In 1958, part of the farm ward complex was set aside for patients regarded as "subnormal" and in 1964 a five teacher school was established to teach the 160 children who lived there. Location of The Park Centre for Mental Health in Queensland, Changes in treatment and accommodation from 1908. %��������� [1], The Wolston Park Hospital Complex, opened in 1865, occupies a 450 hectare site on the banks of the Brisbane River at Wacol and encompasses a number of mental health facilities and ancillary services operated by the Queensland government since inception of the asylum. The rear of the building is accessed by a service driveway from Wolston Park Road. These days I find myself becoming an author because I believe my life story is part of Australian history and could be an eye opener and an inspiration to many. He was also the acting administrator, until the arrival of John Clements Wickham, and a Justice of the Peace. It has a small brick ablutions block at the southwest corner. The eastern elevations have ground floor verandahs which have sheet steel barriers erected along the roofs to prevent patients from climbing onto them. The gardens are mostly lawn with mature trees such as Poincianas. buildings exterior hospital qld Following the sudden death of James Hogg in 1908, Henry Byam Ellerton was appointed to replace him as superintendent of Goodna and Chief Inspector of Hospitals for the Insane. They also injected you with (the drug) paraldehyde (a central nervous system depressant routinely used in mental hospitals around the world up to the 1960s). 4 ward (no longer extant) was also completed, bringing the male section to a well-defined group of eight buildings. Nyunda Park is an unused area of bushland with a large dam. [1], Dawson House (1944) is a sizeable brick building of two storeys with a basement, located on a sloping site behind Bostock House. A cricket oval (1954-5) is located to the southeast of the complex. The expansive grounds and distinctive groups of buildings at the complex evoke a strong sense of place. The complex, renamed the Brisbane Mental Hospital, began to develop a different role. McDonnell House is situated between Lewis House and Noble House. case of Sue and others placed in Osler House and other notorious wards at Wolston fall outside the terms of ... on the river. [1], Wards A and B (1948) are two similar U-shaped blocks that back onto Wolston Park Road. [1], The Laundry (1918) is a large single-storeyed brick building on concrete foundations, with a concrete floor. New buildings were erected adjacent to the former farm ward including four wards, offices and an occupational therapy area. Recent offices, meeting rooms and conference rooms have been constructed within the building and are enclosed with plasterboard partitions. [1], From 1999 to 2002 many new buildings were erected, including a large new maximum-security facility at the eastern edge of the site. [1], Female Wards 1&2 (1866) is a large, two-storeyed timber and masonry building located on a ridge between Ellerton Drive and the Brisbane River. If you had to have paraldehyde they’d get the male warders over to hold you down while they stuck the paraldehyde in your leg, and when you woke up you had…. [1], The Assistant Medical Superintendent's Residence (1912) is located to the east of the former Medical Superintendent's Residence. The complex includes The Park Centre for Mental Health (former Wolston Park Hospital), Basil Stafford Centre, Wacol Rehabilitation Centre (male and female), Wacol Repatriation Pavilion, Barrett Psychiatric Centre and the John Oxley Centre. The roof is clad in dark concrete tiles and the building is rendered smooth up to sill height on the second floor, above which it is roughcast. Each of the dining rooms has a large roof lantern with fixed glass panels that allow natural light to penetrate the room. It is located at the end of Barrett Drive and has a roofed terrace on the northwest elevation. [2], Prior to 1859, mentally ill people in the colony of Queensland had been sent to Sydney. Ward A occupies the single-storeyed section and Ward B is partly two-storey. Male patients were accommodated on the first floor and part of the ground floor. Dawson House Built 1942 Dawson House has been converted into the Research and Education wing of The Park - Centre for Mental Health. Arts and Crafts influences are evident in the massing of the hipped roof forms and the use of unpainted brickwork contrasting with coloured roughcast plaster above sill height. The facility, originally named the Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum, was first established in 1865 on a 120-acre horse stud farm owned by Dr Stephen Simpson. It was designed by Kersey Cannan and built from 1866 to 1923. residence by William Leigh, painted from downstream around the bend in It is a low-set, single-storeyed, symmetrical brick building with hipped terracotta-tiled roofs and a decorative fleche, sympathetic in design to the Administration Building. [1], The hospital population peaked in the mid-1950s, with an average of approximately 2500 residents daily (not including Wacol Repatriation Pavilion patients) and 700 staff. For many decades the hospital was serviced by employees who lived in the local area and there are now a number of staff who have a family history of employment at the complex going back generations. On the recommendation of the select committee, the Queensland Government introduced the Lunacy Act of 1869, based on similar legislation in other Australian colonies and Britain. [4] If this plan is accurate, the house, most likely Simpson's, would have been sited just south-west of the clubhouse. The area is bounded by Woogaroo Creek to the south and the Brisbane River to the north and is visually separated from the main hospital complex by bushland and mature plantings. The Recreation Hall is located to the north of Ward C. The grounds consist of a mix of evenly sloped lawns with trees randomly planted between the buildings. It has a large gabled roof and gabled roofs on the western wings, all of which have overhanging eaves. Male patients increased by 30% during this period, rising from 779 to 1010. R honda Trivett, at the age of 13, from 1974 – 1981, was locked in the maximum security ward (Osler House), in Wolston Park Hospital, Brisbane. [1], A substantial number of buildings, structures and grounds elements survive from each major phase in the development of the institution. He believed that mental illness "demands active therapy, and treatment must not become merely custodial" and urged the use of new types of treatment such as insulin, cardiazol and electrotherapy. Health and History Patients were also employed in farming activities that aided the hospital's self-sufficiency. ('Local By the late 1930s psychiatry was a well-established specialty internationally, though still in its infancy in Australia and Stafford was alert to the changes psychiatry was bringing to the treatment of mental illness. It is a substantial two-storeyed building of polychromatic brickwork, with a projecting bay topped by a gabled roof on the north elevation, with ground floor verandahs located to either side. (Both bathroom blocks remain, one of which is now known as Dawson Annexe). At the same time, the population of the state was increasing rapidly and accompanying social changes brought greater numbers of admissions to the asylum, then known as the Goodna Asylum. [1], Short-term care with intensive treatment was the preferred model. It is also known as Goodna Hospital for the Insane, Goodna Mental Hospital, Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum, and Wolston Park Hospital Complex.

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