We went on a mommy daughter date at Disney's animal Kingdom. Is Mercedes a bad influence, or just misunderstood? Student vs Student, Naiah and Elli Try Never Too Old For Dolls! Social Commerce for Live Streamers and Influencers, Our Other Channels: Naiah and Elli: shorturl.at/egixO CrayCray DIY: shorturl.at/cDN18 Dog Marly: shorturl.at/qyGX0 CrayCray Fam Vlogs: shorturl.at/ozLR5 Mami CrayCray Roblox…, Please go to our TikToks after you watch the entire Youtube video ❤ Here are all the videos the TikTok…. This is an ad for VTech. YouTube Mom Strugglin in these Skreetz Puppycorn is a puppy unicorn! Mom Tries to Fix Her Business & Naiah's Friendship, Elli Stops Dad, Mom Has To Stop Grandma From Ruining Naiah's Friendship! Chapter 2 - The Station, We Beat Roblox Piggy In Real Life! Give this one a try if you want to be winning the mom game like me. TikTok is THE destination for mobile videos. Meanwhile, Elli is way less excited about the news and decides to run away. BAKON TRAPPED US In ROBLOX + PIGGY Crossover Event! Will She Get Caught by Mom? Elli Gets Picked On, Naiah Fakes Her Grades, Mercedes & Her Boyfriend Trick Mom Meanwhile Mami and Papi take a much needed date away from the house, but they get rudely interrupted by someone from Papi's past. She made us try these challenges in order to keep our accounts again. Family Fun Gaming - Puppet Chapter 5, Family Fun Playing Roblox PIGGY in Real Life! Is mom having another baby? Hes an anicorn, half animal + half unicorn! Can We Solve It Before We Get Deleted? Dad Spies on Grandma and Mom Lets Her Move In, Mom is Fed Up, Grandma Teaches Naiah Cheerleading Dances, Elli Sneaks & Dad Spies. ru-clip.net/video/rFdY3QF_rIg/video.html, Can I really save thousands by scrubbing my crusty feet with coffee? | Mom Is Tired of All the Arguing and Decides to Punish Everyone! She gets into all types of mischief trying to stay up late and not letting her parents know. Mom, Dad, Naiah, Elli, or Marly! Is Elli Pranking Mom? Today we are trying Useful hacks to see if they actually work. After being suspicious of Sweet Mama, Papi CrayCray spies on her to get to the truth. All the parents on the PTA will applaud your creativity. She Fails Her Gymnastics Class, Naiah Breaks Her Leg at Cheerleading Tryouts! They loves Cars, Disney Jr, Trains, Thomas and Friends, Lego, Disney toys, Sofia, VTech toys, and Play Doh! Meanwhile, Elli has brought home a new pet and is trying to keep it a secret, but Mami and Papi think they have a rat problem and want an exterminator. Dad finally is caught not doing his chores. We checked out the Christmas decorations, merch and more. Dad Tricks Mom Out Doing Chores, Elli Stay's Up Late and Does Terrible At Gymnastics! Mami learns the truth behind Naiah and Elli's hijinks and realizes that jumping to conclusions is always a bad idea. Can Sweet Mama put her differences aside with Ger... Is Mami CrayCrayhaving a baby?! Mom Gets Really Mad! Naiah Sneaks In Class: Candy, ROBLOX and Makeup! Sweet Mama has a broken hip and Mami insists on having her come stay with them for a while. Will Mami come clean about being pregnant? Mom gets tired of the arguing and decides to put a stop to the sibling rivalry. Did Puppet Defeat Us? Are Naiah's cheerleading chances ruined for good? BRAND NEW FAIL, Mommy keeps making us FAIL playing Roblox Piggy! Sister Struggles When You Share a Bathroom | Naiah and Elli Part 1 ru-clip.net/video/CgY81jWyt7M/video.html Naiah vs Elli Part 2 ru-clip.net/video/Dom_z8lejJc/video.html, Sibling rivalry gets worse when you have to share a bathroom! Jessica has all kinds of bad ideas that end up causing trouble for everyone, especially Elli. We got our faces painted, played carnival games and rode a roller coaster. Come with me on this 5 minute craft journey into a place you probably don’t want to go. Part 3, TikTok MASTER Got Us Again! \r\r\rSilly Baby Doll Make Up Fail Vs Silly Baby Mommy Freaks Family Out with the Naiah and Elli Toys Show!