This “centuries-old look” is why Mount Vernon and Colonial Williamsburg Historic Sites chose Ossabaw hogs to be the breed of choice for their historic farming and animal husbandry interpretive programs. Save the Date! 15-45 LBS as long as they are kept on the proper diet. Again, we have the smallest teacup pigs in the United States and our piglets keep getting smaller every generation. 1 Male $50 each and 2 females $75 each. When a piglet gets to a new place it will most likely need to get use to the new place and where you want it to go potty. They may be as small as 100 pounds, but they are able to store astounding amounts of body fat in order to survive during the seasons when there is little to eat. 2020 © McAllister Creek Farm. The reality though is most of these are just names and descriptions giving to pig based on breeding practices and size of the parents and the grandparents. Some hard flooring can make it difficult for them to run around on. It is important to keep in mind if piglets are not neutered or spade the tend to grow up to be larger therefore we HIGHLY RECOMMEND having your piglet spade or neutered. Many Ossabaw hogs are black with thick coats, long snouts, and upright ears. Autumn Olive Farms Ossabaws are for those seeking perhaps the worlds absolute best Charcuterie pork. When you are first training, the piglet make sure that you keep them in a smaller place and not let them roam a bunch until they are using the litter box. Since there are currently no legitimate teacup pig breeders in South Carolina we are able to ship a pampered piglet to an airport near you safe and sound with free shipping! $500 obo Male is 2 years, female is 1 1/2 years and has birthed 2 litters (6 piglets, and 9 piglets). It produces a meat that is higher in omega 3's than any other pork. Ut eu nulla eros. Males 250 ... Ossabaw Island Hogs Hog feeder pigs pig - $50 (Fieldstore), ossabaw island hog hogs pig feeder pigs - $35 (Fieldstore), Rare Mulefoot - Ossabaw Island Cross Pigs - $50, Ossabaw Island hogs for sale - $250 (Attalla), Ossabaw Island Hog Pig BREEDING PAIR - $500, Ossabaw Island piglets - $65 (Marion County), Ossabaw Island piglets - $125 (Marion County). By clicking on the links to the states below you can gather even more useful information about teacup pigs and mini pigs. A website by. A pig will also need its own place like a bed or a pen where it can relax and have some alone time in. With the island’s designation as a Heritage Preserve, the State of Georgia is responsible for the environmentally sound preservation, conservation, and management of Ossabaw’s ecosystem. That is will weed out normal pigs from pot belly pigs and teacup pigs. Teacup pigs are now legal in most cities. Beautiful Ossabaw Island Hogs available. The Ossabaw Island Pig is a smaller framed animal that grows very well on low feed input. With more than 30 distinct diseases and viruses that can be transmitted from wild hog to domestic swine and livestock, Ossabaw’s hogs are currently quarantined to the island and cannot be exported. These are Ossabaw Island Hogs, a very rare, heritage breed that is not entirely accepting of humans or any other animal. There is no way to guess what a piglet’s size will be when it is a few days old. Our teacup piglet cost will vary depending on the color, age and the expected size (whether it is micro pig or Super Micro). Maecenas faucibus dui sit amet aliquam egestas. The Breeders do love pigs and to them 150 LBS pig is still adorable. Scientists  have studied the island’s pigs with great interest. Introduction to Ossabaw Island . This “centuries-old look” is why Mount Vernon and Colonial Williamsburg Historic Sites chose Ossabaw hogs to be the breed of choice for their historic farming and animal husbandry interpretive programs. It is widely held that the hogs were first introduced to the Americas in the 16th century by exploring Spaniards who released them throughout the southeast to provide food for their early mission settlements. Farming is new to them but it has been in Raul's heart since his childhood days...Find out more. What that means to the buyers is that beyond the amazing health data the foraging Ossabaw meat, cured or fresh, is spectacular and firmly established in the debate regarding the finest pork to be had on this planet. With several federally endangered species at risk, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources(DNR), in cooperation with the U.S. Their fat is flavorful, high in Omega-3s and almost liquid when heated giving them the same nickname as their Spanish ancestors “The Olive Tree on 4 legs”. Call or text. These are a heritage breed of hogs prized for their tasty meat. Serious inquiries only. It has the ability to survive mostly grazing on forges, roots, bark, and pine cones.

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