exposure” test in the far right column which was given a rating by circles, triangles, or x. And SG2 is in the same approximate property range as other PM stainless steels like Elmax and S35VN. [citation needed] Almost all VG-10 steel knife blades were manufactured in Japan. VG10 is better steel. Excellent for family use and professional use where not everyone is careful with the knives. VG10 ended up roughly where it was expected to be though SG2 ended up a bit below the trendline of other high Mo grades. W. Mo. And it surprised me that SG2 is a powder metallurgy stainless developed for knives that predated S30V by almost 10 years. The Korin’s sleek and sharp, and cuts with razor blade precision. Carbon V is a cutlery grade steel that shows reasonable corrosion resistance and good edge retention. It is, however, susceptible to rust. Corrosion Resistance: 15.5% of chromium is great evidence of the excellent corrosion resistance of the VG10, that’s why it’s considered one of the best steels for corrosion resistance (But still it doesn’t mean that its immune to corrosion). The first knife steel I know of that combined high Mo with reduced Cr was 154CM, you can read the history of that steel here. And because of that, I present you with a VG10 Steel review. VG10 … Compared to forged steels, powdered metallurgy based CPM steels have a very fine grain structure and far fewer inclusions. Available knives in this steel: Robert Herder knives with the exception of the stainless steel knives. Checkout Deals of the Day on Amazon, What is the hardness(HRC) of VG 10 stainless steel, What are the VG 10 Stainless steel properties. The hardness for both ended up very similar, about 60.7 Rc. Then I ground the samples and finished them to 400 grit, which is intended to simulate the finish of a factory-produced knife.

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