Let’s fast forward through the first half of the movie. [6] [7] Filming took place at Babelsberg Studios in Potsdam in August 2008. But, what it will do is surprise you. No, it wasn’t a popular movie, but it’s one that I bring up occasionally. Upon learning that the Earth was gone, a member of the flight crew succumbed to a futuristic malady known as Pandorum, which causes spacefaring humans to go mad with paranoia. When Bower and Nadia confront him, Gallo opens the shutters on the bridge's windows, revealing that the ship is adrift in deep space with no stars visible. Cookie policy. As water pours into the ship, Nadia and Bower climb into a hypersleep pod. Really clever. And at first it appears as if all the stars were gone. Gallo becomes increasingly agitated, and Payton prepares a sedative. However, it attracted the attention of filmmaker Paul W. S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt, and they gave it to Impact Pictures, who green-lit it. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The film was set up as a possible franchise. Netflix Movie His House Questions Answered, Why The Trial of the Chicago 7 is Must See, Movie Kajillionaire Ending Discussed and Explained, 2005 Movie Stay Discussed Unpacked Explained, Movie Shadow in the Clouds Recommendation, The Invitation Movie Discussed with Phil Hay and Explained, Exam Movie Review, Explanation and Interview with Stuart Hazeldine. So, while some of these movies won’t win awards for set production, or sound design, cinematography, editing, directing, acting, special effects… really any of it, they will win your hearts over from an idea standpoint. The twitching, the jumps of reality. 6 at the US box office with weekend receipts totaling $4.4 million. ( Log Out /  Believing no studio would want to make the film, Milloy thought about making it as a low-budget film shot on video in an abandoned paper mill with unknown actors. Something else is going on here. Bower and Nadia demand that Payton tell them where the ship is. Over time they adapted, after eating colonists the creatures may suffer the affects of the drugs. Contact me | Privacy policy | Join the mailing list | Links. It’s a good movie one of my favorites there was no aliens besides around them outside the ship like fish animals I am watching the movie right now again. While it wasn't perfect, I found the film's atmosphere to be very creepy; the use of practical effects were impressive, since normally you'd see a film like this use a lot of CGI. When they are captured by the black guy he explains what happened. Pandorum ending scene Currently their desktop line up includes 2X BR writer. When Corporal Bower from Flight Team 5 wakes up due to a malfunctioning of his chamber, he is disoriented and with amnesia. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring quotes, The biggest mistakes in the Harry Potter movies, 25 mistakes you never noticed in great movies, The 20 biggest mistakes in The Wizard of Oz, 40 biggest mistakes in The Big Bang Theory. Most of the power is down, and it’s going to be difficult navigating Bower over there in time to do the jargony work he needs to do. Two crew members of a spaceship wake up from hypersleep to discover that all their colleagues are missing. Bower ventures deep into the ship and begins to uncover a terrifying reality. This was not one. Great. Huh. The DVD and Blu-ray Disc release occurred on 19 January 2010 in the United States[8] over Anchor Bay Entertainment.[9].

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