What colour did you p, Thanks to my friend who took photos of me while I, Kate Moss & Rimmel celebrate 15 years together with anniversary collection, MBFWA Resort 2017: The hair trends to nail by summer, MBFWA: Toni Maticevski Resort 2017 – the good, the bad and the sparkles, 10 Slip Dresses you need and How to Wear them, The best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, Must have: a choker and the statement earrings, Things to do during self isolation that isn’t Selfies or TikTok, Beauty Tips for A Fresh Look The Day After A Night Out, Perceptions of Beauty and Happiness from Various Cultures, Talking digital convergence in Australia with Sophia Phan in #Fashion, Marion Hume talks about the Bespoke Summit, Australian fashion and Coco Rocha, Kirstie Clements on bloggers, magazines and life after Vogue, Shopping in Las Vegas – our favourite hot spots, How to survive a Long-Haul Flight in style, I’m back. She was jealous of Maurizio’s girlfriend, she wanted his money, she was bitter about his neglect, she was plain mad. In 1992 she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which was removed without any negative consequences. We sat down with the fashion heiress ahead of the release of her first book to talk about her parents' love story, her dad's legacy, and her life today. Paola Franchi, now 61, had been Gucci’s live-in partner for five years before his death. It seems almost too perfect for her. Start your day with the top stories you missed while you were sleeping. When Patrizia Reggiani married Maurizio Gucci, they became one of Italy’s first celebrity power couples. As part of the settlement, Patrizia Reggiani collected the equivalent of $500,000 annual alimony. [3] Her father met her mother, who worked in one of his stores, while he was still married to the mother of his three sons. When she’s at work, Reggiani spends much of her day advising Bozart’s design team and reading fashion magazines. Early on he seemed to recognise the abusive tendencies of his legacy and once explained how "Nonno (Grandpa) would pit the children against each other, to prove they… They hung out with Jackie Onassis and the Kennedy brood whenever they were all in town. She berates me every day for no reason.” Reggiani’s daughters Alessandra and Allegra, who were 18 and 14 when she was arrested, are both married and now live in Switzerland. As the oldest son, Aldo was eager to learn the family business, clocking long hours at the shop and eventually becoming the company's first-ever salesman. She called many times abusing him and threatening to kill him.”. He has much more class,” Reggiani says, emerging from her portrait shoot with the Observer photographer. I don’t earn enough at this place to buy proper clothes,” she replies, throwing a disgruntled look at her hovering employers. With a portion of the company sold to investment company Investcorp, Patricia says that, due to contracts, she was barred from talking about what she knew or getting involved in any Gucci ventures for a decade. Things went from bad to worse when Aldo was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after Patricia found out she was pregnant with baby No. Apparently weary of Reggiani’s constant “meddling”, one evening Maurizio packed an overnight bag and left. Aldo had his mind made up: He arranged for his mistress to move to London and declared their child would carry his name. It all started to unravel after the death of Rodolfo in 1983, Reggiani says, when Maurizio inherited his father’s 50% stake in Gucci. [8] She was released in October 2016 after serving 18 years. I have nothing, I haven’t even met my two grandsons, Gucci and Franchi had crossed paths briefly in their youth on the Euro-rich-kid party circuit. Two years ago, not long after Patrizia Reggiani was released from prison, a camera crew from a trashy Italian TV show turned up unannounced at her Milan workplace. “That’s a lovely dress,” I say to break the ice. There’s a pause while everyone remembers the unfortunate fates of both drivers, and the analogy is quickly dropped. The union caused a rift with Gucci’s father Rodolfo, one of Guccio Gucci’s sons, who disapproved of Reggiani’s background and, no doubt, her strong personality. He said, 'Go get me my briefcase,' and he pulled out these envelopes. While Gucci wouldn’t confirm or deny, an Italian fashion editor friend later doubts his claim. “Oh, mamma mia, it’s not easy,” says Brunero, a stylish 40-something. The Guccis came from Florence so Maurizio also felt something of an outsider. But five years later she suffered another tragedy. When Bruna arrived, he kissed her again. She tells Bazaar.com her incredible story. But he was just my father. The purse perfectly encapsulates current Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele's vision for the brand, a clean rectangle covered in the famous G pattern with bold blue flowers painted on and cartoonish appliques on top of that: classic with a fresh, playful twist.

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