Trading items with the Sudama in Nioh 2 is incredibly simple. Sudama look like a "Purple Kodama". From the 3rd Kodama shrine, go east and you'll find it walking around. The creature will approach it and offer you another gear as a reward. The second Sudama can be found at the bottom section of the building engulfed with the dark realm from the third shrine. Nioh 2 Sudama Locations: Where to find them. You should give them something every time because the payout always seems to be worth it. When you reach the first dark realm that's covering a ship, head to the highest deck and you'll find the first Sudama walking around. You'll find a house where you'll encounter a Tesso and Aberrant Soldier inside. I would love this job. The Mysterious One Night Castle This can become a little overwhelming and frustrating though as the vast majority of this gear is worthless. Douse yourself with the water inside the large bucket near the side entrance of the burning house then cross the flames to the front entrance of it. The second Sudama is on the first floor of the castle, behind some stairs. Check behind the stairs that are near the room with the spiders. First Shrine: The first Sudama can be found on the west side of the shrine where you encounter the Magatsu Warrior within the mist. Particularly annoying is when players receive a weapon that is a high level but doesn't fit their playstyle. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Koei Tecmo or Team Ninja. Unlike Kodama, you don’t have to send them back to their shrines to get in-games bonuses for that region. Mobile versions of this guide will be available for download as soon as WWW version is ready. Smelly round thing is dung ball and the other gives you an item of equal rarity in return (small percentage it is rare listed under shiftling skills. Sudama are one of the creatures that don't want to kill you. Unlike Kodamas, they cannot be sent back to a shrine. The first Sudama can be found outside the cave where you face the first Yamanba. As you are making your way through The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames to meet up with the buyer for the Spirit Stones, you will find the Sudama in the village inside the Dark Realm. Nioh 2 is full of evil creatures, but some are a little more cute. From the balcony, go through the door on the right and turn left. In the section behind the Nurikabe, climb up the ladder and work your way around the rooftops where you'll come across a burning house at the end of the path. Check the house on the left side of the area and go around the corner on the right and check the backside. 198. User Info: ninjax79. Check the west side and you'll find a storeroom. Another thing that many players may not realize either is that if a Soul Core is given to a Sudama then there is a pretty high chance of players receiving a Kodama Core in return. Sudama are one of the creatures that don't want to kill you. When he isn't writing he usually spends his time playing video games or editing the podcast he runs with his best friend. You can greet them, but that doesn’t do anything. Third Shrine: There's a cannon that you can find before reaching the third shrine at the top, about midway the slope. The only two I’m aware of are for “The smelly round thing” and for “The warm thing” Respectively, the items dropped should be a Noble Dung Ball and a Summoner’s Candle. In Nioh 2 players will find themselves collecting a massive amount of gear while they play. Welcome to the new GameRevolution community platform. You can interact with Sudama and trade to get items. Trading with the Sudama will give the player a completely random piece of gear, but it is an easy way to give away high leveled items that the player has no use for. Drain the water by placing the second jewel in the mouth of the second dragon statue. If players give them an item, these creatures will, in turn, trade them something in return. The second Sudama can be found on the east side of the forest. A Kodama corrupted by the Dark Realm or Twilight is transformed into a uniquiet spirit known as an aratama. In the Inabayama Castle, go into the large room on the right from the crank that opens the lift. Posted by 15 days ago. You'll see it at the top of the ladder. 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The second is Friend to the Kodama. During the Viper’s Sanctum mission you can find Sudama in two locations. One of them was given to all preorders, and the other was digital deluxe only. Found on the left side behind the large yellow crystal where the, First Shrine: Climb up the ladder that's outside the temple on the east side. Just like their pure counterparts, these creatures like to hide. ninjax79 1 month ago #1. how to get sudama netsuke charm. Near the second shrine, you will find the first Sudama next to the gate of the fort. In Okehazama, the first Sudama can be found outside the cave where you met Yamanba for the first time. This problem can be rectified if the player seeks out one of the Sudama that are hiding throughout Nioh 2's levels. The Sudama is found underground the village that was engulfed with the Dark Realm. Nous partirons de la même mission de recherche, ici nous tuerons la source du royaume sombre et le point de départ de celui-ci, en dehors du coin de la maison où il est possible de faire un Gaki et un Enki sera le Sudama. Sudama are special NPCs in Nioh 2. Bird in a Cage Once you're outside, check the right side corner, you'll find the second Sudama there. These corrupted Kodama are not naturally aggressive, but are very materialistic. You'll find the. Cody Peterson is an avid reader and writer. Log In Sign Up. The Nurikabe wall can be found in the same room where the sixth, Second Shrine: At the garden section and after clearing the dark realm, check inside the room on the right side near the path leading to the painting of the. Related: Nioh 2: Getting Started Tips & Tricks Guide. Lupinos 1 month ago #2. The second Sudama can be found on the Eastern side of the forest. Simply put, Sudama want your equipment. Follow that path and you'll find the Sudama on the other end. Shame. A one-stop shop for all things video games. A Way Out It will give you random one back with same rarity and similar level. From the spider cave, head to the rooftop of the house to reach the courtyard. Retrace your steps back to the starting area of the main mission: From the entrance of the cave after facing the Yoki, go left where you'll encounter three soldiers. Find and interact with these small spirits to trade items when in-game. What do Sudama do in Nioh 2? Close. Once you enter the first room of the cave, look to your right, you'll find some boxes and you'll see the Sudama behind it. Dans la quête côté quête, nous avons le Sudama qui est sur le bord du pont cassé, ce chemin est derrière celui de la maison où nous avons ouvert un coffre. You’ll also get the Sudama Swapper trophy for this, too, so trophy hunters will want to pay attention. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. You need to get the Kodama's Soul Core, which can be done by offering Sudama a Soul Core obtained from any Yokai. You'll find the Sudama behind a large chest that is open. Nous avons encore des endroits à résoudre Où trouver Sudamas, au milieu d'un château nocturne, nous allons trouver Sudama sortant près de la porte du fort, cet endroit est près du sanctuaire en Nioh 2. You’ll find a few Sudama in some of the levels. A Reddit community dedicated to Nioh and Nioh 2, action RPGs developed by Team Ninja … Press J to jump to the feed. By stumbling across these little purple creatures players have the opportunity to get higher quality gear. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. The final Sudama is found in the armory near the castle where you first obtained the Castle Gate Key. So what are these little purple Kodamas in Nioh 2 and how do you interact with the? Enter the cave by jumping off the bridge leading to the fort from the rice fields. Head east from the shrine and you can see the little Sudama walking around. You’ll also get the Sudama Swapper trophy for this, too, so trophy hunters will want to pay attention. The first is Sudama Swapper, where you just need to give them any item. Sudama Locations in Nioh 2. They just want something. La mission de la forteresse Hueco nous apporte le troisième Sudama, nous trouverons celui-ci à l'intérieur d'un arsenal près du château et de la maison où nous obtenons la clé de la porte. To get to it, you will have to close the western floodgate, use the ladders to reach the other end where the Sudama awaits. In the small room, you can find a Sudama behind a large open chest. Find and interact with these small spirits to trade items when in-game. From the second shrine, climb up the ladder of the house to reach the rooftop that's around the corner on the right side. Head inside the hut and exit out from the other door to pick up the first Sudama. After only one trade Sudama will disappear entirely, so players should make sure that they use their trade effectively.

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