1. They are a prominent community in the business and cultural life of Kathmandu and have played key roles in the development of trade, industry, art, architecture, literature, and Buddhism in Nepal and the Himalayan region. ➤ Sr. SEO Specialist Their upper status is maintained by their exclusive entitlement to secret Tantric initiation rites (āgama and diksha rituals) which cannot be conducted on castes other than the three upper varnas. We have enlisted the Nepali Surnames.

For the non-Mongoloid hill 'Khas' tribe of the west who are in large part associated with the Gorkhali invaders, the term Partyā or Parbaté meaning hill-dweller is used in polite reference. It is widely believed that the present Rajopadhyaya Brahmins are the descendants of those immigrant groups. Acharya > Bahun > Kaudinya (Purbiya) 2. 3. Mongoloid people, thought generally to have Tibetan connections, are called "Sae(n)"[9] This term is said to be derived from an old Newari term for a Tibetan or, according to some, for Lhasa. The Chatharīya and Pañcthariya accept water and all foods except boiled rice and lentils from them. [6] With the advent of Khas domination since Nepal's unification by Prithvi Narayan Shah in 1769 A.D. the center of power shifted from the Newar noble families to these power and land hungry rural nobility whose core values were concentration of power at home and conquest abroad. Also listed is the approximate percentages of the major castes of Newars sampled within Kathmandu Valley. ➤ Business Developer

➤ Creative Video Production They had a long history and strong internal social organization. ➤ Social Media Manager How To Count Points/Maal In Nepali Card Game ‘Marriage’? [6] The division into Hindu and Buddhist castes has not been regarded by Newars as a serious cleavage since both groups share the same basic values and social practices and are in close accord with their underlying religious philosophy. [5], 2.

The most common Newari surnames could be Shrestha, Manandhar, Shakya etc but you might be surprised to know there are more than 115 surnames in this caste. [6] This is followed by the Hindu Kshatriya nobility (Chatharīya Srēṣṭha) and the Vaishya merchant and traders castes. Boli Nai Futena Lyrics by Kali Prasad Baskota and Puja Thapa Featuring Aaskash Shrestha and Priyanka Khadka, Aama Dristi Khulne Poem By Tika Prasain | Nepali Chanda Kabita, Bir Bikram 2 Piratiko Mitho Tirsana Lyrics, KEHI JYADA Lyrics – Ekdev Limbu | Alisha Rai, BARSHA Karmacharya and BEYOND SAATH Lyrics, Nasodha Malai – Swoopna Suman ft. Ayush (Lyrics), Elegant Cakes Nepal | Make Your Celebration Even More Grand, Gala Pukka – Ma Fakauchu Bhanera (Lyrics) | Sujan Chapagain. The Chatharīya and strict Pañcthariya accepted water (but not boiled and salted foods) from them. [4], Unlike the Hindu caste systems prevalent in Khas and Madhesi societies, the existence and influence of Buddhist "ex-monks" from ancient times in the Kathmandu Valley added a "double-headed" element to the Newar caste system. Boiled rice and dal (a sauce made of lentils), in particular, must not be accepted from a person of lower caste. 2. [13] Similarly, Madhesi royal clans including Malla themselves and their courtier castes like Kayastha, Hada, Chauhan, Chandel, Vaidhya, Rajput, etc. [7] Because of their high social status, these upper-level castes have also traditionally formed the core of the land-owning gentry and as patrons to all other caste groups.

Some also claim to have been descended from those Brahmins who came to Nepal as late as 17th CE as respected guests and royal priests of the Malla kings. Jyapu literally means "competent worker" in Nepal Bhasa language. [18] In some areas the rule of "seven generations" of descent is observed; members who fall within the common descent group of seven generations are restricted from intermarriage.

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