5.34. -विद् m. a negotiator of treaties. -संधिः a peace cemented by family alliance (as by giving a daughter in marriage &c.). -3 The trunk or stem of a tree; तीव्राघातप्रतिहततरुस्कन्धलग्नैकदन्तः Ś.1.32; R.4.57; Me.55. -3 indifferent to. -इन्द्रः N. of a celebrated poet of Kashmir (author of ब्रहत्कथा, भारत- मञ्जरी &c.). -5 Steadiness, composure, peace (as of mind), satisfaction; चित्तस्य समाधानम्; समाधानं बुद्धेः G. L.18. ); न्यायनिर्णीतसारत्वा- न्निरपेक्षमिवागमे Ki.11.39. -रतः, -रभः a particular mode of sexual enjoyment. -3 self-willed, head-strong. सम a. -दा 1 The female elephant of the south (?). -जम् spirituous liquor. -गवाक्ष a. windowless. Sanskrit is considered to be the language of the Gods, as it is made up of the primordial sounds, and is developed systematically to include the natural progressions of sounds as created in the human mouth. -3 closely, tightly, firmly; (परिष्वजस्व) कान्तैरिदं मम निरन्तरमङ्गमङ्गैः Ve.3.27; परिष्वजेते शयने निरन्तरम् Ṛs.2.11. 1 blameless. [He was born of Tārā, Vālī's wife, and is supposed to have been an incarnation of Bṛhaspati to aid the cause of Rāma (and hence noted for his eloquence). N. of a figure of speech. -2 not disposed; तौ स्थास्यतस्ते नृपती निदेशे परस्परावग्रहनिर्विकारौ M.5.14. -भाज्य a. to be separated; स निर्भाज्यः स्वकादंशात् किंचिद्दत्वोपजीवनम् Ms.9.27. -2 not mixed with water. -अभिमान a. -जन a. -विकल्प, -विकल्पक a. -2 illogical, unmeaning. ˚विभाग a. distinguishing an action and an attribute. उपहारकः upahārakḥ उपहारिका upahārikā -3 an epithet of Śiva. -आक्रोश a. unaccused, unreviled. the prime vertical line. -Comp. 1 desireless, indifferent; निरीहाणामीशस्तृणमिव तिरस्कारविषयः Mu.3.16. -4 Sedative. -2 regardless. Sanskrit Dictionary understands and transcodes देवनागर्-ई IAST, Harvard-Kyoto, SLP1, ITRANS. 1 abstaining from water. -प्राण a. lifeless, dead. प्रशमन a. ; but others give it the next sense). 1 not turning back. Mammaṭa, however, recognises only three, and, after discussing and criticizing the views of others, says : माधुर्यौजःप्रसादाख्यास्त्रयस्ते न पुनर्दश K. P.8); Ki.17.6. leaving no common divisor, reduced to the lowest terms. The English to Sanskrit online dictionary. -घोष a. noiseless, still, calm. -उत्थ a. irrecoverable. -धूम a. smokeless. 1 desiring equality. -2 ugly, deformed. -3 Absence or restraint of passions, mental quietness, quietism; शमरते$मरतेजसि पार्थिवे R.9.4; Ki.1.1;16.48; Śi.2.94; Bg.1.4. -3 To return, requite, repay; कृतेनोपकृतं वायोः परिक्रीणान- मुत्थितम् Bk.8.8. III.1.85;1.4; and 2.127. -वैर a. at peace (with), reconciled. -3 invisible. -2 the character or style of merits. -2 disrespected, despised. -2 Association, company. -दर्शन, -दर्शिन् a. viewing equally, impartial; विद्याविनयसंपन्ने ब्राह्मणे गवि हस्तनि । शुनि चैव श्वपाके च पण्डिताः समदर्शिनः ॥ Bg.5.18. -9 Known, celebrated. -2 Cheating, deception; पराभिसन्धानमधीयते यैः Ś.5.25. motionless, insensible; यो हि दिष्टमुपासीनो निर्विचेष्टः सुखं शयेत् Mb.3.32.14. -4 Quenching, extinguishing, suppressing, quelling; Mb. -5 A sheath, scabbard; Ki.17.45. -विग्रह m. du. 1 formless, shapeless. -कालीन a. contemporary, coeval. -नर a. abandoned by men, deserted. -आत्मक a. calm, tranquil by nature. 1 unfavourable, unfriendly. -12 A king. -ग्रन्थिक a. clever. 1 equal, uniform. -6 To hold out against, be a match for; शतमेको$पि संधत्ते प्राकारस्थो धनुर्धरः Pt.1.229. -रत (नीरत) a. not attached to, indifferent. -2 without property, poor. -पेटकः, -कम् a chest in which treasure is kept, coffer. -मुष्टिः f. a particular method of stringing the bow; cf. -3 unmolested. -आरम्भ a. abstaining from all work (in good sense); Mb.3.82.11. For instance, a state free from civil disturbance. -1 constant, perpetual, uninterrupted, incessant; निरन्त- राधिपटलैः Bv.1.16; निरन्तरास्वन्तरवातवृष्टिषु Ku.5.25.

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