[67], Epsilon Eridani is classified as a BY Draconis variable because it has regions of higher magnetic activity that move into and out of the line of sight as it rotates. In its first bulletin of July 2016,[34] the WGSN explicitly recognised the names of exoplanets and their host stars that were produced by the competition. Because every observation of each star was numbered and Epsilon Eridani was observed three times, it got three numbers: 6581, 6582 and 6583. [8], Of all the measured parameters for this planet, the value for orbital eccentricity is the most uncertain. [39] Ulugh Beg carried out new measurements of Epsilon Eridani's coordinates in his observatory at Samarkand, and quotes magnitudes from Al-Sufi (3 for Epsilon Eridani). 0000015040 00000 n Ran is a sea goddess, and her husband Aegir is a jotünn, and together they have nine daughters who all are named after the waves of the sea. [88] The overall magnetic activity of Epsilon Eridani shows co-existing 2.95±0.03 and 12.7±0.3 year activity cycles. All the information was extracted from Wikipedia, and it's available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Epsilon Eridani appears in science fiction stories and has been suggested as a destination for interstellar travel. The catalogue was published as part of his astronomical treatise the Almagest. 367 33 They found evidence of a planet orbiting the star with a period of about seven years. Ptolemy described the star's magnitude as 3. Inside this radius, the dust must consist of silicate grains that lack volatiles. In this paper, we have presented the most sensitive and comprehensive observational evidence for the existence of ε Eridani b. [21], Observations with the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope at a wavelength of 850 μm show an extended flux of radiation out to an angular radius of 35 arcseconds around Epsilon Eridani. The Bayer designation ε Eridani (Latinised as Epsilon Eridani) was established in 1603 by Johann Bayer. D��~�5���k� Google Play, Android and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc. Rán and Henry Adams Bellows (businessman), Rán and Viking Society for Northern Research, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [13] The estimated effective temperature is 5,084 K.[14] With a stellar classification of K2 V, it is the second-nearest K-type main-sequence star (after Alpha Centauri B). [80] Epsilon Eridani is located in the northern part of the constellation Eridanus, about 3° east of the slightly brighter star Delta Eridani. [1][note 5] The star has a radial velocity of +15.5 km/s (35,000 mph) (away from the Sun). In Chinese, 天苑 (Tiān Yuàn), meaning Celestial Meadows, refers to an asterism consisting of ε Eridani, γ Eridani, δ Eridani, π Eridani, ζ Eridani, η Eridani, π Ceti, τ1 Eridani, τ2 Eridani, τ3 Eridani, τ4 Eridani, τ5 Eridani, τ6 Eridani, τ7 Eridani, τ8 Eridani and τ9 Eridani. For a K-type main-sequence star, this fusion is dominated by the proton–proton chain reaction, in which a series of reactions effectively combines four hydrogen nuclei to form a helium nucleus. [107], The inner region around Epsilon Eridani, from a radius of 2.5 AU inward, appears to be clear of dust down to the detection limit of the 6.5 m MMT telescope. Observations have shown that Epsilon Eridani varies as much as 0.050 in V magnitude due to starspots and other short-term magnetic activity. Estimates for the value of m sin i range from 0.60 Jupiter masses to 1.06 Jupiter masses,[104][105] which sets the lower limit for the mass of the planet (because the sine function has a maximum value of 1). endstream endobj 398 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[22 345]/Length 34/Size 367/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream [35] Consequently, the Chinese name for ε Eridani itself is 天苑四 (Tiān Yuàn sì, the Fourth [Star] of Celestial Meadows. ���!Ӎ�Gy�qb����Q2�>�V����G�m0z�H�yw\:?���o'�,H�Et�ϖ&RR�L-Y��l��V$H�SR���p����Sѩqhj��Ծ,.�Α�l�% [69], In 1960, physicists Philip Morrison and Giuseppe Cocconi proposed that extraterrestrial civilisations might be using radio signals for communication. [55] From 1881 to 1883, American astronomer William L. Elkin used a heliometer at the Royal Observatory at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, to compare the position of Epsilon Eridani with two nearby stars. [24], The Epsilon Eridani system also includes two belts of rocky asteroids: at about 3 AU and 20 AU from the star. 0000020562 00000 n The clumps in the dust occur at orbits that have an integer resonance with the orbit of the suspected planet. In 2016 it was given the alternative name AEgir [sic]. Epsilon Eridani is number 89 in hour 3. [120] The proximity, Sun-like properties and suspected planets of Epsilon Eridani have also made it the subject of multiple studies on whether an interstellar probe can be sent to Epsilon Eridani. [83] Its metallicity, the fraction of elements heavier than helium, is slightly lower than the Sun's. Planets more than 150% as massive as Jupiter can be ruled out at the inner edge of the debris disk at 30–35 AU. [28][better source needed] From Epsilon Eridani, the Sun would appear as a 2.4-magnitude star in Serpens. startxref For example, the region of the disk that completes two orbits for every three orbits of a planet is in a 3:2 orbital resonance.

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