I have a pretty & smart, litter of 8 Purbred Scottish Collie puppies. EDELWEISS Acres . Junior Prefer something "local".

We maintain a CAE/CL/Johne’s-free herd, confirmed through yearly testing. Merry's twins: doeling and buckling D.O.B. 2 does and 4 wethers for sale, (all born this summer)Super friendly - have been handled daily since birth - boys will be excellent packers (and weed eaters). They come from excellent milking lines and make fantastic pack goats, weed eaters, and/or just great pets!Purebred Oberhasli doelings: $250 or $200 each for two or moreOberhasli/Llamancha d, 2- 5 week old polled Oberhasli bucklings $40.00 each 1- 4 week old polled Oberhasli doeling solid black $200.001- yearling Oberhasli buck100 lbs $100.00Deposit will hold till weaned.Call Jerry if interested99two-9two17, We still have 2 does due mid May....Call to reserve your kid! Very friendly bottle raised.

Two does (2 and7 yrs old) and a whether (6 months), purebred Oberhasli but no papers. No known health problems. Our breeding season was busy this year with an Us He is very friendly and would be a great pet goat and breading goat. Obsidian is being dried off but Samantha is still milking. They give great tasting milk!! Opal was bred AI to Heaven's Hollow Sochi but the Boer buck got into their pen so we'll find out when she kids who the father is. They have already been tattooed, disbudded and trained to the milk stand. Sitting and watching goats run around and play is relaxing and good for the soul. To see our products, go to, Click on the store name or here to go to the online store. Mature goats are medium size; bucks are 30-34" and does are 28-32" weighing 100-150 lbs. Approximately 6 months old. This will be a great way for other Oberhasli Dairy Goat breeders to connect and share information, advice, ect. Great brushers. Website designed and maintained by Please, if you are interested, reserve early! Emma: 2 year old daughter of Mocha. We benefit so much from those efforts and Bucks From registered blue-eyed nigerian sire & non-registered nigerian dam.... For sale: Oberhasli Goats For Sale (Oroville) Beautiful pasture raised Oberhasli Goats.

We have very limited Oberhasli breeding stock for sale every Spring. 2018 Oberhasli goat kidding season has begun! Luv Your Mug!™ Shaving Soap With Slip!
Prices vary f. We have a variety of Oberhasli goats for sale. Our produce and flowers are certified organic.

For Sale I have sold out of Goats and have a bunch of items for sell. I have wethers and one doe. memories of those trips. I have one baby black & white male $70. with our herd.

These lovely does are Oberhasli and Toggenburg mix. For more information on Oberhasli goats, go to www.oberhasli.net. This is one of the oldest dairy goat breeds. We have found much joy in every other aspect while showing in AZ,

active, healthy and fiesty! ADGA registered/ Up to date on CD&T and rabies vaccines. Only two does will freshen this Spring! (Home) //]]> All photos and information contained © Sir Please email me for more information and to discuss pricing. grateful to have placed some hopeful animals in the care of several

These goats will make excelent breed goats. Planned Breedings Location:... Have 3 fainting goats and 3 part bore goats.....$100.00 each, can call Craig @ Browse for sale listings in new at Sir Echo Farm - Oberhasli Dairy Goats. Echo Oberhasli, 2020 - A Review of our Herd - A A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - goats oberhasli listings. I'll send em to interested parties direct until that get's sorted. Oberhasli Goats for Sale (2020): Directory of Oberhasli Goat Breeders. She is a... Pearl is a wonderful pasture canine. The Oberhasli is a dairy goat developed in the mountainous regions of Switzerland. American & Purebred Oberhasli Dairy Goats and American & French Alpine Dairy Goats from Weeping Willow Farm. We love to drink the nutritious milk from our sweet goats and also use our Oberhasli Goats Milk to create wonderful soaps, lotion and other bath and body products. Milking does, buck service and kids available for sale, trade, or barter depending on availability from a small herd. She has actually been purified, depends on date on... Pygmy goats for sale. "different" kind of year. $75.00 for the boys.

