However the Supercar 3R's do last the entire session without getting greasy once they're warmed up. If Paul isn't in for some reason, call back when he's there. The grip is incredible and it clearly communicates when it is losing grip. I dont think it would look bad at all. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thanks, Michael. To compare lap times and tire performance during the test, we used a Racepak Vantage which provided data directly to a cellphone, and simultaneously to the cloud, where we could access and view it on a tablet in the paddock. I was in a time trial vs. HPDE, but... that's impressive still. There’s no need to kid ourselves, these tires belong on the race track. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Those four black donuts on your wheels are what translates everything you want to do with your car to the reality of the road. The R888 will heat cycle where the R1R won't. He might be at the races this weekend. The car used for this test was the 2003 Miata in the same configuration used at Summit Point in the earlier test. We slapped a set of new Toyo Proxes RRs on our Project CrossTime Miata and headed out onto the track at Memphis International Raceway (MIR) to run a NASA Spec Miata race. Regardless of the two grooves, one look at this tire and you can see it was built for dry track conditions. What wheel are you going to be running? This info is also only applying to if you are wanting to win and be competitive in SCCA or NASA. During the Spec Miata race main event, Shawn found the predictability of the tires allowed him to drive hard and consistent during the race. I love star pecs and rs-3 but couldn't find them in time. It only took about half a lap for the grip to start coming in, another lap later and the tires were well within their operating temperature range. We bolted on a sticker set of Toyo Proxes R888Rs to the workhorse Miata, torqued the wheels, set the tire pressures, and headed out to destroy some tarmac. The hoosier SM6 gets slower and looses grip after the 6th heat cycle regardless of how long that heat cycle actually is, doesn't matter, when they get hot then cool you get 6 times. That article covers the treadwear rating, which is important to understand because it is one of the significant differences (besides the tread pattern) of the Toyo Proxes RR and the Toyo Proxes R888R. When you are trying to improve your car’s performance, the first thing you should be looking at is the tires. #1 Toyo's are sold to Independent regional dealers while Nitto's are targeted at nationwide dealers. Looking for new track setup. From the research I did they have quite good treadlife and will be pretty good until the cord. I would have gotten 3 days. If you want an alternative street tire to the Star Specs, look for the Kumho XS. Shawn, on the R888R, took First Place in the CSP class and then finished Third overall for the entire field, which is an impressive statistic. A 285 NT01 is fantastic on a 10" if that's what you had planned on running. While you're on hold, several people will pick up the call, but wait for Paul. I’m talking summer days in CA as I’m sure they are crap in cold or wet days. Hi guys, I'm doing some research on which 19" tires I should purchase for my 2018 ZL1. Sign up for a new account in our community. I just did a bunch of research on this and ended up going with NT01s. I had the dealer set the alignment to the Chevy track alignment (ZL1 1LE specs) and all of the above was with this settings. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. update: I just called. DOT Legal: Yes In road racing and street performance, Toyo holds a massive presence with its Proxes lineup of tires. For both tires, Toyo recommends a negative camber setting of 1- to 3-degrees. It’s not going to happen unless you have some very sticky tires. The tread pattern on the Toyo Proxes R888R is built for maximum traction but it is also designed to help excurse water from under the tire to avoid hydroplaning. Goodyear F1 Supercar 3R vs. Toyo R888R vs. Nitto NT01 > size 305 & 325/30R19. The R888R tires stuck to the ground hard, carrying the car around corners with 1.2 to 1.3 sustained g in the faster areas. I was going to go with R888s in 295/305 stagger setup after doing my own research, but the 295 is on national back order and I have an event next weekend. Toyo Tires’ Proxes R888R enters the market as the upgrade replacement for the R888 model tire, and it does its job to outdo the previous generation in almost every way. #2 Toyo's tread patterns are designed by engineers from day one while most of nitto's spend time in design studios first and then worked by engineers to optimize. They indeed have 225/45/15 in stock. My thinking is Ford tuned the stock Perf Pack 1 suspension to run staggered wheels (I've made no changes to suspension), so I should stick with this even with bigger tires. Damn, two days and they're gone? NT01's are superior to the R888 on the road courses but if driven around on the streets you'll suffer seam seperation. Im also new to the RS-3. The wet performance is better than either the R888 or the RA1. Run after run, Shawn began to trust the tires more and drive the car harder, which the tires seemed to appreciate. I know Youngguns350 personally and I do have to agree, he is an ass. I want to see how tracking improves with initial changes before moving to bigger changes. I know the r888 is really sticky but wondering if the R1R would suit me fine for occassional track days and autox. I only had 1 track day on them and I can say compare to the RE-11, the RS-3 has much more dry grip, and hotter the temp, the better. Thanks for the info, this is great. The results of the Toyo Proxes RR test was, “They were great.” Of course, Shawn thought they were great, they helped him get a Spec Miata trophy, and he earned Toyo Bucks for finishing in the top three. Just finished up a set of Eagle F1 Supercar 3R. Im running 245/40/18 nt555s right now on all 4 corners, and have 18 x 10" wheels for the rear that I'll be using with the new tires. Then it will remain nice and sticky, allowing you to carry lots of speed through corners, and hopefully win some races. Front camber, rear camber and toe were all the way they should have been. I got 5 hours of track time, 1500 miles, and 40 autocross runs before the inside edges on the front wore out. Drivers who use the RR, and have Toyo Tires stickers on their car, can earn Toyo Bucks, which helps buy tires for the next event. The tires used in this test were stored indoors during winter and were not frozen. Because of the difference in the belting and tread pattern, you won't get quite the grip, but it's still a fantastic tire. The R888R will have more straight line grip as mentioned earlier. If you considered RE-11 and Star Spec, ever thought about Hankook RS-3? The SM6's will drop almost a full second slower when they reach that point. The company is Radial Tire. No experience with the NT01’s but the seem to be popular enough. “It started cold and wet and ended dry and warm, but the R888Rs kept me from having to switch tires. Treadwear: 40 $128 vs $60 (looking at 255/40/17 size). I don't know how good his pricing is on it, but he's always been best of every tire I've checked. My SS 1LE's toe was completely jacked immediately after its first event, and we're planning on the ZL1-1LE needing another alignment after VIR this coming weekend. © 2020 Power Automedia. I took the car through the city streets during a particularly rainy period a few days after the initial test, when the MX-5 managed to spin the rear wheels in second gear (a very rare thing to happen for any Miata), but the tires mostly behaved as long as I kept my right foot under control. Many types of racing tires like to adhere to the road with incredible force, but let go all at once when their limits are exceeded. I saved the bookmark b/c they were slightly cheaper than TR, but I never got to the point of quoting shipping costs. He set the pressures at 26 pounds for the first set of runs and immediately went hard and fast around the course to find the limits of the R888R. All of these tires mentioned will want a decent amount of negative camber, at least -2.5*. They feel pretty good so far and the highway so I will look forward to trying them tomorrow. Im also new to the RS-3. I am using the R1R as my drive on and to/from the track tire.

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