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The Magnate Versus The Musician – The Story of the Epic Battle Between King Sunny Ade and Chief Bolarinwa Abioro, Old School Highlife: Download Fatai Rolling Dollar Songs, Play And Download 9ice Old Songs – Gongo Aso Full Album, Download Notable Onyeka Onwenu Songs – Old School Music, Download Nigerian Throwback Songs – Early and Late 2000s, Old Igbo Highlife: Download Chief Osita Osadebe’s Songs, Download Fuji Garbage by Ayinde Barrister Mp3, The Youngest Grandmother in the World is a 17-Year-old Nigerian, The True and Sad Story of How Afonja Lost Ilorin and Its Kingship to Fulani People, Colonial Rule in Nigeria and Nigeria’s Struggle for Independence, Head of State Lt-General Olusegun Obasanjo’s Speech Following The Execution of February 1976 Coup Plotters Led By Dimka, Today In Nigerian History: Ojukwu Fled Biafra Into Exile In Ivory Coast, Old School Songs – Download Dr. Orlando Owoh Songs, List Of Nigerian National Honours And Their Meanings, 'Three Roads To Tomorrow'- A Nigerian Film Shot In 1958, Photo Of Female Nigerian Police Officers In Sokoto, 1948, The West African Students' Union (WASU, 1925), List of Radio Stations in Lagos State With Their Frequencies, Standard International Stadiums In Nigeria, You Probably Didn’t Know That California Is Named After A Black Queen, Opobo: Land of the Great King Jaja Where Noise Making is Forbidden at Night, Moremi Ajasoro: History of the Brave Queen of Ile Ife, Ibini Ukpabi- The Long Juju of Arochukwu And A Passage of No Return, 30 Facts About Nigerian Leaders That Will Leave You Really Amazed, Five Unchallengeable Facts About The Hausa People, The True and Sad Story of How Nigeria’s Former First Lady, Stella Obasanjo, Died, Anglo-Zulu War: Account of the Historical War Between Great Britain and the Zulu Kingdom in 1879, Professor Peller Magical Performances In The Early 70s, Execution of General I.D Bisalla and other Feb. 1976 coup plotters (with photos), How the First Plane Crash in Nigeria Happened in April 1942, The Igue Festival- Edo's colourful festival, Simeon Apata, the military father of Nigerian singer, Teni, who was assassinated. bii tojo kin-in-ni, eyi too ja aladuugbo gbogbo logun, Ibadan ki ba ni Questions? Ngba ogbomoso ba se o n ti o se tan Bo ... Osogbo oroki asala omo onile obi osogbo ilu aro,omo aro dede bi okun aare o peta arepeta mogba o,osun osogbo pele o,epele o eyin olomoyoyo o... Eko Akete Ile Ogbon Eko Aromi sa legbe legbe Eko aro sese maja Eko akete ilu okun alagbalugbu omi, Ta lo ni elomi l'eko? Ilu Latosa, Aare-ona kakanfo. Can any1 give me d title pls. Thanks. Yoruba òrìṣà are in good com Your site is cool and give beautiful memory. ( Log Out /  Reply Delete. (Oni tibi bami lalejo un oti se yi si..kii jeyan kii je resi afomi ,omi ladun omi sororo ojo weliweli) Lol do i try? So suo ni! Please, visit again. A ki waye. Chief Sunny Adeniyi Adegeye, popularly known as King Sunny Ade or simply K.S.A is unarguably the king of Juju music and one of the first African musicians to gain international recognition. Ibadan maja-maja bii tojo kin-in-ni, eyi too ja aladuugbo gbogbo logun, Ibadan ki ba ni s’ore ai mu ni lo s’ogun. Great one. God bless you for things…will like to download k1 d ultimate old songs too…. Ki le fi joko? Ilu Ibikunle alagbala jaya-jaya. Ajayi, o gbori Efon se filafila. Ibadan Kure! Ibadan mesi Ogo, nile Oluyole. Can You please attach an audio clip of this Oriki so one can appreciate the accent and pronunciation Of the words, thanks. Ilu Latosa, Aare-ona kakanfo. Wow. Marvellous-sticks says: August 1, 2019 at 6:30 pm . s’ore ai mu ni lo s’ogun. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. If the Nigerian youth can be brought back to some of our historical roots , I am certain we can put away our negatives and come together to make or society great . Ilu Ajayi, o gbori Efon se filafila... ORIKI TAPA Ọmọ Olubisi Ọmọ aláro tin jogun ẹsin Ọsọ eyi yẹ Tápà abiru ti ẹmi Ọmọ ajifowurọ dana kulikuli Ẹsọ wẹrẹ ara Ilodo nle Ol... Ife ooye lagbo Omo olodo kan oteere Omo olodo kan otaara Odo to san wereke,to san wereke To dehinkunle oshinle to dabata To dehinkunle ade... EFON ALAAYE 1. This is wonderful . Thank you, this site is boring and and weak, I have trying to download KSA songs but is not even responding. Eleyele lomi ti teru-tomo ‘Layipo n mu. I love Sunny Ade’s music so much and I was able to download lots from here. WhatsApp and Calls: 07063617349 Ibadan maja-maja Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Ogunmola, olodogbo keri loju ogun. You really are doing a great job by taking us down memory lane. Ilu Ibikunle alagbala jaya-jaya. Ibadan Omo ajoro sun. Ilu Ibikunle alagbala jaya-jaya. Ibadan Kure! Ibadan Omo ajoro sun. No thief our contents o or else we report you to Google. n'ibadan sampagne ni! He was listed among the 100 most influential Nigerian youths in 2018 alongside Falz, Davido, Simi and others. The proliferation and overlapping of spiritual beings is a feature of many religions. . please I can’t find happy birthday song of King sunny ade. Oriki Ibadan: Ibadan ile Oluyole, Ibi t'ole ti n jare oni wun Omo a fi ka raun fori mu. Ki le mu la na? Omo a je Igbin yoo,fi ikarahun fo ri mu. Required fields are marked *. Thank you so much for this. Ilu Eleyele lomi ti teru-tomo ‘Layipo n mu. It brings me joy! So suo ni! Have been searching for one of this ksa song… I dont know the title pls. Kindly do check back. BBM: 7BE16BCD Omo ajoro sun. Characteristics. Kudos Teslim . Thanks. Reply. Read more about King Sunny Ade at the end of the post. Ilu Ogunmola, olodogbo keri loju ogun. Teslim Opemipo Omipidan is an award winning Nigerian journalist, poet, writer, historian and founder of Olè gbe n jare Olohun. U don’t have igbehin loju esan ake o, gbogbo ase ibaje esan maa nbo. Thanks and keep the good job, This is super interesting .so have been missing all this while, Your email address will not be published. I love sunny ade song but I don’t know how to download check e, Weldon, Mr Teslim, good work from you, Please kindly help make Sir China Peters Songs Available, Thanks in Anticipation, God will multiply your strength and wisdom and resources in Jesus Name. Asejire lomi abumu-buwe nile Ibadan. Omo a je Igbin yoo,fi ikarahun fo ri mu. You can also download King Sunny Ade albums here for free. We are glad that you like them. Ilu Latosa, Aare-ona kakanfo. Saints in popular Catholicism and Vishnu's avatāras in Hinduism represent, in different ways, the possibility of spiritual beings that are simultaneously one and many, clusters or series of manifestations whose inner relationships are often not fully explained. Reply. Omo a je Igbin yoo,fi ikarahun fo ri mu. You are doing a wonderful job, Pls.. how do I download songs from here??Thanks. According to the Yoruba historian Samuel Johnson, the oriki is an attributive descriptive, one that expresses what a child is or what he or she is hoped to become. ( Log Out /  Ibadan mesi Ogo, nile Oluyole. Thank you, Ayomide. Advert? ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ibadan. Kindly give us credit and backlink. Asejire lomi abumu-buwe nile Ilu Ajayi, o gbori Efon se filafila.

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