\r\rSUBSCRIBE TO THE NAIAH AND ELLI TOYS SHOW: \r\rINSTAGRAM: \r\rPlay-Doh Campfire Picnic Playset Fun … Join Naiah and Elli to see the girls play with toys and review toys by a 6 year-old and a 7 year-old! Please go to our TikToks after you watch the entire RU-clip video ❤ Here are all the videos the TikTok Master had us do: Part 1 TikTok Master: Part 2 TikTok Master: ru-clip.net/video/OqQQ5qkOoi0/video.html Part 3 TikTok Master: ru-clip.net/video/SwjWhrO5vFY/video.html Part 4 TikTok Master: ru-clip.net/video/6ytSN9wTAbE/video.html TikTok MASTER Got Us Again! ADULTS CAN ORDER OUR EXCLUSIVE PLUSHIE HERE: rb.gy/ddhrf9. #ad Parents! Mommy and Naiah Think She should take a Break | The Roblox Family, We played the New Sponge Game on Roblox! Dog Detective Marly Finds Them All – Naiah and Elli Dog. Watch Now Before It's Gone! It todays mom vlog, Mami CrayCray attempts to recreate cringey and hilariously relatable situations. Someone has thrown poor Sweet Mama down the stairs and Officer Cletus is on the case. Pre-order today and get Puppycorn by Christmas! Will It Fab or Fail? Elli's scheme with the Bun Twins backfires and things go from bad to worse. Elli wants to be good at gymnastics like Naiah. This gem is sure to make your little ones a hit with the teachers at school. Mercedes teaches Elli all of her best fight moves so she can defend herself. 2.3M Fans. Mom gets mad at dad and play's tricks on him. Meanwhile, Elli and her friend Penny decide to spy on them after they try some gymnastics. Will Sweet Mama fess up? Naiah and Elli keep bickering and won’t share. Will they Work? Parents, you can learn more about Disney Junior T.O.T.S. Old Toys Recycle Ideas and Doll DIYs, DIY Unicorn School Supplies with Myla the Unicorn! Mami Cray Cray attempts to save you coins in this mom vlog. Tik Tok Master Locked Me Out The House! Mommy Will Never Escape The Piggy House! She inspired us to try some DIY school crafts. #ButterbeansCafe #FisherPrice Check out the link for more Butterbean's Cafe Magical Bake and Display Oven! Please Watch Part 6, TikTok Master Had Us Do A Princess ToysReview Challenge! Everything is great until Jessica shows up, forcing a cheering leading showdown. Baby Diaper Picks Our Slime Color. Naiah and Papi become involved in Sweet Mama's schemes and they even try to throw a baby shower (emphasis on "try"). We made make up from dolls again as a family. Only Saying YES to Elli in Roblox Piggy Custom Maps! Meanwhile, Mami and Papi are doing chores around the house but Papi would rather watch TV. Our Mom's Wig Fell Off at Disney World, Naiah and Elli Try Creepy Yet Cute Doll Hacks! Part 9, Continuity Equations | Excess Minority Carriers (Electronic Devices-24) by SAHAV SINGH YADAV, Smart Gadgets And Appliances For Every Home || Cleaning, Kitchen, Beauty Inventions And Ideas#88. Will anyone notice that Elli is missing? Mommy Tries to Catch us in Roblox and FAILS Big! We decided to try DIY WAYS TO REUSE OLD TOYS || Old Toys Funny Crafts Ideas by 123 GO!ru-clip.net/video/I2vH-fHMnnE/video.html Will it Work? Sweet Mama is still convinced that Mami CrayCray is pregnant and insists on throwing an impromptu baby shower. This is just Part 1 and the struggle continues. 