"OK. A familiar voice said trying to calm down Annabeth, and kinda scared. When I woke , I found out my daddy, Paul Blofis,moved to New York and got married to my mommy, Sally Blofis Jackson. Contents[show] Appearance Mark is rather tall for his age, with gangly legs. There's no way that's possible!" "Shhhh! Percy remarked while taking a drink of his Dr pepper. But what does that have to do with going on a plane? She could see the wheels in her head turning and knew the young girl was planning something. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. ", "Arty, ya know when you said I was to self centered and need to start thinking of other people? Follow/Fav Percy Jackson's Little Sister? Maybe I'm insane too. Annabeth said a little louder than she was supposed to be, causing Molly to cry. So I, being the amazingly generous person I am, teleported into the hospital and healed the girl!" Since my birth mommy died in the car crash, Sally's the only mommy I've really known.

I won't tell anyone!" Artemis said. This story is placed between the end of The Last Olympian and The Lost Hero. As noted by Issei, her eyes appear to exude "absolute innocence and fragility". I looked over to my wife on the couch, eyes widened and watery at the scene of the movie.

Minerva threatened Athena angrily. On one particular adventure, Percy and his friends has brought one little girl to camp. Classic Percy.

“Artemis!” He yelled weakly “I don’t care if they die I just want you to be save ok? See four years ago, before I moved to New York, I did have a daughter,Mirra. The ADHD is because of your battle reflexes. It seems a little odd to me that she cane out of the coma at such a random time. She's been asking about you for the last few days. Supernatural Perception: Little Sister is able to perceive beings that are naturally invisible. But the funny part is, they act like they know me.

She looked up at me and smiled warmly. See full list on riordan. Action Adventure Fanfiction Percy Jackson Percy Jacksons Sister Percy Jackson Sister... Ariella is in Tartarus. And sorry, I changed how old Hannah Grace is! Percy's stepfather appeared in the living room doorway. "Oh, that's helpful." Salt: As a ghost, Little Sister is vulnerable against salt, and can be repelled by it.

Why?" But unfortunately due to the rules that affect the staff he couldn’t interfere with the punishment of the other kids the only reason that he was allowed to transfer Sage is because she was so young. Your brother, who gave us this number, said we could contact you here." Her hair is tied into two ponytails, and has bangs that cover the left side of her face. um Glenda, call I call you back?" https://dxdfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Little_Sister_(Solarverse)?oldid=113478, The character is a homage to the events of, Her appearance is based on Madoka Orimura from. "What are you guys talking about?" We had tried calling your original phone number but that had been disconnected, so we called your family's house. :(But it was great. Apollo, completely ignoring her, ran up to her like an excited child. It's her choice on whether to come back or not." Called the loud and obnoxious voice of the Sun God to his twin sister, The sister in question looked up from the book she was reading with an annoyed expression. My name is Mirra Blofis. It is so confusing.

She asked, gripping onto my hand a bit hard.

–Little Sister upon meeting Issei Hyoudou for the first time. Sally took notice to Percy`s appearance before he was even out of the kitchen. An entity who harbors complex feelings towards Issei Hyoudou, Little Sister is the combined spirit of the two miscarried children lost by Mitsuru and Sachiko Hyoudou.


However, Little Sister also has a few strands of hair that hangs between her eyes, a trait that is inherited from the First Hyoudou Child. About that time Percy came out of the kitchen with a can of Dr. Pepper in one hand and a bag of popcorn in the other.

Percy nodded. Percy explain. But Apollo may have an idea.

"Say WHAT!? Clotho, the Spinner of Thread, paused in her work to glance over at her younger sister. Percy asked angrily. I said. It have been 10 months since Molly Jackson was borned, and like Percy (Molly's big brother), she have black hair, and sea green eyes. By: MudSkipper001 Hannah Grace Fredrickson was just messing around at school one day when two teenagers confronted her claiming that her father was an Ancient Greek god.

I was enjoying the movie with Sally when the telephone rang.

If either Hera/Juno or Zeus/Jupiter got woken up by your scream, we're all in trouble." "You give Athena's name as Molly's middle name? Annabeth screamed. Before I got to the couch Percy got up and walked into the kitchen. Doesn't it just scream 'insane asylum escapees'? Percy on the other hand had fallen asleep within ten minutes of the movie. Well ha because me and Zeus found her with Ouranos making out and ‘doing it’ in Cabin 1. Her eyes widened obviously taking what I said wrong. Poseidon said sadly. "I will tell her when the time comes. More. Annabeth yelled angry and upset. Super Speed: Little Sister can move at incredible speeds, especially through teleportation. Just In. "But I am going. Now again:Triton, Thanatos, Pan, Heracles, Enyo, Eris, The nymph and mortal halfbloods, Saytr halfbloods, monster halfbloods, Rhea, Phoebe, Leto, Aeolus, Boreas, Zephyr, Notus, Eustus, Khione, Phobos, Deimos, Aura, Lelantos, Leto, Astreia, and Perses. "BUT I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM ATHENA FOR A YEAR SINCE SHE TOOK THE ATHENA PARTHENOS BACK TO MOUNT OLYMPUS FOR SAFEKEEPING." Later on Mount Olympus.