Our Chestnut Project, Webhosting provided by Akbash Livestock Guardian Dogs Our goats are friendly and sociable, as well as mischievous! We have purebred Oberhasli and Oberhasli/Llamancha cross bottle-raised babies. we are so appreciative  to them and wish the best for their She has actually been raised with goats and she safeguards them well. capable of participating in helping the genetic development here! The does are great milkers of very creamy, awesome tasting milk!

Born on April 7/th, 2015. // I have a pretty & smart, litter of 8 Purebred Scottish Collie puppies. mother and daughters. Proven herd guards. They are three years old this spring and this will be their third kidding season.

tribe! Three female goats. longevity our does carry! Great for first timers and old timers alike! These goats will make excelent breed goats. Looking for goats to build herd with.

We have Bucks and Does, this year, yearlings, and mature goats.

Halter trained and friendly. precious time with friends and delight at the rewards of our efforts //]]> registered with the ADGA. A small farm dedicated to conserving and promoting rare heritage livestock breeds and heirloom vegetables in Michigan on the banks of Hay Creek. Oberhasli goats are alert with a friendly, gentle disposition. full of fun and success! Location: Eastman. We sometimes have kids for sale. of our National Show journey over the years. And make sure to check out our guide on raising Oberhasli goats!

Oberhasli goats are alert with a friendly, gentle disposition. Mom is great milker. Asking $400. All from a closed herd. The Nubian Doe ( no papers ) comes from fancy dairy genetics, as Does the Oberhasli Buck ( I have papers for him ) I have many little mixed breed bucklings with various percentages; mostly Alpine, La Mancha, Saanan, all bred to the Oberhasli. Location: Fort Valley Contact us if you are interested.

Stands good for hoof trims. She is very friendly and loves to be petted.2.

Mocha also pickets by a collar. I am selling a pair of oberhasli does. Starting this year, we will no longer be accepting reservations with deposits for kids. //

This group is to help others find other Oberhasli Dairy goat breeders.

showcasing of some of our favorite goats over the years and all the Both Paige and Annabelle have the same sire, Rachelsie Sento Del Sol ("Dels"), seen below. 2 Bucks for Sale2 - 4 month old Oberhasli Bucks, bottle fed and great pets- nice bucks for your herd! $45.00 -75.00 it's ok to contact this poster with services or... bottle fed billy goat, very friendly and loving, black with some white, will be small size 1 jack and 1 jenny. Georgia "The Peach State" - State Capital Atlanta. Preparing for our trip, we decided to put To see their pedigree information, click on their registration number. Our trip to Redmond for the National Show was Sunflower Web Design Firebug Studios We specialize in ADGA registered Purebredand AmericanOberhasli breeds. Location: Mauk,ga. The results was a showcasing of some of our favorite goats over the years and all the memories of those trips. 3 magnificent Oberhasli Does for Sale1. I have 3 female baby goats black & white, grey & white,... Black Head is his name. due 2/26.Obsidian was also bred to a boer buck due to boer buck shenanigans. For

Would make a great pet. Location: Milledgeville, 3 Boer cross billy goats for sale. Fairy Ring Farm facebook page // Fairy Ring Farm facebook page.

//]]> Got Sensitive Skin? Does All located in Nashville, TN. $350 each or $600 for both. Oberhasli Goats.
Large pasture needing to place more goats on. aged does that, much to our delight, continue to be strong and Senior Does We have a herd of about 20 goats and are building our milking lines with the hope to eventually open a small creamery to produce goat cheese. Chickens 2017 Oberhasli… No known health problems.

We continue to thoroughly enjoy our efforts to work We were blessed once again to share Does will make excellent milkers - come from extremely good milk lines. extra large group of doe kids from the Spring as well as some of our If you buy them, you'll find out who the father is when th, I have a Oberhasli doe ready to breed.

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