40 Simple Recycling Hacks to Save Thousands Every Mom Must Try - Will They Work? WHAT IS THAT?! Naiah's been hacked! Mommy Thinks It’s Harder than Piggy and Puppet, Who is the Puppet Master? Sweet Mama tries giving cheerleading advice to Naiah, while Elli gets the Bun Twins involved in a scheme to get back at Jessica. Naiah has a Secret , Elli helps Her and Dad Get Rejected! Meanwhile, Elli runs away to the magic tree with Mr. Squeakers and Marly. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Naiah, or Elli? Elli gets picked on at the playground by some older girls and confides in Mercedes. It starts on TikTok. ru-clip.net/video/QoP_39mr8_g/video.html. Naiah tells the truth. Part 5, TikTok Master ESCAPE ROOM! Naiah and Elli are sisters growing up fast and dealing with growing up in the spotlight. Naiah has a new best friend Maria, and her grandmother is none other than Gertie Perkins, Sweet Mama's number one enemy. had color changing diapers and the girls had to make slime to match the color of the diaper. It was so much fun! Will mommy, Naiah and Elli ever Escape? Mom Plays Tricks on Dad. Solve The Mystery Clues, Mom Has to Stop Grandma, Naiah Almost Loses Her Best Friend, Elli Sneaks a New Pet in the House. Naiah and Elli thinks she's so cool and go to her for advice. The TikTok Master is trying to take control of our accounts. @naiahandelli We Try Creepy Yet Cute Doll Hacks Some more doll, toy, and DIY videos from us: Fun Doll Hack To Try! TikTok Master Leaves Clues In Our Back Yard and Our Dog Marly Finds Them! Today on the CrayCrays - Mom is trying to start a new Amazon FBA business and Sweetmomma is driving her crazy. We also rode a few fun rides in Tomorrowland. For more information see bit.ly/CreatableWorld_tgti. Solve all the clues to figure out who is the guilty person. Please Watch Before It’s Deleted! Pre-order today and get Puppycorn by Christmas! Every day we make doll and toy parodies. It's a cheerleading showdown between Naiah and Jessica, but not all goes as planned. 45.3k Followers, 12 Following, 435 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Naiah And Elli (@naiahandelli) Mom Catches Her Niece Sneaking and Grandma Get Locked Up Again! Elli keeps sneaking and staying up late and it's driving everyone crazy! Zombie At School! Its NAiahd vs Ellli in this sister struggle. Elli Goes Nuts When We Lose Piggy! Please go to our TikToks after you watch the entire RU-clip video ❤ Here are all the videos the TikTok Master had us do: Part 1 TikTok Master: ru-clip.net/video/4to8EjtYv5U/video.html Part 2 TikTok Master: ru-clip.net/video/OqQQ5qkOoi0/video.html Part 3 TikTok Master: ru-clip.net/video/SwjWhrO5vFY/video.html Part 4 TikTok Master: ru-clip.net/video/6y... To see the video of Marly Finding the clues visit Mami TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@mamicraycray Naiah and Elli Family TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@officialnaiahandelli Dog Marly TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@marleythemop, Mami TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@mamicraycray Naiah and Elli Family TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@officialnaiahandelli Dog Marly TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@marleythemop. Family Fun Making CUTEST Pets in ROBLOX PET SHOW, TikTok Master Escape Room! This is an ad for Disney Junior, but all opinions are our own. What Happened To Grandma? Elli spies on Naiah and her friend and gets the evidence she needs. TikTok Master will Never Let us out of The Escape Room? Download / Update this APK, faster, free and saving data! Family Vlog, Mom Tries Never Too Old For Dolls! 399.3K Fans.

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