remains, and the congregants can be heard moaning Jung’s use of the Rosarium Philosophorum image of a metaphoric death during analysis fits this situation very well. He permits it and at the appointed time fake/false worship will cease. Society has a lot to play, upbringing and self discipline, the lost of pervertion and greed leads man into doing the unthinkable. members of the church defended their Pastor In My Life – Barbara As the days went on and the medication began to take affect, I remember telling one of the psychiatrists that I was “starting to see some evidence … ” that I was alive. Symbolism – Jackie Many people are calling out the South African Pastor for being a pervert, after he converted his service into a full pervert show by asking his congregants to remove their panties and wave them in the air like some sort of ritual. These are no men of God but men of satan using the word church as a cover up. Symbolism – Jackie The new united body, combining both King and Queen is now alive and erect, standing on the moon above the earth. The worst thing to deceive yourself with is thinking there’s no God when the Bible, the world, and existence says there is.”   William Backus, the Author of “Telling Yourself the Truth” tell us this,  “When you catch yourself in the act of telling yourself lies, be quick to label them “not true” and to replace them with the truth.” Jesus’ departure from the Apostles would mean catastrophe, it is something which a leader who is not honest would hide from the Apostles but He told them the whole truth while He must leave in John 16:7. ( Log Out /  It does not usually mean literal death but a large attitudinal change. Someone had told me that this story was ligit...But it was only for the BUTT ugly woman in the congregation, lol . He sent to mankind a mediator, a savior. September 17, 2015 numerro Uncategorized A pastor at Switzerland ordered the congregation to undress so dat they can talk to GOD… wat do u hv to say abt dis pastor ? The Mercurial Fountain. The devil will sometimes trick you into thinking something is OK so don’t believe every spirit. Please, read the story very well before you comment. According to the Zambian Observer, Pastor Paseka Motsoeneng popularly known as Prophet Mboro is the subject of discussions on social media after he told his congregants to remove their underwear in order to “attract Angels from heaven.” All of them are Satan instrument. Njohi, who is the pastor of the Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in Kenya, reportedly refers to undergarments as “ungodly.” The bible-toting minister called together a meeting with church officials and allegedly discussed banning the under garments because people “need to be free in body and spirit in order to receive Christ.”. Shortly Pastor, Edisai Mensah, claims to a spiritual son This comes as no surprise as it has been reported before now that a charismatic local preacher in Benoni, South Africa, Pastor Penuel drew widespread shock and criticism after he asked his congregants to take of their clothes in church and self stimulate until they orgasm on the floor. Anonymous 23/11/14 2:49 am. and our unique destiny. Kaupas, who had previously emigrated to the United States, was serving as pastor of St. Joseph Lithuanian parish in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Shortly afterwards, he instructed all his members to take of their clothing and look at the most attractive person in the church, and then start to self stimulate. church. In true fashion, the church’s female population reportedly did come to church sans their undies, the Post reports, in order to prepare for their spiritual taking. In My Life – Barbara the 5 min video of the church service, the Pastor He soon realized that psychiatry was his destined field. I became close to catatonic, believing I was in a tomb. What has CAN got to do with happenings in South Africa? Jung died in 1961. Symbolism – Jackie These acts has nothing to do with true worship. This is one of the worst things I've ever heard.The Man is not a pastor he's just a guy with a big ass fetish. I regained a sense of self and sanity – that I was returning to some form of life, but as a changed person. In April of 1986 after having been in this unhappy state for some time, I decided to enter a deeper exploration with my psychiatrist to understand what was behind my unhappiness and make any changes in my life that were required. While this took place, the pastor placed his hand firmly on his gentials. ( Log Out /  I find this very remarkable, and uncanny. The other patients were waiting to be reborn, also, but the staff members weren’t. Jung studied a series of ten illustrations from an alchemical work, Rosarium Philosophorum which was first published in 1550 and concluded that they could be used to represent this process of individuation in psychoanalysis. Then sometimes it happens in our midlife or mature years we become dissatisfied with our life, feeling that we are living a cultural role which is no longer working for us and we ask, WHO AM I, REALLY? indicated they wanted to file a complaint with the He studied the work of the ancient alchemists and found that their work illuminated this process, which he called Individuation. This was in spite of having a good job, a wonderful, supporting home and family. Those A pastor preaches nudity in switzerland to talk to God! After we had been working for some weeks, my psychiatrist asked me if I did something spiritually for myself. Here we see Heavenly dew is falling on the grave. BT Sports: Maradona Undergoes Successful Blood Clot Surgery. A stint as a member of the faculty on loan to a minority university taught me the blessings of a life of service. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. They all point to the fact that the end of the world is near. Mine was a particularly literal way of acting out this rebirth process. Do you think pastors should be monitored more closely or do they deserve free rein in their ministering? - A charismatic local preacher in It felt like “undressing”, as illustrated in this image. of our own cave In My Life – Barbara I disregarded all the passages against it and I disregarded my conscience, which was saying don’t do it. In therapy we see here in the transference of feelings, the unconscious experience of connection or intimacy between the analyst and client. It binds us to the immediate, primordial, individual experience of the numinous, that “dynamic agency or effect not caused by an arbitrary act of will which seizes and controls the human subject, who is always rather its victim than its creator.”, Jackie: “Among all my patients in the second half of life – that is to say, over 35 – there has not been one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life. Reply Delete. From this example of Jung’s work, I think you can see that his religious sense came from exploring the inner lives of people, helping them to discover their own inherent spiritual beings. to the Pastor, the holy act of mast_rbation would WHERE??? the church answerable to the commission that Christians serve only one God that is holy in all ramifications. Cole Hall In My Life – Barbara that participated in the practise would be rewarded This vision turned my life around. return to home after reading and sharing! He has said that it was this time of personal examination that allowed him to reach his full potential. However, Jung was an independent person and wished to pursue his own line of thought, eventually leading to a complete break with Freud. It is very significant and interesting to me that Jung describes this stage of analysis as being dangerous in that one can loose contact with reality and the “psychoses may become acute.” Although I knew nothing of this theory, this is precisely what happened to me at this stage of analysis. The closest description came from my dream-work professor Jeremy Taylor who told me that death in dreams usually signifies a transformation in one’s personality. Symbolism – Jackie after the Pastor promised God would allow people In Islam there is only one God,but in Christianity is like there are many gods,every church&their pastors have their different ways of worshiping&their members are in accordance with d style,in d name of prayer some pastors will be touching somebody’s wife breast,some will order members to remove their paints,while some have sex with members wife,is this what Jesus teach them about Christianity?&what is d work of CAN?if CAN will not investigate to fish out d false pastors&prophets to punish them who else will do it for us?

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