“For us, freeze branding is first and foremost a marketing tool we hope will aid us capturing more value — we want people to see our red or black-hided cattle and know that because of that brand, there is value under that hide. Advantages: faster application time The brand that is going to be used has to be unique to the farm or ranch’s cattle. Re-branding Pros and Cons. ; Don Douglas, The Wall Street Journal; Michael Vick Has Advice for Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen; Lee Hawkins; April 2011, Tom’s Hardware; Steve Jobs Rumored Terminally Ill; Shares Fall; Jane McEntegart; February 2011, Fox News; Creating and Maintaining Your Brand; Susan Walker; May 2006. I won’t go into detail on the proven safety of implants here, but it all comes down to economics and what premium the producer will get from not implanting. It will need to have a cattle chute to help hold the cattle still. However, viral exposure is unpredictable; no foolproof method for going viral exists. It should be made from good quality steel that is heavy enough to be able to hold the heat that is needed for branding. Ozarks Farm & Neighbor Newspaper. If the iron is too cold it will still be black. For example, in order to protect its brand trademark, McDonald’s sues any and all businesses using the McDonald’s name or variation of the name. It helps cattle theft prevention. One of the ways is to heat the irons to use the wood fire method. A lot of producers of course don’t implant their heifers so they would fit the program anyway and if bull calves are castrated at an older age you get the gains from their natural hormones. Iron application time: 14-25 seconds. It is recommended that the person doing the branding takes time and places only one brand iron on at a time. In other ways, especially the “no added hormones” requirement, can result in productivity losses. Following are the demerits or disadvantages or limitations arguments against branding. Your email address will not be published. Some think that it originally started to establish ownership of animals during the rise of Egyptian society. Brands are used to stop thievery and so ranchers and others can know who the horses belong to as they comingle out on the open range. The cons are that it works better if it is cold outside when done so that the brand shows up better. Here are key points to consider when looking at the pros and cons of co-branding in today’s marketplace. Required fields are marked *. You as the producer have the final decision as to whether marketing into the branded program will benefit your herd and its bottom-line. From a health, stress and shrink aspect, this is the worse thing you could do to this young calf. The process of branding once irons are hot can take just a few seconds to a few minutes. Can You Tell Profit When You See It?Enter our 2014 BEEF Efficiency & Profit Contest & you could win $1,000 cash (indvidual) or $5,000 in Merial product (feedlot group). Certain costs arise in branding. Cole noted that it’s acceptable to brand in the hip, rib or shoulder region of either side of the animal. Make sure the cattle are carrying plenty of condition,” he continues. Advantages: brighter brands, cheaper and more readily available source of alcohol, more forgiving than if the freeze-branding iron is applied too long, the hair pigment will still turn white, Allowed HTML tags:

. Many people make their living from the sale of these critters, and branding them helps ensure that none are lost or stolen. mboxCreate('beefmagazine_article_nlpromo'); “There are some animals on which the brand just doesn’t show up. My friends have a cattle ranch in Montana and they use the hot iron method.

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