However, due to her young age, her powers are somewhat inferior compared to the vastly superior creatures that dwell within the Supernatural World. How would he feel about having a little sister. Percy Jackson's Little Sister Chapter 1: Prologue, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction.

"Don't call me that, and can't you see I'm busy!". Getting all gigglie and bubbly when she's excited. Ares/Mars said scared.

We're not entirely sure. Unlike most of the antagonists Issei Hyoudou has encountered, Little Sister is perhaps the most personal, as she is a being who is unambiguously connected to the Hyoudou family.

Give me your feedback and ideas for what should happen next! 4/2/2018 c11 Nikolas “I really don’t know Sagey, I really don’t know,” As Percy replied sadly to the child that admired him for a long time and now sees him as a fatherly Figure as he trained her and encouraged her as well as fended odd bullies for her. "Sure, sure, your very generous. I'll/we'll go. ?” The Lord Of The Sky inquired with a booming voice, “ANNABETH MOTHER FUCKING CHASE THAT BETTETR NOT BE YOU ON THAT BED LEST I SMITE YOU AND MAKE SURE HADES SENDS YOU TO TARTARUS! So now, I'm living a normal life in New York with mommy,daddy,and my step-brother Percy Jackson. "I was telling my little cousin here that I really don't know where Athena is. She had been in a coma for three years now. Stay safe for me. "What!

He cheered, happily skipping away. Athena said threatenly. Nevertheless, I answered the phone anyway. Invisibility: Little Sister can remain invisible to the living and conceal her presence. "Oh.

Camp Half-Blood is a Camp for demigods of the Gods' and Goddesses' Greek forms and Camp Jupiter is a Camp for demigods of the said Gods' and Goddesses' Roman forms except for Minerva/Athena.

Your mind doesn't like English because your brain was programmed to read Greek. Thermokinesis: She is able to lower or drop the surrounding temperature with her presence. Percy still chuckling “Oh Chiron is that what she told you? But for so long I had hoped she would wake up, but always knew that was impossible.

"Anyway, about three weeks ago, I was walking around in the mortal world and I overheard some lady who worked at a local hospital saying how they were shutting off this little girls life support because she was in a coma for to long. The Hunt will be arriving tomorrow. "Because it was to cheer your eldest cousin up. Your parents.". I think I should've said something different. Minerva said in Athena's head. When I was four, I got in a car crash and was put in a coma for three years. Father will be angry with us!" But what about Annabeth?"

Sally and I laughed, " So, Mirra's is her name." "Only because you and Medusa were kissing in her temple." Percy said reminding his Olympian father. "she said giggling. Artemis wept “Percy, come on you can pull through this.” She shouted at him through sobs. (Don't ask). Two weeks ago, one of the doctors heard her heart monitor flatline, so at first we thought she had passed. And I'm Carrie Underwood," I retort. No no no! Annabeth yelled " HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW WHERE IS MY MOTHER IS?!" She loves romance movies. This is evidenced by the fact that Leiko (who is in her mid-twenties) was aware and present during Sachiko's miscarriage.

Percy started to brief everyone on what happened, “So basically I caught Annabeth cheating on me with Ouranos, Protogenoi Of the Sky as he is Also apparently awake now. OWWW!" You should have Apollo looks at those." "Shhhhh. "Oh, yeah, I'm awesome!" Percy felt bad for his oldest cousin, Athena, so he thought maybe he could cheer her up with a little surprise. "O…k…" Once again, I think 'insane asylum'. I laughed a little bit when I awsered. "

Artemis kicked Ouranos in the crotch making him stumble backwards as her hunters fended him off giving her time to speak with her dying Perseus. for Little Sister. I looked over to see Sally sitting on the edge of her seat shoving popcorn into her mouth. Annabeth says while messing with a laptop. By maringay0923 Ongoing - Updated Nov 21, 2015 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. Minerva said equally scared. AETHER!? She employs this ability to prevent Issei from leaving his room. She have disappeared from Olympus." The two figures stopped instantly hearing Zeus and turned around. "I don't know. While her physical body hasn't changed, the drastic alteration to her appearance is her eyes, which are now heterochromatic: her right eye is red (inherited from the Second Hyoudou Child) and her left eye is grey (inherited from the First Hyoudou Child). And I know that Pan is dead but the Saytrs insist we must add one to honor their faded lord of the wild, and that is all.” After Chiron’s announcement some campers were yelling about letting Demititans into camp which aggravated Cabin 20 as their mother Hecate is a Titan making them Demititans.

She harbors an intense grudge towards Issei, which stemmed from the children's belief that after their deaths, Mr. and Mrs. Hyoudou replaced them by adopting Issei as their child. I always loved how her eyes change colors in the light. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN PJATO. While he wasn’t showing it Percy was breaking down inside “Why is she doing this to me? Poseidon said a little softer than usual.

Intense gray eyes.

Thanks to everyone who randomly decided to read this! Artemis kicked Ouranos in the crotch making him stumble backwards as her hunters fended him off giving her time to speak with her dying Perseus. I kinda want sally to name her something with "blue" in it as a last act of defiance against smelly Gabe.... Riordan Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. "Annabeth, why don't you explain this one? Mark wears light jackets and jeans most of the time. Paul, it's ok. He's also sixteen or seventeen, but he's got black hair and green eyes, like me. Glenda agreed and hung up. "Your staying home" then turned back to me.

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