The School that spawns in the mod looks like it was made in 10 mins on a flat world. They multiply in such huge quantities and there are like 20 outside my house. I’m working on a mod but I don’t know how to import it without replacing an existing item!

Mountable mobs are broken Im Trying to ride with camel the camel just ride on his own If I control him but he can control himself. I can’t seem to make any swords with any ores, besides the ones you can craft swords with (basic ores or wood/cobblestone)

If you still have problems make a new world or do that again but in your world folder

Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Everything else is fine besides that one thing.

It’s especially annoying when starting off the game and having to try to get back your stuff from the corrupted! The glitch is fixed, the next update coming in six days will fix it all, (but sadly not the glitch where it crashes.

And even if you’re on creative, only the blocks are in the menu, NOTHING ELSE.

i can tell lots of effort and care went into the making of it. Player character is invisible Then you can go in and you should be able to see the behavior and resource folders, and then you should know what to do by there. I really liked it, Well well, i regret my 5 star, I can see Lines between blocks, It completely breaks the graphics of game, Fix it, still good though, I recommend everyone to download this, But maybe its my PC problem, I have no idea rn, Question why don’t custom blocks show up in the creative menu, Yea Mine shows Lines between blocks (Very glitchy) too.

Pls support for 1.13 I really like this mod and I don’t want it to get outdated.

When i’m loading in the World its crashing the game. (For armour and more.) And can u change the version to 1.13 plz. ). I always enable it whether it’s listed or not. What about palm trees and new mobs? I like this add-on!

The mod is pretty cool but I don’t see any of the new tools and swords and there seems to be a small border around every block. thanks to those who read me comment, Hi I wanted this addon will be updated that is adds cave biomes and the overworld generation is new and add one more new biomes for over world for the best expierence in the game and all new block can be mine with other tools and craftable plssss, Can you add a thirst bar because Im trying to download thirst bar addon from you it says thirst bar will be coming soon on This Addon Expansion Plus and pls make this addon that the Cave and pls add some coconuts from the palm trees that feature needed palm trees need coconuts and I want this feature in the next expansion plus update and Im soooooo exited for the new update from this addon goodbye stay safe and God Bless You , i have a problem with this addon, when i install and play the ores like amethyst arent in my world, That’s because block and biome format changed in 1.15. It’s not his fault,it’s a glitch man don’t get on him for that,it’ll probably be fixed in the next Minecraft update! Can you place the manifest adn pack icon into the resource pack? If you can use cheats open the chat and type /kill @e [name=b] and send

things that will spawn in a desert: scorpions have claws and a stinger will not attack you unless provoked, thorny dragon a cute thorny lizard that eats bugs, Komodo dragon, a giant lizard that eats goats and sheep.

Good luck! i can’t craft palm logs into palm wood planks and i can’t do anything with the ores.

Plus there would be no point to get the ores in the end because, well it’s the END. And I’m guessing you don’t want all the bugs to be fixed!!!!! Some of the new blocks include dyed planks, stained Redstone lamps, more stone brick variants, and much more.

Desert has no palm trees you know theres a palm tree sometimes in the desert.

I right click it and it kicks me straight off. its a bummer that you removed my favorite stuff from the addon like the pirate ship and the flintlock pistol and such and also theres no finwald armor stand as advertised and no new fences and the weather detector does not even work i hope you add everything from the original addon. Many of the crafting recipes are not available in the crafting table, and there is no guide for what items can be crafted. At least give creator 1 reason if it’s trash (which is not) lol, He worked a lot on this, so many details, THIS GUY IS A BRAZILIAN.

I had a lot of faith in this add-on, because unfortunately it doesn’t work.

A command block and addon creator, I love this pack and I hope it continues to grow. Limestone and other new blocks cannot be mined.

Well this is the perfect creative or survival add-on as it adds all of those! Side note, you can break custom ores with your fist, and tools don’t seem to effect object break time. Weirdly, one of my friends on Xbox could play it for some reason. It’s great if you are out on an adventure and need somewhere to offload your blocks and items.

You guys HAVE to make sure that you’re enabling Experimental Gameplay. It’s at about where the water would be in a natural ocean, but it’s above a pond I made below that level. Snail spawns in caves and in wet areas is adorable and drops its shell does and animation to were it will hide in its shell also slugs snails without their shells can die in the sun. New Other Blocks cant be craft. Thank you for updating this! Would that be why? Oh woah this is amazing!

