Thanks a lot for the 3.11 build compilation. Now I am looking for a new starter build for 3.12 which is why I am looking at your page again. Good luck and let me know how it goes! Morning! Thanks, I just started playing and that’s super helpful! Apparently PoB won’t allow Creeping Frost to be socketed in the chest; that’s the only missing skill (it’s in the notes). Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, MR. WHACKY Savagery 2H Vitality Ritualist, MR. STABBY Blind Assassin Pierce Infiltrator, MR. ZAPPY Wind Devil Storm Totem Vindicator, MR. THUMPYSHARTS Dual Wield Physical/Pierce Gun Tactician, MISS MELTYCAKES Dual Wield Melee Acid Poison Dervish, PoB based on GIPPOOO’s build, complete with leveling trees and notes, PoB based on AhhCrying’s build with notes and skill tree phases, PoB complete with leveling trees and notes, PoB completely with leveling trees and notes, PoB I put together complete with leveling trees and notes, Maining created a great Video Guide for a Ball Lightning/Arc Saboteur build, here’s the PoB Maining put together (with notes from me), custom PoB with notes based on the #1 CA/ED build in SSF, I put together a PoB based on the first L100 SSF ED build in Harvest (Wyssfbtw), PoB based on the top HCSSF build, complete with leveling trees and notes, the PoB I put together for a 2H Axe Champion complete with leveling trees, Kogaras created a great Build Guide for his max block Bleed Earthquake Gladiator, Angry_Roleplayer’s EQ Jugg build guide (v3.0 for 3.11), typicaldemon’s Toxic Rain + Caustic Arrow build, Build Guide for an Earthshatter Berserker, BeerLeague’s All Content Miner (any skill) Build guide, Turtroll’s Lacerate Block Gladiator Build Guide, DankawSL’s Crimson Bow RoA + Puncture build guide, Bleedsplosion Split Arrow Bow Gladiator build guide by ShamefunPenguin, Crimson Bow Gladiator RoA + Puncture guide by DankawSL, Gryph’s Thirsty Archmage Cremation Necromancer build guide, custom PoB from 3.10 complete with leveling trees and notes, Path of Exile 3.12 Heist Top Starter Builds,,, Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium Best Starter Builds, The Hidden Toxicity of the Grim Dawn Community and Crate Entertainment, Path of Exile 3.9 Metamorph Best Starter Builds, Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods Best Starter Builds 2019, Bladefall / Blade Blast Chieftain (Assassin is better! Harvest appears to be more about overall balance and a few reworks than anything else as there were no major additions or changes to the game like there were with previous leagues. It’s still super powerful but I can die quick if I don’t pay attention. Do-it-all Occultist Support -- 9 auras, 4 curses, CI Aura Bot Guide [90 Res/Max Aura Effect/Max Power/Aspect/Smite], My new best Friend | CarryOn Golemancer [SC/HC] | Uber Elder, Dual Void Battery Cold Snap, 10 power charges Low Life, WINDS OF WINTER: Low Life Freezing Pulse Occultist, Bah's Ignite Fireball Elementalist (Sirus/UE/Endgame), A Shocking Elementalist, Lightning Tendrils CwC Arc, NecrooKeeper - Tanky & Cheap Spectre/Skellies/Zombies LeagueStarter + Endgame Farmer, Discomancer - Skeleton Mages | SSF HC viable | All Content | Budget. Your PoE posts always come at the perfect time when I’m looking to run a second character. These are not average players; but average players can learn from them. Additionally, make sure you have a good loot filter. Anyone Can Play! You can see the implementation of Thread of Hope in the original creator’s final snapshot, here:, Creeping Frost / Vortex / Cold Snap Trickster [Favorite Build].

Getting to maps and farming while surviving and having the ability to do all end-game content are key requirements for each of the recommended builds. I’m only 82, using Divine Flesh with 75/75/75/85 resists but I feel like there’s something I’m doing wrong.

