The design also maintains the moment of inertia (MOI) of the fairway woods, keeping forgiveness high regardless of the weight setting. Hotter faces are the norm now. If you prefer to use your own shipping service, you are welcome to do that at your own expense. The best hits on the simulator showed the M2 as the longer of the two, and that showed up on the course as well, especially off the tee. Each of the new G25 hybrids, which are available is 17, 20, 23, 27 and 31 degrees, has a center of gravity that helps to create the ideal ball flight. Carl’s Golfland in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. See what GolfWRXers are saying about the 917 fairway woods in our forum. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. I am not a PGA Tour player, so getting a 1.49 the few times I did was pretty impressive, and shows an advance in technology — not that my swing has actually improved. Shots were hit with each club — order was constantly rotated, and outliers deleted — until 10 shots with each club had been recorded. It’s built with a square face, neutral weighting, and offers incredible distance. We want to protect the interests of golfers by providing an unbiased platform to feel proud to contribute to for years to come. Please provide us the information below to help expedite your quote: Please provide dates you need sets delivered to you. That created a higher launch and more forgiveness, particularly on shots hit low on the face. Can I apply the amount of my trade-ins towards another purchase? The best way to determine the best fairway wood, therefore, is to pose that question to golfers who have hit them all and let them decide. The relationship hasn’t changed, just the names. They’re also performers — the combination of a low, rearward CG and high MOI makes the G25 fairway woods some of the most forgiving available. The label charges will be deducted from the total value of your trade-in and can be retrieved & printed from the Order Confirmation page. With the purchase, consumers will receive either a 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18-gram neutral weight (the 12-gram is stock) and a matching draw-fade weight. It was a bit confusing, and didn’t mesh well with the D2 and D3 naming system the drivers were using, so Titleist went to F2 and F3, which is what Titleist used in previous models such as the 909. The Ping G25 hybrid breaks the mould of recent G hybrids because gone are the driving iron looks. But it was not so high that it negatively affected distance or was troublesome in the wind. If you’re confused: F = F2, Fd = F3 (easy to remember since this rhymes). It will be difficult The better the condition the higher value given for the item. Shop what you want, when you want. * The heel and toe of the face extend downward to make the club more accommodating to shots missed low on the face, where most miss-hits occur. Who they’re for: Everyone who plays a fairway wood should give the Titleist 917F2 and 917F3 fairway woods a shot. I left those in, as I wanted to show how forgiving this club can be. Trade values are based on several factors such as demand, condition, release date and other resale factors. The mid-level cost of the G25 will appeal to most high-handicap to mid-handicap players who want the latest in all-around performance without breaking the bank. There is no TP model in the M2 line, and what TaylorMade seems to have done is focused on making the M2 sit perfectly square. As you might have seen in the data above, I was able to compare the M2 to my gamer, a Nike Vapor Fly (15 degrees with the same shaft, measuring the same length) both on the course and on the simulator. I can’t say enough about how good the G25 hybrids look at address. condition guide. These classic shape and styling of the G25 hybrid inspires confidence at address , while the matte-black finish and white-scored face look great and aid in alignment. I put a 17* and 20* in the bag w/ same results…..whoda thunk??? That’s why the CG of the 23, 27 and 30-degree hybrids creep forward to help golfers reduce spin. The M2 is a fairway wood that anyone can play. It comes in Soft R, R, S, Tour-Stiff and Tour X-Stiff flexes), and costs around $229. In the low-lofted hybrids, the CG is positioned low and deep to help golfers launch the ball higher and with more spin than their iron equivalents, resulting in more playability and a greater carry distances. It’s simple, follow the trade-in steps and once your clubs arrive you can expect payment within 7-10 business days. Both have great ball speeds, both are forgiving, and both pretty easily hit that shot. That not only made the club faces hotter and more forgiving, it allowed weight to be moved lower and deeper in the head. Majek Golf All Hybrid #7: +2 Inches Longer Than Men’s Standard Length, Extra Big & Tall XL, Extra Long XXL, Senior Flex Right Handed New Utility A Flex Club 4.7 out of 5 stars 5 $69.95 $ 69 . You can even find values & trade in your used rangefinder or GPS unit! Additional weights can be purchased for $40, or SureFit weight kits are available for $180 with every weight. When completing the trade-in process you have an option to receive your funds via check, PayPal or receive a eGift Card. Yes. Need help selling or trading your clubs? This is simply not the case. The 917F2 offered more ball speed (+1.5 mph), more carry distance (+1.6 yards), and more total distance (+3.6 yards) than the 915F. It should absolutely be on a list of fairway woods for any player to check out. This is a great club. 95 Our advice when reading through this story is to think about what you want from your fairway wood. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a loaded question since golfers use fairway woods for different reasons and in different situations on the course. Now, the F2 (179 cubic centimeters) is the larger, higher-launching and more forgiving model, while the F3 (169 cubic centimeters) is smaller, deeper and more workable. All rights reserved. It goes back to the shape, sole design and face angle. The M2 was 15 degrees with a Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 73X shaft at 43 inches (untipped). The 917F3 offered slightly less ball speed (-0.8 mph), a slightly higher launch (+0.3 degrees), and a little more spin (+74 rpm) than the 915Fd. I’m looking to get the 23* next. In the low-lofted hybrids, the CG is positioned low and deep to help golfers launch the ball higher and with more spin than their iron equivalents, resulting in more playability and a greater carry distances. With the G25 fairway woods and hybrids, Ping looks to have found a way to add forgiveness to the hardest-to-hit clubs in the bag. Above: The matte black finish of Ping new G25 fairway wood (left), compared to the gloss finish of last year’s G20 (right). This golf club has been well used, but not abused. Ping’s new Glide 2.0 “Stealth” wedges, and Vault 2.0 putters, Ping launches new G400 Max driver, the “most forgiving driver in golf”, Callaway Lightens Up with Ultra-Premium GBB Epic Star Line, Exotics Officially Launches New CBX Iron-Wood, Titleist’s 818 H1, H2 Aim To Be Golf’s Most Complete Hybrids, In this edition of Members Choice, we attempt to answer the question, “What’s the best fairway wood of 2017?”.

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