In this special comedy event, top stand-ups of today honor legendary comedians of the past who helped shape comedy into what it is now. Meanwhile, the singer worries about his mom. Nicky Jam plays himself as an adult, while fellow reggaeton artists J Balvin, De La Ghetto and Karol G star in cameos. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles. In 1994, teenage Nicky is discovered at a supermarket. Juan Diego uses his savvy business acumen and bluffing tactics to revive Nicky's floundering music career. While helping his son go cold turkey, José realizes how severe Nicky's drug addiction is. Nicky Jam, Diego Cadavid, Ana Lucia Dominguez, Nicky Jam: El Ganador: Season 1 (Trailer). The song debuted at number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 Latin Songs, spending 58 weeks on the chart. Nicky Jam, Diego Cadavid, Ana Lucia Dominguez, Nicky Jam: El Ganador: Season 1 (Trailer). Nicky's drug use escalates. I didn't know how to deal.". One of many collaborations between Jam and Ozuna, this song title translates to “I will steal you.” It's another sensual song, where each half of the duo wants to get hot and heavy with a woman whose heart they are determined to steal. Follow reggaeton artist Nicky Jam's struggles to overcome drug addiction and rise to international success in this dramatization of his life story. But his new style is influenced more by Colombian reggaetoneros, like Balvin, Maluma, and Karol G, softening "the perreo that had once ruled the charts," as Eduardo Cepeda wrote for Remezcla last year. Aleysha reveals shocking news. If you don’t know this Puerto Rican and Dominican artist by face, you’ve likely heard his tag line on some of the most popular reggaeton songs released in the last decade. While on tour, Nicky reconnects with his mom in the Dominican Republic. The Hall: Honoring the Greats of Stand-Up. After traveling to Colombia to perform, Nicky regains his confidence and meets a new woman. José moves his family to his brother's home in San Juan. You can change (your cookie preferences); by clicking accept, you accept all cookies. It not only cost him his relationship with Yankee, but also his career. Nicky visits Lawrence after his childhood friend suffers a tragedy. Netflix and third parties use cookies and similar technologies on this website to collect information about your browsing activities which we use to analyse your use of the website, to personalize our services and to customise our online advertisements. Before “El Perdón,” Jam released “Travesuras,” which hit number two on Billboard’s Top Hot Latin Songs and helped him to get a new record deal with Sony U.S. He’s still chasing a woman, but the song is a little more mischievous as Jam candidly tells a woman he just met how she makes him feel. As Nicky's opioid addiction worsens and impacts his career, his new girlfriend becomes hooked as well. She joins him in Medellín to get sober and urges him to rethink his love life. Aleysha reveals shocking news. Nicky recounts his mother's struggles during his childhood. Gloria Groove and Alexia Twister make drag dreams come true as they help six artists find the confidence to own the stage in this makeover show. In Hasta El Amanecer, he's just met a girl he wasn't expecting to, and the only thing he knows is that he wants to stay with her until dawn. Nicky moves to Medellín, writes music and pursues a relationship, but keeps partying hard. Come for the reggae dance beat, stay for the dance moves. “Ya mi tiempo llegó, le doy gracias a Dios,” he sings. Her abusive husband is dead, killed by her lesbian friend who’d do anything for her. An eager Juan Diego tries to prove he's a hard worker. But as the song progresses—and as the woman may have moved on—he comes back for her even though he knows it’s wrong. He acknowledges his fall from grace and how afraid he was—but that, through it all, he never lost his faith. The collaboration didn’t just mark a new way forward for Jam, but for the reggaeton genre as a whole. Whether you've just finished bingeing El Ganador on Netflix or you're just looking to update your playlists, here's a roundup of some of Jam’s all-time best songs: Netflix’s new series gets its name from the opening song on Jam’s 2017 album Fénix, the first full-length album he released after a decade away from the spotlight. Nicky visits Lawrence after his childhood friend suffers a tragedy.

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