Chef Kavourakis works at Beauty & Essex, which is run by Chopped judge Chris Santos. Notes: Third part of a 4-part tournament. The fried chicken in the second round was Kentucky Fried Chicken, still in its bucket (presumably marking it as a sponsor of the show because most name brand ingredients are usually obscured). The Kobe version also features a basketball and a look of concentration on the face of the Lakers’ star. Back in the 16th century, it was even being eaten in the United States, although, oddly, by the poorer classes. Notes: This was a vegetable-centric episode with vegetables in every basket. Given the deep background, any flaw is readily apparent, so high grades are costly to buy.

At the end of the second round, Darius discovered he cut himself, and as a result his dishes couldn't be tasted due to a possible contamination. Notes: Part 4 of 5. Notes: Contestants were required to use the grill each round and could not use the ovens. In this episode, all four chefs are known for their expertise in frying and were required to fry something in every round. Notes: The theme of the baskets was "weird food". Notes: Part 4 of 5. Drew Magary, a science fiction novelist and humor columnist for the sports website Deadspin, had previously posted a satirical application for the show in 2012.[1]. It also comes with a ’Members Only’ parallel, which can be distinguished by a faint watermark. Notes: Guest judge Giorgio Rapicavoli is a two-time Chopped Champion. Notes: All contestants were chefs who had unsuccessfully competed in previous episodes looking for redemption. Angie Mar has been a guest judge a few times before and has won the second Chopped: Grill Masters tournament. In the entree round, Chef Eileen forgot a basket ingredient (fried ravioli). The duck mousse in the third round contained duck liver and port wine.

In the dessert round the "Halloween candy cake" was a chocolate cake decorated with various Halloween candies. Appetizer: pineapple upside-down pancakes, mizuna, Entrée: bison ribeye, high rye bourbon, collard greens, chitlins, Dessert: elk jerky, wheated bourbon, plums, chunky blue cheese dressing, Rob Roy, Sous Chef and Butcher from Portland, OR (eliminated after the appetizer), Ricky Dolinsky, Chef and Owner from New York, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Facundo Kairuz, Sous Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Josephine Proul, Chef and Owner from Philmont, NY (winner), Appetizer: sausage-stuffed pancakes on sticks, cocktail fruit slices, ramps, canned clam sauce, Entrée: cherry moonshine, catfish fillets, roasted chickpeas, green tomatoes, Dessert: chè ba màu, strawberry milk powder, cape gooseberries, poor man's toffee, Sasha Ariel, Executive Chef from Miami, FL (eliminated after the appetizer), Kayzer Castro, Executive Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Dan Bagnall, Executive Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Kia Damon, Executive Chef from Manhattan, NY (winner), Appetizer: scallops, vanilla bean, kumquats, spider crab pâté, Julio Cancho, Chef and Owner from Norwich, CT (eliminated after the appetizer), Josh Carroll, Private Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Fernanda Peimbert, Banquet Chef from San Diego, CA (eliminated after the dessert), Melanie Shurka, Chef and Owner from New York, NY (winner), Appetizer: deviled ham spread, shrimp, fennel, yellow hot pepper paste, Dessert: pineapple cakes, strawberry cream liqueur, kiwi, sumac, Iman Khondker, Sous Chef from Brooklyn, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Cathy Pavlos, Chef and Owner from Newport Beach, CA (eliminated after the entrée), John Miller, Executive Chef from San Diego, CA (eliminated after the dessert), Zivko Radojcic, Executive Chef from New York, NY (winner), Appetizer: Vietnamese sour soup, pork rib chops, acorn squash, pickled ginger, Entrée: caponata