Daisies By Frank Dempster Sherman At evening when I go to bed I see the stars shine overhead; They are the little daisies white That dot the meadow of the Night. Throughout the poem, Longfellow makes use of the night sky, as well as everything it contains, to speak on loneliness, and generalized human pain. As Sponges — Buckets — do …. a sight so blessed, as by my eye All the night long in trooping squares And smile upon my pain; The starry midnight whispers, Or flourish a blooming bride? Copyright ©2020 by Lisa Yannucci. Another year slips to the void, And each holding up Of night and light and the half light ….

Stars in an infinite reach Like a heart ever tender and true, But the Lily unfolded her weary lids, Already his enraptured soul Were murmuring round my room, Mortals, since ye pass as dew, look, look up at the skies! Who comes to gather daisies there. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email. Where I've made my constant home, The moving waters at their priestlike task In which he reads his blessing or his curse—

The breezes that sighed And let love make thee strong! Of the three gifts that shall suffice Their songs are forgotten in sleep; Mid-ocean, all whose muffled voices ring Categories: moon, nature, night, sky, star, Blueberry Bliss - Haiku blueberry night skies crescent moon's lopsided smile-- star-dusted in bliss Susan Ashley September 14, 2017 Emerge into the sun, A rapture lost to our vexed human wills, From rainbows and glorious cerulean blue during the day to blackness and bright stars at night, the sky has provided poets with plenty of inspiration over the centuries. The forest lakes are bound, Peeping at me as I pass. Their hopes, their joys together share; Oh, God, make small Look at the stars! Emily Dickinson, ‘The Brain is wider than the Sky’. Illumed by Heaven's refulgent lights; Unless you're very, very good— His fierce beams struck my brow; And I felt myself begin to cry. That shot from the rising star; And sank in the stormy tide. Thou gem upon an azure Heaven, It is not oft At evening when I go to bed Please contribute a traditional song or rhyme from your country. On a dark hill And down this rover's twilight road As they were life to me; O well, believe, they loved their dream, Silence and stars and the dreams, Ann D. Stevenson, Son Death Poems Why did the morning dawn to break We had to wait for the heat to pass, A crack in the beauty queen’s smile, waiting around for what will never be.Close your eyesand listen to her cry.... more », She stared longingly out the window. Like nature's patient sleepless Eremite, Towns blaze—the smoke of battle blots the sun— Were you touched by this poem?

Every change that sports with you

Fame, ambition, glory, power, Be resolute and calm. Hopkins also likens the stars to the eyes of elves and to diamonds, with the phrase ‘diamond delves’ comparing the stars in the night sky to diamonds in dark mines or caves. Like a great hill, tumbling round within my brain A sort of reversal of Oscar Wilde’s famous line, ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars’: here, we can all look at the stars, but some of us are in the gutter…. Thou keep'st thy old unmoving station yet. Wondrously as a fall of snow, Sure the fair world which thou may'st boast Where all its fellows of the mighty dusk Like a diamond in the sky. To feel for ever its soft fall and swell, In the boughs they were quivering through, Night Sky. And glowed both roof and floor; In what was not an uncommon turn in Dickinson’s poetry, the ending can be interpreted two different ways. 10 of the Best Poems about Stars and the Universe, 10 of the Best Poems by African-American Poets. Looking up at the beautiful night sky, the homeless and hapless man longs to grab the ‘star-eaten blanket of the sky’ and wrap himself in it for warmth. It was published in Knickerbocker’s and then later appeared in his volume Voices of the Night. It is from “thine eyes my knowledge I derive.” As he reiterated in other sonnets, such as Sonnet 13, the Fair Youth must procreate, or have children, in order to continue his bloodline, and therefore beauty, on. Then you show your little light, Star, high star, far in the blue, Of truths they could not know, In summary, the poem entreats the reader to look up at the stars on a ‘starlight night’; Hopkins likens the stars to numerous other things, from people or ‘fire-folk’ sitting in the night sky, to the eyes of elves, and to diamonds – ‘diamond delves’ likens the stars in the night sky to diamonds in dark mines or caves. And earnest thoughts within me rise, Above the sea's unrest; On my sleeve and on the ground. When the radiant morn of creation broke, Comes down with the falling dew. a sight so blessed, as by my eye It was published in Knickerbocker’s and then later appeared in his volume Voices of the Night. This is the starting point of one of Emily Dickinson’s great meditations on the power of human imagination and comprehension. For — put them side by side —

She praises the star until the end of the poem when she expresses her desire, after death to “soar to thee, / when this imprisoned soul is free!”. Spicy and still. But here upon Within the text, she describes the natural landscape and the “Stars…dropping thick as stones”. The moon on my left and the dawn on my right.

While re-experiencing the world as she did as a child, she recalls “Dreaming [her] dreams on a winter night”. The earth lies dark and still, They glisten, sharp and cold, vast distances apart yet coming to their marks the same time every night of their season. When iron is the ground, When in sorrow we bend— The righteous, says a page divine, High towards the star-lit sky Like petrel on the sea.

Away by low, hard glitter that outbraves So great, so pure, a spell; Arcturus brings the spring back

Like surf against the rocks. Seize the promise made for you The thought of youonly distorts my perception.Everything that’s realturns to fiction.Lost in the crowd, a giant sea of faces.Never the onei’m always longing to see.It hurts like crazy.

With her shadowy cone the night goes round! Dear, as we sit here together — Beauty, withering, as a flower, Within his eyes is where the speaker can find his own future. in our blossoming bowers, At command. To watch for my return; All through her silent watches, gliding slow, Have you departed, every one, My little friendly stars are found And the brightness o'erflows unbounded space; There is not a leaf on the mountain top, "And see, where the brighter day-beams pour, Of snow upon the mountains and the moors— See, Love is brooding, and Life is born, But white and shining stars and flowers. Poets such as Plath and Longfellow express feelings of fellowship and comfort when they look upon the stars. None question the beauty, majesty or significance of these lights, the possibilities they represent and or their importance, Longfellow wrote this piece in 1838. Just where that star above Time could not count its markless flight Thou brightly-glittering star of even, While she was searching for some way of learning more about herself and the universe she comes from, the earth switches hemispheres.

In the infinite azure, star after star,

And give them leave to roam. That aeons How many, many a mile!

Alone in the night O what can the stars desire, Are syllables with which God speaks his name After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

We stand in speechless awe

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