1 Mod Architect Add-on. Some blocks such as candles and the weather detector can not yet be crafted in survival. Pls update this that the crash is no longer crash anymore.

In the next update, could you give all the animal stuff new textures to make them resemble the designs of The Mo’ Creatures mobs?

Get a nametag and rename it using an anvil for example “b” to name it

Umm… a pirate ship just spawned in midair. And there are some animals that should be able to swim, like the crocodiles. This addon looks so cool now! 2.-Crash: My game crashes after saving the world.

Tiny spiders tiny versions of spiders are very tiny and spawn at night will attack any bug except ants, centipedes, and ticks have a rare chance to spawn 1cobweb to catch prey, another chance to have a spider called a taurantula which is a bit smaller than a cave spider and attacks bugs, rabbits, and mice is neutral. They spawn in more than the drowned and deal 4 damage when throwing their trident! Super great Addon just plz add crafting recipes.

Plus when you stack the leaves you get a x-ray vision.

Imma downlad it :p. How about more insects and more pets and don’t forget about fixing the files and also I need more animals and more Biomes! And you crash when people try to join you, Is there a guide somewhere for this mod so I can learn about everything that has been added.

It breaks all my worlds and even if I remove the addon, the game crashes when I try to enter the world. The bug where the black dotted line appears when the block is placed more than two spaces has not been modified yet. I play on xbox. Adding and moving around resource packs doesnt seem to fix it and the sight of it causes headaches to the players in my realm. S00, So when a player leaves the game I just crash bc some people join me and then leave and my other friends wanted to stay on my world but since I crash then I can’t even Play correctly also I’m on IOS. Some of the entities are invisible [Zookeeper, etc.] XF5MK.

Adding even more Equipment Sets would be cool. For example, icy caves have lots of frosted and frozen stone. I love this so much!!!!

Pretty good, but me and my friend were fooling around and we went into survival and I had a pet skunk that sprayed. The same applies for all ores, however, already existing ores still drop the same item. that zoo biome honestly would not work with all the other adventurous stuff.

So there are no crafting recipes what so ever meaning if u wanna do anything with this mod outside of creative, you’ve gotta figure it out on your own. Can you fix the milk glitch, when I get items from other addons some of them show up as bottle of milk. So if you want some items, you gotta switch back and forth from survival and creative.

How do you open the code builder on windows 10?

Add glowing mushrooms. 5 STARS! Add different types of sharks here are some examples: hammerhead spawns in oceans, great white spawns in rivers, whale shark spawns rarely in oceans, and Megalodon spawns rarely in oceans and is an underwater boss. Fix as many bugs as possible. (Wither in the nether, stray in the tundra. how is your game loading without crashing? You realise that amethyst and some forms of salt are found extremely deep underground? FIX ALL THE BUGS!!! Other stones cant be mined with pickaxe or hammer.

Thanks! Good luck dealing with it (Windows 10, game version: 1.12.1, experimental gameplay: ON, education edition: OFF), Overall I love this but there are some rendering issues and sometimes a giant yellow creature sits on me blocking my field of vision even though it’s not really there, This addon is amazing but I do have suggestions for others blood moon every 20 days the moon rises red new mobs such as more mobs spawning like regular mobs spiders zombies heck maybe so of the carnage mobs could help with this also make mobs faster during it please I have more ideas such as a skill tree DakonBlackRose could help with this like in RL craft you have to a your inventory and upgrade diffrent skills okay that’s all my suggestions I’ll add more if I think of any I’m asking you because you are one of the best Minecraft bedrock addon makers ok thank you, This Mod can be 1 of my favorites but i keeps on crashing on Xbox even when im only using this please fix your mod because as far as it go’s i love it and hate to see it getting Hated on.

if you have stuff to do then do it but just don’t leave this mod with no updates Note: I’m not hating. Can you fix the invisible character glitch?

Regardless I love the pack and I cant wait to see how it works! My game crashes once in a while when I use this addon, plz fix this, I am on iOS and I love this addon.

I like this mod but the blocks are too hard to break, like salt, cooper. it is running fine on xbox.

The strays and wither skeletons just drop normal bones not their corresponding bones same for mice they don’t drop their cheese. Worst mod EVER!!! Certain leaf patches have a middle that shows caves and everything, which is basicly the middle being an invisible block. MAKE CAPYBARAS BIGGER in real life they are pretty big. Add toads there are frogs so why not add toads the can come to be smaller and have different varieties. Hi Im Ryle Crafter you can subscribe to my channel Ryle Crafter. 1 Mod Weavers Addon.

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