Maybe the person had an allergic reaction, and that really isn’t toxicity. Scientific Name: Exacum affine. If this doesn’t revive it, the plant has died. Watered and can’t seem to bring it back to life. This dries out the soil, and causes the leaves to fade and/or turn brown at the tips. First time for this plant.. put it in filtered light.. really hope it likes it there. Now the weather is getting very warm and humid as Virginia is, so my question is, will she come back or did she die? Thanks!! I have several of the purple shield, for the first time this year. Even at three feet from the window, your Persian shield is most likely getting too much sunlight.

Keep me posted! And yes, what is poisonous to humans may not be to other animals. As far as I know, Persian shield is not known for having thorns, so my first question there would be to confirm whether you’re able to positively identify this plant. In zone 9, and during mild winters in zones 7 and 8, Persian shield may die back to the ground after frost but remain alive and regrow the following season. Do you know if this plant is toxic to pets? I live in zone 8 , middle Ga..I really don’t want them 3/4 ft tall.. can you trim them? Required fields are marked *.

It is not an irritant of the skin nor is it toxic to ingest, though I’m sure it would not be pleasant to eat. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. You might try wrapping and… Read more ».

Misting…

And horses have a whole range of plants they can’t eat, but that other animals can. I discovered Persian shield several years ago and I absolutely love this plant. I’ll bring you a piece of my Persian shield on my next trip! This plant stays indoors all year and I use its cuttings to grow new plants for outdoor containers and to share with friends and family. It is considered to be a fast-growing plant, especially in organically-rich soil that is consistently moist. I see their mature height is 3-4 ft. How fast do persian shields grow and about how long do they take to reach their mature height? Better Safe Than Sorry. • creative inspiration for everyday living •. I know this is an older post but I just want to thank you!!
However, once a plant has been listed as poisonous, it is very unlikely it will ever be dropped from the lists of poisonous plants. Med.

The cuttings grow even more beautiful than my original plant. Or had the planted been treated with a pesticide? BellaOnline Administration And do note that this list does not necessarily apply to canaries, hamsters, potbelly pigs, goldfish or any other pet: for information on how another creature might react to any plant, you’ll have to do some digging on your own. The plants on this list range from mild to moderate to severe toxicity. Toxic Principles: Non-toxic. In the meantime, you can follow the link to Hirt’s Gardens above to purchase plants. I’m considering cutting it at the node and propagating using your suggestions.

Here’s how: When I first researched how to propagate Persian shield, I came across several articles instructing to cut just below a leaf node.

Perhaps a thin netting over the plants would be the best way to deter the kitties and keep them safe. I wasn’t able to get pictures going yet but the mother plant is doing the same might be better new growth but the shoots are small.

Hi Ellie – It can be confusing to grow a plant that likes it hot, humid – and shady. It may be that in addition to a lack of sunlight, the pot dried out. Many plants are toxic to dogs. I’ve had it for about 2 or so years. My plant is growing well with vibrant colors. I came here to look for information, because mine are growing like gangbusters so I was wondering how big they were actually going to get. We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. I have recently discovered Persian Shield. Live plants are typically easier to find than seeds for this plant. I realized I had slightly been switching to Botanicare Pro Grow for soil and some additives like Cal-Mag and Liquid Karma as well. (achimenes, hotwater plant, Cupid’s bower)Adiantum spp. Here is just one citation on that subject: “The prevalence of gastrointestinal illness after poinsettia ingestion in cats and dogs appears to be similar to that associated with ingestion of plants considered non-toxic.”Hornfeldt, C. S.: Confusion over toxicity of poinsettia.

GARDENER'S PATH® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. ) I think, however, it would wilt in a bouquet out of water. BellaOnline Administration

We have been very hot this year, and humid. And vice versa. I live in Layton, Utah. This site needs a new editor. The young plant has grown so much and the leaves much larger —it still is a young plant as the leaves are only about 1.5 inches in length. We live in central Texas and temps were 70-85. Are we really sure it really was the plant cited?

had no difficulty attracting the attention of U.S. gardeners, and is now grown here as an annual, perennial, and houseplant.

I can’t seem to find a straight answer. Rice and kale are other examples of common foods that are poisonous if eaten in large quantities. It’s possible that in a pot with other plants, the competition for water is just too much for it. Thank you so much for providing such a detailed page on Persian Shields.
The color dies off about two or three leaves down the plant from the top that is a semi vibrant purple. I placed a query over a month ago and I’m still awaiting a response, is this website and service you provide still available? Hi, My name is Janis and I absolutely LOVE this plant – my question – it is poisonous to cats?

persian shield toxic to dogs. Hello Fady – Continue watering as needed to keep the soil moist. The good news is that most plants are quite forgiving. Thank you for this article; I just bought my first Persian Shield and and look forward to growing many other plants out of this one!

Sorry to hear that the cold got to your plant this past winter – it’s not likely that you will be able to save this one. This site is monetized through the use of affiliate links. I *just* read how to really care for this plant as I was not given instructions when I bought it. Palms (most are non toxic with the exception of the fishtail palm. They’ll experience some shock when sent outdoors, but given time, they’ll acclimate and grow just fine. Cuttings that have sat in water for a long period of time seem to have a slower uptick when placed in soil. 51. I’m going to try your method next!

The leaves of S. dyerianus are approximately six inches long, and stems may reach three feet. Also, a plant can be inedible without being poisonous. Indoor light is almost definitely the culprit in terms of pigment, though you could consider supplementing with grow lights.

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