This vulnerable population is likely at an increased risk of acquiring a pressure injury during hospitalization. 0 The purpose of this paper is to discuss a practice inquiry project that incorporated the implementation of an asthma medication dosing chart to increase compliance in pediatric asthma patients. Profile of polyuria in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit with specific reference to central diabetes insipidis and cerebral salt wasting syndrome. High school-aged adolescents are the population of interest of this study due to their developmental milestones which allows for knowledge and skill building ... Forecasting The Essential Chemotherapy Needed For Treatment Of Children With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia In Low- And Middle-Income Countries, Brian T. Lewis 0000003647 00000 n Open Access. Clinical profile and risk factors for persistent diarrhoea in children under five years of age in an urban referral centre . The purpose of this project was to evaluate the effects of severe pediatric asthma clinic services designed to perform holistic assessments and provide comprehensive care. These behaviors have been studied in physician populations and standardized tools have been developed to assist in ... Ntchs© Health Literacy Intervention Pilot Study, Genevieve Evenhouse Abstract Noncompliance is a patient’s inability to comply with the recommended treatment for their complete recovery from an ailment, while compliance is the extent to which a patient adheres to the provider’s directive, such as medication and orders given. Testing a Model of Bacterial Vaginosis among Black Women, The Effect of Tight Glycemic Control on Surgical Site Infection Rates in Patients Undergoing Open Heart Surgery, Development of a Tool for Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment and Preventive Interventions in Ancillary Services Patients, Hospice Nurses- Attitudes and Knowledge about Pain Management, Literacy and Hazard Communication Comprehension of Employees Presenting to an Occupational Health Clinic, A Meta-Analysis of Cultural Competence Education in Professional Nurses and Nursing Students, Relationship Between Cancer-Related Fatigue and Depression: A Pilot Study, A Comparison of Oncology and Non-Oncology Nurses in Their Knowledge of Cancer Pain Management, Evaluating Knowledge and Attitudes of Graduate Nursing Students Regarding Pain, Bone Marrow Transplant Nurses' Attitudes about Caring for Patients Who are Near the End of Life: A Quality Improvement Project, Translation and Adaptation of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression (CES-D) Scale Into Tigrigna Language for Tigrigna Speaking Eritrean Immigrants in the United States, Nurse Manager Emotional Intelligence as a Predictor to Registered Nurse Job Satisfaction and RN Perceptions of the Practice Environment and the Relationship to Patient, Nursing and Hospital Outcomes, The Relationship of Mid-Pregnancy Levels of Cytokines, Stress, and Depression with Gestational Age at Delivery, Prophylactic, Risk-Reducing Surgery in Unaffected BRCA-Positive Women: Quality Of Life, Sexual Functioning and Psychological Well-Being, The Relationship Between FAM5C SNP (rs10920501) Variability, Metabolic Syndrome, and Inflammation, in Women with Coronary Heart Disease, Women’s Perceptions of Postpartum Stress: A Narrative Analysis, Lived Experience: Near-Fatal Adolescent Suicide Attempt, Exploring the Relationships among Work-Related Stress, Quality of Life, Job Satisfaction, and Anticipated Turnover on Nursing Units with Clinical Nurse Leaders, A Comparative Study of Knowledge of Pain Management in Certified and Non-Certified Oncology Nurses, Evaluating Knowledge and Attitudes of Undergraduate Nursing Students Regarding Pain Management, Evaluation of Oncology Nurses' Knowledge, Practice Behaviors, and Confidence Specific to Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy, Moderating the Effectiveness of Messages to Promote Physical Activity in Type 2 Diabetes, Factors Affecting the Process of Clinical Decision-Making in Pediatric Pain Management by Emergency Department Nurses, The Correlation Between Neuropathy Limitations and Depression in Chemotherapy Patients, Fatigue Symptom Distress and Its Relationship with Quality Of Life in Adult Stem Cell Transplant Survivors, Nursing Advocacy and the Accuracy of Intravenous to Oral Opioid Conversion at Discharge in the Cancer Patient, Transitional Care for Adolescents with HIV: Characteristics and Current Practices of the Adolescent Trials Network Systems of Care, The Effect of Ethical Ideology and Professional Values on Registered Nurses’ Intentions to Act Accountably, Falls in Bone Marrow Transplant Patients: A Retrospective Study, Predictors of cancer caregiver depression symptomatology, Psychosocial outcomes of weight stigma among college students, The Experience of Fatigue and Quality of Life in Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer, The Relationship Between Uncertainty in Illness and Anxiety in Patients With Cancer, Shifting Paradigms: The Development of Nursing Identity in Foreign-Educated Physicians Retrained as Nurses Practicing in the United States, Prostate Cancer Screening Intention Among African American Men: An Instrument Development Study, The Geriatric Cancer Experience in End of Life: Model Adaptation and Testing, Communication Systems and HIV/AIDS Sexual Decision Making in Older Adolescent and Young Adult Females, Relationship of Anger Trait and Anger Expression to C-Reactive Protein in Post-Menopausal Women, Identifying Patients with Cancer at Risk of Experiencing a Fall While Hospitalized, Modulation of Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cell Maturation and Function by Cigarette Smoke Condensate in a Bronchial Epithelial Cell Co-Culture Model, Cancer Patients with Pain: Examination of the Role of the Spouse/Partner Relationship In Mediating Quality of Life Outcomes for the Couple, Development of an Ecological Model to Predict Risk for Acquisition of, Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Assessment Tool, Health Decision Behaviors: Appropriateness of Dietary Choice, The Relationship Between Sleep-Wake Disturbance and Pain in Cancer Patients Admitted to Hospice Home Care, Wheelchair Positioning and Pulmonary Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy, Structural Equation Model of Exercise in Women Utilizing the Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms and Social Cognitive Variables, The Effects of a Structured Adherence Intervention to HAART on Adherence and Treatment Response Outcomes, The Relationships Among Pain, Dyspnea, Constipation and Quality of Life in Lung Cancer Patients Enrolled in a Hospice Program, The influence of acculturation and other family characteristics on asthma outcomes in Hispanic children, Depressive symptomatology, patient-provider communication, and patient satisfaction: A multilevel analysis, Back massage: Long term effects and dosage determination for persons with pre-hypertension and hypertension, Relationship between nurses' management of pediatric oncology patients' symptoms and job satisfaction, Effect of a preoperative warming intervention on the acute phase response of surgical stress.

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