Noel is still alive! Not eating, barely drinking. Is he bloated or is he overweight? If you love to watch cooking shows or a culinary expert, you must be familiar with the olive oil. But, I have been raising goats for 10 years and have NEVER once killed a goat by treating them this way for bloat, and I have saved their lives.Besides, I have NEVER ever heard of puncturing the goats LUNG to deal with bloat. Do you have baking soda available? This helps balance the rumen and calms things down. I found your site very useful and treated her with the oil and baking soda home remedy...will vegetable oil work as well? I am thinking another antibiotic could fix the problem. If she can stay around long enough, I might be able to drive out (hour drive) to get the C+D Anti-toxin. I’ve given him nori brushed with coconut oil which he loved. She burped or chewed cud again after about two hours after dosing. His stomach looked like a balloon. There are many reasons a goat can get pneumonia, and treatment varies. When you say he won’t drink, are you talking about water or milk? As far as the diarrhea goes, did he get into some kind of new feed or pasture? As for a zinc deficiency, that would also be possible if he didn’t have a good mineral available free choice, or if you are feeding him something else high in calcium. Our goats got into the grain on Thursday evening and on Friday one of our goats seemed lethargic, we got her up and I thought she was OK. Saturday morning she was very bad. I have a billy goat that I feel has bloat or is constipated. Any suggestions? If you haven’t had him very long, you might not realize how little water a goat that age drinks? If she’s an adult, it’s probably worms. In fact, thousands of children wind up in hospital emergency rooms every year after consuming laundry detergent, with a few in a coma, and one or two dying. I thought it might be bloat after reading about bloat so I have him the formula of mineral oil and baking soda yesterday. (3) In one study where they overfed crushed rice to goats, 100 percent died in the group that did not receive baking soda, whereas only 20 percent died in the group that did receive baking soda. Thanks. If you think she may have gotten into something poisonous, I would suggest you give her some charcoal. Not just that, it is also a good source of vitamin E and may provide a huge amount of antioxidant beta-carotene. … (1) There are also commercial anti-bloating medications available. I’d suggest offering her some and seeing if she’s interested in it. She also looks a little bloated. we gave her olive oil and baking soda, massaged her tummy, gave her another dose of olive oil and baking soda. 6-8 cups of grain is way too much for a wether. I say “mild” because again she should be dead by now if it was a severe case. His teeth are fine—chews cud 20-40x before swallowing. I’m sure you are right about the veterinarian. This reduces the foam and gas that will start as soon as the damage is done. Like there was some kind of blockage. These are way lower quality products. We have experienced goats getting bloat, and have treated them all successfully. If the vet gave him antibiotics, that would be for an infection. You don’t necessarily need to do a fecal if her eyelids are pale. Please help?? The belly is not usually the first thing you will notice when a goat has a real case of bloat. It’s basically a metal tube that punctures the rumen to allow gas to escape through the tube. Puncturing the goat's lung with a needle will do absolutely nothing to treat bloat. Thank you! So I’m not sure about the hay belly/parasites either. It, in fact, has survived generations upon the generations of history. He needs more grass, browse and grain. The article describes the symptoms. In the meantime, she can eat hay. Hi. You’d have to get a necropsy to get a definitive diagnosis. I'm sure i'll be back with more questions.. so glad i came across your blog.. I could get an vet appointment and the Er vet dr. Doesn’t treat goats. You didn’t say how long he was acting like this.

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