agrodolce, branzino, mangos, puntarelle, Dessert: pineapple vinegar, crema, red currants, pralines, Kyo Pang, Chef and Owner from New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Chris Pores, Executive Chef & Caterer from Manhattan, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Brandon Walker, Chef and Owner from Poughkeepsie, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Graeme Gilchrist, Chef de Cuisine from Newburyport, MA (winner), Appetizer: egg salad sandwiches, Denver steaks, king oyster mushrooms, puttanesca sauce, Entrée: rabbit legs, dried cod roe, cinnamon sugar pretzels, popcorn shoots, Dessert: bouncy ube cheesecake, chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, Granny Smith apples, lychee wine, Gianluca Demontis, Chef & Owner from Philadelphia, PA (eliminated after the appetizer), Cornelia Suhr, Chef de Cuisine from New York, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Nirva Israel, Personal Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Denzell Washington, Freelance Chef from New York, NY (winner), Appetizer: loco moco, habanero peppers, fish jerky, chocolate-covered potato chips, Entrée: turbot, amaranth leaves, pom pom mushrooms, squeezable bacon-flavored cheese, Dessert: matzo cake, freeze-dried cacao, grapes, broccoli latte, CJ Bivona, Chef de Cuisine from New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Holly Rogers, Sous Chef from Los Angeles, CA (eliminated after the entrée), Taylor Knapp, Chef & Owner from Long Island, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Kyo Koo, Chef & Owner from Portland, OR (winner), Appetizer: huevos haminados, orzo, broccoli rabe, lamb bacon, Entrée: chicken breast fillets, limoncello, duck bones, runner beans, Dessert: mayonnaise, blueberry bagels, mangos, baby food pouches, Carolina Gomez, Executive Chef from Hyattsville, MD (eliminated after the appetizer), Jamilah Jean-Louis, Private Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Shalom Yehudiel, Chef & Owner from Teaneck, NJ (eliminated after the dessert), Paul Cao, Chef & Owner from Orange County, CA (winner), Appetizer: fish skin chips, skirt steak, dandelion greens, cream of beans with coconut, Entrée: swordfish, long hot red peppers, graffiti eggplant, gnocchi sandwich, Dessert: balsamic pearls, honey pudding, mangosteen, cheese pierogi, Mimi Huynh, Chef & Owner from Alexandria, VA (eliminated after the appetizer), Kyronn Cordner, Sous Chef from Tenafly, NJ (eliminated after the entrée), Christina Pancheri, Executive Sous Chef from San Diego, CA (eliminated after the dessert), Chris Edwards, Executive Chef from Washington, D.C. (winner), Appetizer: liver and onions, chef's salad, Idaho potatoes, lemon meringue pie, Entrée: chicken cutlets, carrots, corned beef hash, pancake bread, Dessert: chocolate egg cream, fruit salad with cottage cheese, frosted shredded wheat, breakfast sandwich, Kerri Horgan, Executive Chef from Nanuet, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Elise Walker, Chef de Cuisine from Portland, OR (eliminated after the entrée), Brian McKnight, Executive Chef from Portland, OR (eliminated after the dessert), Marty Freda, Sous Chef from Brooklyn, NY (winner), Appetizer: blowfish tails, cookie dough pancakes, key limes, squash blossoms, Entrée: seven layer dip, tiramisu liqueur, buffalo tenderloin, ugly vegetable mix, Dessert: white chocolate hazelnut spread, plantain chips, loquats, rainbow sherbet roll, Autumn Moultrie, Private Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Risa Lichtman, Chef & Owner from Portland, OR (eliminated after the entrée), Oz Blackaller, Chef & Owner from San Diego, CA (eliminated after the dessert), Kiel Andersen, Chef de Cuisine from Laguna Beach, CA (winner), Appetizer: long fries, baby cauliflower, Korean taco sauce, frog legs, Entrée: tornado fries, chicken thighs, okra, bubble tea, Dessert: cookie fries, duck leg confit, rainier