But nobody has decided yet what to do. They would be more fearful.”, But she agrees, “he doesn’t belong here. Click here to watch WFTV newscasts live. And did we mention they're really fast swimmers? 2020 National Geographic Partners, LLC. Only about 50 human cases of herpes B have ever been documented, though as far as we know none of these derived from wild macaques. Unbeknownst to Tooey, rhesus macaques are strong swimmers. ), The agency offered no assistance to the homeowner with the orange tree, who asked for help removing the monkey. In all, a dozen confirmed sightings of a feral, invasive monkey species: the rhesus macaque. “The potential ramifications are really dire,” University of Florida wildlife ecologist Dr. Steve Johnson told First Coat News. They’ve also ranged well beyond the park boundaries, with sightings far as Tampa and Apopka. Sitemap “If they bit me, if they came after and bit you, you don’t know what they have, what they’re carrying.”, In fact, the monkeys carry -- and shed -- the Herpes B virus, which can be fatal to humans. Johnson’s research shows the Silver Springs monkeys actually frequent the river more often on weekends when park visitors – and their snacks -- are at their peak. First Coast News obtained two videos and several photographs taken of the monkeys. The monkeys were introduced to the area in the 1930s by a local cruise operator, Colonel Tooey’s Jungle Cruise, which released 12 monkeys over a series of years onto a man-made island inside Silver Springs State Park. Between 1984 and 2012, Florida wildlife officials authorized the removal of more than 1,000 monkeys in an effort to slow population growth and prevent conflict with humans. A roving band of feral, herpes-ridden monkeys is roaming across northeast Florida. So two nights in a row the Monkey bus got me and hubby home. Terms of Use And the rhesus macaques’ ranks are growing. Over a thousand of the monkeys ended up in zoos or research facilities — or were simply killed. SOURCES: FLORIDA PARK SERVICE; USGS; IUCN. Another shows it swinging through the treetops. Having such a diverse diet means these monkeys can survive almost anywhere, Riley says. These monkeys are mostly herbivorous but may also eat insects, small invertebrates, and bird eggs. By the 1980s, hundreds had spread out across the 5,000-acre park. They left the island.”, RELATED: 'Do not feed it. "They've been there since the late '50s. In the heart of central Florida lies Silver Spring State Park—a large patchwork of forests and wetlands with a spring-fed river flowing through it. ", Not near a TV? But the agency said "immunologic surveillance, reporting and diagnostic investigations in humans are lacking. “It would take political will it would also take a lot of money. “Remove the animals from the environment … [or] remove the animals, sterilize the females and put them back,” said Johnson, admitting the second option could be expensive and dangerous for those who have to capture the monkeys -- and, in the end, may not make much of a difference. He released another six a decade later. First Coast Forecast: Showers return and keeping an eye on Eta, Free flu shots available Saturday in Glynn, Camden counties, Tracking the Tropics: Eta making the turn; Regains tropical storm status this weekend, The Rise of Stetson Bennett: Part I and II, Biden pledges to rejoin Paris Climate Agreement on first day of presidency if he wins, Vote counting continues in Georgia | Live updates, They're here! “I was shocked, totally shocked -- it was a bigger monkey than I thought it would be,” Paula Farmer said. Monkey clones created in the lab. “It’s going to be a problem … Continual growth of that population is going to occur without intervention,” Johnson said. Though the environmental impact of this small population is unclear, studies elsewhere hint at a cause for concern. He describes the monkey as being about chest high with “sharp claws and stuff.” Far from being intimidated, he treats the monkey like an honorary friend. 18 Reviews (941) 565-6542 Website. FULL MAP: Where the invasive, herpes-carrying monkeys have been spotted so far in Florida. “I love the wildlife. A spokesperson told First Coast News, “The FWC is not currently attempting to capture this monkey at this time.”, The agency said "will continue to monitor reports of monkeys in the Jacksonville area ... and will respond to individual monkeys acting aggressively and posing an immediate safety threat. First Coast News obtained two videos and several photographs taken of the monkeys. discovered that around 30 percent of these monkeys carry herpes B.

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