Piercings are tricky business – they need to be disinfected and cleaned daily and dried thoroughly afterward to make sure that the area is not damp enough for an infection to develop. In general, a nose piercing bump is very easy to treat using the home remedies. Mix aspirin into a glass that has only a little water so that it dissolves completely into a paste. A critical insight on nose piercing scar, keloid, information, pain, infection, how to get rid, care and jewelry. For obvious reasons, people prefer natural home treatment options to cure their keloid scars. Use the tea to apply a warm compress on the site of the infection, applying each compress for at least half a minute to really let the tea soak into the piercing. Take another dry Q-tip and dab it around the piercing to soak up the water, as dampness encourages infection to set in. The body responds to this by developing fibrous skin tissues, commonly known as scar tissue, over the wound in order to protect it from external factors so that it can heal and close on its own. Or, you can mix it with a bit of tea tree oil and water to prepare a healing solution that will get the job done in no time at all. A scar can also be brought about by tugging at the nose ring. Want to know how to treat a keloid using tea tree oil? Squeeze a freshly-cut slice of lemon into a teaspoon of organic honey. Keloids are an overgrowth of tissue at the site of an injury—basically a scar gone wrong. You must have heard of ACV (Apple cider vinegar) being used for weight loss. You can repeat the process at least twice a day. This option should be used along with other treatment options. You will notice improvements within the month. Honey contains several healing properties and is very much useful in reduction of the proliferating cells in a keloid. It equally prevents any infections and keeps the skin moisturized. There are only two basic types of scars that are likely to develop around the new or even the retired piercings and a third type that can develop where the retired piercings once were: hypertrophic scars, atrophic scars and keloid scars. Use the paste with a clean cotton ball and then leave it on for about 30 minutes so as to dry. If the bump is not healing, then then you may be required to apply tea tree oil instead. Take another dry Q-tip and dab it around the piercing to soak up the water, as dampness encourages infection to set in. Using plain water for an ice pack compress and a warm water compress alternatively can help ease the discomfort. This particular remedy is also much useful in the overall improvement of the texture of the nose piercing scar as it allows the new cells to further grow. An ointment may also be prescribed for the latter. It also disinfects the area effectively. It is, thus, not the keloid itself but its associated symptoms that turn out to be a problem. While nose piercings are a relatively recent fashion phenomenon in the western world, they have a history that goes back thousands of years in the Middle East and at least a few centuries in southern Asia. May be time will heal, but i'd like to know whether if remains without any treatment, will it be healed by itself. Use a mix of the baking soda as well as the hydrogen peroxide in the ratio of 1:4. Calendula as one of the most vital ingredients of several homeopathic medicines. Required fields are marked *. The perfect piercing care, like avoiding of the friction as well as cleaning of the piercing well, can do a lot in prevention of the scars, according to the studies. Hot salt water soaks and compresses may help reduce the appearance of keloids, and according to some advocates of homeopathic medicine, certain essential oils such as tea tree oil may help with the healing of scars and reduce the development of keloids. Lemon juice assists in improving of the look of the scar. This miracle plant has been known to be the best defense against all kinds of skin problems. A sea salt hot compress, chamomile tea or even a tea tree oil dab, which is diluted with the skin-friendly oil is very vital for curing of the nose piercing scar. Use lemon juice directly on the scar and leave it for up to a period of 40 minutes. Use a clean Q-tip to massage the oil properly onto the piercing to encourage faster absorption into the skin. Therefore, body piercing has the ability to cause the formation of keloids as well as surgery, cuts, vaccinations, and acne. Nose piercings are done by inserting a needle through the skin or cartilage of the nose. Thereafter, use some apple cider vinegar using a clean cotton directly on the nose piercing. Mix well and apply it using a fresh Q-tip on the piercing and liberally on the keloid. The bumps usually appear to be red and also raised. nose piercing keloid treatment. If you apply the treatment more regularly, it will clear up minor infections. 5. Aspirin is indicated for being an anti-inflammatory, so it may reduce the redness and inflammation. All you need are a few aspirin tablets. This particular remedy can be applied multiple times for about one month. You can also make use of the sea salt for cleaning. Nose Piercing Keloid. Apply a few drops of the tea tree oil in another oil such as the almond or even the coconut oil. Leave it on for a period of about 10 minutes and then rinse off using lukewarm water. Sandalwood has properties that are beneficial to the skin. All you require to do is place the tea bags in the warm water before you press them onto the bump. You should not take off the jewellery until the piercing heals completely within a few days. Similarly, when used as a treatment option, it works in two distinct ways – one, it rids the piercing of the cause of the infection and two, its enzymes break down the existing scar tissue and prevent more from developing. Keloids around the site of a nose