cherries, string cheese, Shane Roberts, Chef & Owner from Richmond, VA (eliminated after the appetizer), Anthony Pino, Executive Chef from East Boston, MA (eliminated after the entrée), Rebecca Foxman, Chef & Owner from Philadelphia, PA (eliminated after the dessert), Yunha Moh, Chef & Owner from Brooklyn, NY (winner), Appetizer: canned spinach, lamb t-bone steaks, linzer cookies, dressed beer, Dessert: piggy custard dumplings, lemon balm, white melon, cream-filled rainbow licorice, Fabian Gallardo, Chef & Owner from Larchmont, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Dustin Clark, Executive Chef from Portland, OR (eliminated after the entrée), Penelope Grace, Private Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Yousef Ghalaini, Culinary Director from Boston, MA (winner), Appetizer: rainbow soup dumplings, snow crab legs, mizuna, cheddar cheese sauce, Entrée: avocado latte, squab, baby bananas in syrup, cured egg yolks, Dessert: vienna sausages, rainbow carrots, pomelos, gooey butter cake, Appetizer: canned shrimp, popcorn gelato, fennel, mortadella, Entrée: alligator tenderloin, coquito, watermelon radish, pea greens, Dessert: giant can of spaghetti sauce, sunchokes, beef tenderloin, ranch dressing (packets), Appetizer: carrot cake soda, mussels, water spinach, crispy chicken snacks, Entrée: shakshuka doughnuts, venison tenderloin, celeriac, ginko nut vinegar, Dessert: 10 pack of tacos, dover sole fillets, canned green beans, chocolate champagne truffles, Appetizer: chicken gizzards, mangos, zhoug sauce, fish heads, Entrée: rueben nachos, duck breast, broccoli rabe, black truffle peelings, Dessert: omurice, double cut pork chops, rutabaga, champurrado, Appetizer: escargot, beet & cashew butter, peas, pecorino cheese, Entrée: super spicy Mexican corn, octopus, pears, black bean garlic sauce, Dessert: roasted lamb intestines, Denver steaks, okra, mint chocolate chip cookie dough, Entrée: red snapper, zucchini blossoms, antipasto tree, date syrup, Dessert: hummus ice cream, cherries, turmeric, chocolate snack cakes, Appetizer: Japanese fruit sandwich, red shrimp, black radishes, white truffle hot sauce, Entrée: beef liver bites, cuttlefish, shiso leaves, cauliflower hummus, Dessert: confetti cake banana pudding, smoked duck bacon, baby corn, toffee chips, Joe Johnson, winner of Grill Masters 2017 (eliminated after the appetizer), Chris Holland, winner of Alton’s Challenge and Thanksgiving Champions (eliminated after the entrée), Adriana Urbina, winner of Latin Cuisine Dream and Chopped Champs Throwdown, runner-up of Thanksgiving Champions (eliminated after the dessert), Stephen Coe, winner of Grill Masters 2017 Battle 3 and Ultimate Redemption, runner-up of Grill Masters 2017 finale (advances to final round) (winner), Appetizer: sushi burgers, sea cress, lotus root, ras el hanout, Entrée: frozen chili cheese dogs, antelope rib rack, oka, blackberry syrup, Dessert: gummy bear tart, cocoa nibs, guava, popcorn shoots, Appetizer: yak burgers, rainbow cookie cake, huckleberry potatoes, comté cheese, Entrée: canned stuffed jalapeños, royale dorade, citrus coriander, lemon dessert, Dessert: Watergate salad, coconut sugar, Asian long beans, kombucha, Appetizer: pizza bites, chicken confit, graffiti eggplant, caviar, Entrée: dirty fries, boar tenderloin, watermelon, haricot verts, Dessert: head cheese, sweet & sour cereal, figs, queso fresco, Appetizer: stuffed doughnuts, pig kidneys, upland cress, dried mangosteen, Entrée: tilefish, lacy cauliflower, potted meat, rhubarb liqueur, Dessert: ("Beat Bobby" round) lobster, dried duck, salty fingers, deep-fried milk, Appetizer: smoked kippers, hard boiled eggs, treviso, sparkling cider, Appetizer: yak steaks, mesquite syrup, peanut butter sandwich cookies, Tuscan kale, Entrée: California halibut, sauerkraut, frozen french fries, Mexican chorizo.

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