Thanks to StormHavoc for taking over, I'll leave you in his capable hands! These characters can be found on builds. add my build please!! So far, the CF/Vortex build is my fav SSF 1st char league starter. Hi.I have question regarding tree for Creeping Frost / Vortex / Cold Snap Trickster [Favorite Build].In PoB i see that you add ,,thread of hope” but I don’t see any not conected passive in radius. There are other more powerful builds, but they generally are much more complex, expensive, require respecing, and specific uniques — but the reality is most of these builds don’t provide enough of an advantage to the core requirements to outperform the below recommendations. Your Chaos res is awesome though… So that’s all I can see – I hope it was helpful! Lily's Elemental Undead - Summon Skeleton Mages - Boss Killer - Good Map Clear - All Content! For life, there’s a few life nodes I still need to pick up by 100 but not a bunch. Before we begin, Path of Building is a very important tool to have when following a build guide since many of them share PoB links. Yeah, I’m level 90 now and my life is only at 4500. Keep in mind those who are 95+ and do not play SSF often group with others (including aura bots), which includes sharing items and maps. Below is a snapshot of the buffs, nerfs and other adjustments this league. I recently found this rare bow called Chin Sol bow and I wanted to customize it with rare items, so I saw this really good post that allowed me to found a unique item called Chin Sol Shrapnel Traps that improved my bow almost 100% ! I am currently on 0.56 second cast time. :-) I started playing Harvest a bit late (roughly two weeks into the league), and have taken the below builds to end-game: Relative to this overview, I want to acknowledge how important play style is.

Spectres, Zombies & Skeletons nerfed, but still solid for end-game. Are you sure the issue isn’t you’re getting hit a lot and MoM is draining it? Thanks for the support! Not sure what I’m missing and I’m actually going to have to lose 2 passives somewhere because I took Alira as my bandit reward. Ahh for some reason PoB won’t allow me to set Creeping Frost in the setup; it’s in the Notes though. The launch of Harvest was quite smooth, especially compared to the myriad of problems we saw during the launch of Delirium. I was thinking of trying CoC Ice Nova, so i’m a bit surprised it didn’t make the list. "StormFire" A non-ignite Flameblast Elementalist, Easy Cursebot (6 Curses + 6 Auras + Spider Aspect), CwC Cyclone Necromancer | For those who can't decide between cyclone and minions, Simple Spectre Summoner - From League Start to Uber Elder, Skelly Mage Summoner ~ The Necrolazyak - 2 Curse, 6k eHP, Self Ignite | Armageddon Brand | Elementalist, Scold Snap - Scold's Bridle Cold Snap Occultist, Doedre's Cosplay - Octa-curse CI Incinerate Occultist, Ghoulish Overkill! My apologies; I don’t understand your question. : Unleash received strong buff. where d I get the builds from please? . Not sure if I’ll be making a 3.12 starter build guide – it depends on my schedule this month. Thanks as usual! Oops! Honestly, the entire build was smooth as butter for me with no mana issues at all… My apologies for not being more helpful…. Cast When Using Flask Automatic Death March a.k.a FLASKMANCER, Cyclone Zombiemancer ✦ Automated Necro ✦ Fluid melee combat, A CI/LL Tri-Curse Herald of Agony Occultist, The Skeleton Queen (16 skeletons / 60 seconds / over 350% minion damage), Necro Synergy Build | Commander of Undeath. It’s a ton of fun, and a meta build, but there are so many other builds that can do just as much that are SSF, HC and Delve viable, I wanted to focus on those instead. While Volatile Dead is dominating this league, Bladefall / Blade Blast Assassin [Second Favorite Build], Ball Lightning Hierophant [Third Favorite Build], Spellslinger is what makes Volatile Dead so viable, casting three spells with the single click of a button, Creeping Frost / Vortex / Cold Snap Trickster, Spellslinger Soulrend/ED/Contagion Trickster, Bleed Split Arrow / Rain of Arrows / Puncture. Note many profiles are set to private, so this data is only based on public profiles that have their skills shared with the community.

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