piercing can be particularly aggravating, and they can also be challenging to treat. Trauma happens when the ring is knocked, tugged or even has been removed and then reinserted, leading to the damage affecting the surrounding tissues. Known as granulomas, these problems may be dealt using over the counter drugs such as the hydrocortisone creams or even the various prescribed antibiotic gels. Revealed! While nose piercings are a relatively recent fashion phenomenon in the western world, they have a history that goes back thousands of years in … Use it to the nose piercing scar and then leave it on for the whole night, or at least up to a period of 3 hours. Rinse it using very cold water. Otherwise, it leads to a block in the hole and also very poor drainage. Repeat the process no more than once a day if you have sensitive skin. Sometimes the prominence of keloids can be reduced with home remedies. Apply no more than 3 drops of calendula oil to a teaspoon of any other carrier oil that suits your skin. Moreover, if the scar tissue develops over a large area, it can restrict your normal movement. Stop using this treatment once the red bump has cleared up as it may dry out the piercing. Vitamin E is found in drugstores is able to assist lighten scars. It is soothing, moisturizing and combats harmful microbes extremely well. Once treat, you might need to rinse the nose using water so that the salt do not dry around it and lead to the skin to peel. Follow us for breaking news and latest updates. Experiencing red bumps on skin? Scarring is a very healthy, normal response that is expected to an injury by the body. Often, post-surgical treatments like pressure or silicone sheets or gels are used to keep the keloid from reforming or to keep a new keloid from developing. You can add a bit of coconut oil to the aloe extracts and make a gel for easy application. You can do the process by soaking a very clean q-tip in the salt solution and use it to rub around the back of the ring that is inside the nostril. Even better, it can be used in a number of ways to treat nose ring infections so you need to find one that works best for you. Your email address will not be published. 0 0. Chamomile tea is very perfect for resolution of the inflammation as well as the redness. If you touch the piercing for a number of times it might cause an infection. There are two types of scars: common scars and also the keloid scars. The worse the injury is the longer period that it takes so as to heal, the higher the chances that you will develop a scar, according to the dermatologists. If your bump is the beginning of a keloid, home remedies may be more effective when they’re started early. Keloid nose piercing scar is usually a raised scar that appears like the bubbles. Your email address will not be published. Sea salt is a natural way to assist get rid of the inflammation and thus treat an infection. Keloids are able to continue to grow until they occupy a larger area than the one with the injured tissue. Keloid scars are unfortunately quite tough to remove permanently due to their recurring nature. This is because it has anti-toxin properties that help relieve your body of harmful substances. The initial pierced stud or ring is usually made of gunmetal, which must be replaced with one made of silver or gold after 5 days. During this particular time, the paste is able to assist to get rid of the irritation and then allow the infection to completely drain. The scar can be hypertrophic – in which case it will usually disappear on its own, or a keloid scar – which will require you to adopt a hands-on treatment option. Directly use the honey to the affected spot and gently massage using your fingers. This particular method is very sanitary and much accurate, and heals quicker as it leads to a fewer traumas that are directed to the cartilage. Hot and cool: alternating between compresses for faster healing. If you thought that enduring a minute or two of pain was all you had to do to get a cool, new piercing, you are in for a mighty surprise! If you suspect that the red scar that is around the piercing may be due to the hypergranulation issue, then the first thing that you should do is changing of the jewelry to a length or style that doesn’t put pressure on the piercing. Finally, rinse using cold water and then repeat the process twice every day. Salt is one of the cheapest and most easily available natural antiseptics whose powers of disinfecting and sanitization are unparalleled. A thin crust may begin to develop around the piercing, which is actually a combination of dead skin cells and dried-up bodily fluids that have accumulated around the piercing over time. It’s very much unlikely for an allergy that is caused by a metal to appear as a red bump—but putting on a non-irritating, quality jewelry is not a bad idea. Wrong piercing technique. Dab the area around the piercing very gently with the soaked Q-tip and rub ever so slightly to remove any debris or residual skin that might have accumulated around it. Tea tree oil is very powerful for getting rid of the germs and also the bacteria, so it might heal the nose piercing scar as long as you apply it once or even twice a day. However, in certain cases, the tissue growth is excessive and cause dark, hard layers of skin called keloids to develop over the wound, sometimes extending far beyond its periphery. This is a very common kitchen ingredient which is effective in getting rid of the bacteria, minimizing redness as well as reducing the size of a nose piercing scar. Wash it off using clean cold water. According to the Association of Professional Piercers, as the piercing on your nose begins to heal, the traces of blood in and around the site of the piercing will gradually disappear.

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