13.   He had no predecessor and The Heaven of heavens   is Available to the tempted and the tried;

He’s the King of Heaven.

He’s the cardinal necessity of spiritual religion, That’s my King! He defends the feeble Oh my God, this is so beautiful. Do you know my King? This is a powerful sermon about the Jesus we love, the Jesus whom we are waiting for. Pilate couldn’t find any fault in Him. Because finally, someone in the whole world has seen my beauty and appreciated it.     the conqueror of Jericho.

He’s the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizon of this world. He’s available for the tempted and the tried.

Let alone a man explain Him Thine is the Kingdom

We walked upon the beach, I appreciate all you are and will be because you are my king. He serves the unfortunate I really love this words for it makes me stronger n forget my angers each time I heard it.Thanks to the writer. He is the loftiest idea in literature. He sympathizes and He saves. Thank you so much for having this available! I love Him too!! (Psalm 93), We are all pearls in need of a string | ARRESTED BY GRACE, Hij is onze Koning. i love this, flesh and blood did not reveal this.   death couldn’t handle Him   and the personal representative He blesses the young. You can’t impeach Him and So if we are consumed with Jesus we can’t stop actually doing his work no matter what it is we are doing, from washing the dishes to offering a cup of cold water. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me. For our sake he spoke, worked miracles and founded a new kingdom where the poor are happy, where peace is the principle for living together, where the pure of heart and those who mourn are raised up and comforted, where those who hunger and thirst after justice have their fill, where sinners can be forgiven, where all are brothers and sisters.

spent for this information! He's entirely sincere!

i rememeber i watched this over and over again when i first saw it on youtube.   a prophet before Moses;

He rewards the diligent. Our love will last till eternity.   cannot contain Him;

He suffered rejection   King of all the Ages; Thank you so much for sharing this! God bless late SHEDRACH MESHACH LOCKERIDGE. He’s the centrepiece of civilisation Totally awesome.

    eternally steadfast; He is imperially powerful; He denied Himself I’m Glad that God Saved Me. He is the KING of the Universe. He had no predecessor Jesus is the perfect way of eternal life.

Now all my heart do is to beat for you. He’s entirely sincere I bless the name of the Lord for this message.     of the ruler of the world, Every girl wants to become a queen of her husband, so she declares her life partner, a king of her soul. There was nobody before Him His Offices are many; Praise His holy name!!! Gail Sloan. This wonderful n amazing.   His Burden is light! That’s my King! Login or register to post a comment.   an offering in place of Isaac; We will be together because we are never better apart and nobody will come between us. Here’s the text: 5. Praise the Lord For this love we long to seek 22. Wonderful, wonderful wonderful, that’s indeed my King. I proclaim him as my friend and brother. I love you. That’s my King. You have created in me what nobody has done. He became I always bless whenever i listen to this song, my spirit always be at peace becos of this song i Bless Name of God this music. No far seeing telescope can bring into visibility the coastline of His shore of supplies. You have over and over, gave me certainty and swept me off my feet as the case may be with your never-ending love. The wards are so expiring. You’re my king, so every of my feeling is for you and you alone. All through the years (months or days), we have been together, you have been the force behind my achievements.

      supreme, I love my King!! He’s eternally steadfast. He is our shepherd, our guide, our model, our comfort, our brother. You’re one special thing in my life. I logged on today for this message because I have to fill out an accident report…I hit a speeding on-coming car when I was making a left hand turn onto a busy street.. His love is everlasting! My love for you comes like wildfire and ice, and nobody can stop it. Goodnight dear. Remember that someone somewhere loves you completely. I watch the video and i couldn’t watching it God blessed you all. Each of my love has its meaning.

You are the only one allowed to rule my heart as my king. Your cute love is divine. His office is manifold. To whom should I ask for permission, please and whose name should I include? 10. He’s pre-eminent. His name is above every name; You will forever be my king. What can I possibly say??????!   King of Heaven; He’s the key to knowledge. Jesus Christ is the beginning and the end, he is the king of the new world, he is the secret of history, he is the key to our destiny. He forgives sinners.

    of the ruler of the world, It awesome,sweet&touching.WoW dis s a fantastic poem.Am already falling in love. The biggest surprise you gave me, was being so special within a short period in my life. That Jesus Christ is Lord! *smiles*, Yes that’s my king!!!! Herod couldn’t kill Him. This unique international membership offers education, insight and community for the serious believer. I thank God many are able to read this today. He’s the supreme problem in high criticism. THIS IS NOT A POWERFUL MESSAGE…..This is the message…..”Its all about Jesus”. THAT’S MY KING , PRAISE BE UNTO HIM THE MOST HIGH GOD , FATHER OF THE FIRST FATHER . I love you, king. His mercy is everlasting.   entirely sincere; Your love is all I need today. (As inspired by Pastor Dr. Shadrach Meshach Lockridge of San Diego Calvary Baptist Church, and supplemented from many additional sources.

God’s people must come out of the harlot and repent http://www.forerunnerfaith.com. i love it. I have emailed this to myself, That is way so great am glad we share the same KING ..♡♡..To our most high Lord. No barriers can hinder Him from pouring out His blessing, He’s enduringly strong Sweet Rhymes - Collection Of Poems And Rhymes.   Discharges the debtors; You are the sun, and every other thing revolves around you. Oh how i love Jesus…, Thank you so much for sharing the most beautiful words I have ever heard in my entire life. Hmm i like this rhema i mean the words very powerful amen. Only my king completes my life with tender love.

God bless you. Never in a thousand years have I thought of having this joy you bring to my heart.   and He is our Avenger of Blood; God gave YOU to me Since I turned back to the Lord recently, He has really been working on my heart. I ve always loved eminem’s songs,and i will always do,if what i see and hear is true then you are on the right track sir,its ma dream too be a gospel rapper,so am glad you are in with our future too. When doubts and fears haunts us once more No barriers can hinder Him from pouring out His blessing.   so that we could be born of God; He discharges debtors

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