Enjoy cleaner laundry and potential cost savings with CleanStart® from RainSoft. I contacted Home Depot with no response. The more we protested, the more persistent and forceful the saleswoman became. Sincerely, RainSoft Water Softener Specifications and Details, Whirlpool Water Softener: A Review of its Product Specifications. Before sinking money into the RO, try getting a softener and a whole house carbon filter and see if you like the taste of the water. I will never get that 2 hours back and will punish Home Depot by not shopping there. She was very persistant. Well, he made us an offer that would only be valid today. And with a worldwide network of knowledgeable, factory-trained dealers, we offer unsurpassed service and warranty coverage for all of our water softener systems and air treatment products. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be There is also the app that you can download … We accepted for him to come under the pretence that this was a free water test. RainSoft has been making water softeners since 1953. It features a self-cleaning control valve and has high flow rates for good supply of water without loss of pressure. It tasted and smelled bad and forced us to use bottled water for drinking and coffee. There is an alarm for no salt, low salt and service. He started to belittle us more or less for wanting more time for research: "I told you all you need to know, it's obvious you will have to purchase a water treatment system sooner or later. They said that they wanted a written letter or fax to close the account. A RainSoft test is the first step toward resolving your water woes. I have the brooklyn bridge I am selling...LOL I thought NJ people were smarter. I hope that many of you learn to shop around FIRST, before you buy. Obnocious and sarcastic as I am by nature, I played out the whole spiel and asked him questions about what reagents and test equipment he used. $7500 if I took the offer now. We have had our RainSoft for almost 20 years now. It also has a few other special features, such as Aqua-Sensor technology, which adjusts to water conditions, and saves money and water. Ever since, Rainsoft has remained a family company. These systems treat iron, along with other hard water situations and some can remove chlorine. I read the report and there is no hardness measurment. Bottled water just doesn’t measure up to receiving clean, crisp-tasting water right from your refrigerator door. To maintain federal and other governmental regulations, safety and quality issues must be controlled, monitored and corrected. P.H. I signed a contract with rainsoft in my home two days ago. Over time, the limescale buildup caused by hard water can lead to costly plumbing repairs. Prevent hard water from damaging your toilet and bathroom plumbing. Here is some context. These minerals get into your water in the ground as water rushed over and eroded rocks and metals in the ground, such as calcium, magnesium and iron. Bought rainsoft about 10 yrs. A RainSoft water conditioner can help prevent premature wear and tear on your toilet. The company still has us on file and calls us every now and then to ask if we have any question or need any service. We have to admit, there is a lot to water quality and the whole demo made sense. How dumb must one person be to believe that the original complaint and follow-up complaint sat around for months and then three positive reviews happened all on the same day? Hard water leaves a residue that’s especially noticeable on glassware. I found several and it was the best of the reasonable ones. RainSoft can deliver this convenience by plumbing your purifier to your water and ice dispensers. As with most new home buyers, there are expenses that need to be delt with first before buying what I call a luxury item. What’s in your water? He was not happy at all, he went on to say that I dont care what type of water my kids drink and NJ has the worst water in the country. The self-lubricating 75-inch-per-pound drive motor is made for durability. I would only need to sell 600 units(3 yrs @200 units a yr) at $3000 a piece installed. I don't believe the unit was worth $3600. A RainSoft water conditioner can help your water heater last longer. They are a two-tank system. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE COMPANY BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, LOST PROFITS, OR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM LOST DATA, LOST EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY, OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION, RESULTING FROM THE USE OF OR ACCESS TO, OR THE INABILITY TO USE OR ACCESS, THE SITE, WHETHER BASED ON WARRANTY, CONTRACT, TORT, OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY, AND WHETHER OR NOT THE COMPANY IS ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. all in all waist of time if you get a call with this go clean the garage with your spair time haha It features a self-cleaning control valve and a self-lubricating 75-inch-per-pound drive motor. Just call the BBB and Home Depot corp... and do some research on who has this product. I would like to look this up. Your email has ben sent and a Rainsoft representative will be in contact with you soon! So I was asked to turn the system off for a couple of months and then turned back on to try it again. It turned out that the representative was actually a Rainsoft sales pitch. Municipal water authorities test frequently--and becuase of many variables the results of the tests vary over time. Within minutes after the timer started one of the 4 zones, the well kept shutting down, resulting in no water period anywhere on my property. 1. If you expect perfection you will be disappointed with what ever water treatment system you buy. Your agreement to the following disclaimers and limitations is a material inducement to the Company permitting you to access the Site. After several failed attempts on the part of different installers, Discovery Marketing has not found a way, in over 6 months, to install the unit. The only way to get accurate pricing on a RainSoft water softener is to speak with a representative and get a quote. If you do cancel, you have 3 business days and it must be in writing. All the systems from RainSoft are designed for different situations. Ok,, spoke to finance manager and everything for cancellation seems to be a go. Unit worked well for first 5 yrs then the piston and motor started going out. But I've kept salt in the tank, and I can say that there have been benefits to having the system, and nothing terrible Calcium and Magnesium are still present with it. This was very disrespectfull on the part of the rep. A RainSoft water conditioner can help prevent premature wear and tear on your toilet. The Company does not assume any obligation for the accuracy, completeness, or truthfulness of any of the Content of the Site. A RainSoft test is the first step toward resolving your water woes. Would I recommend RainSoft products? No more lugging home bottled water from the store! It sounds like you may be referring to the filter under the sink. (from over approx. no improvement. The local distributor will fix the timer for $170.00 an HOUR and the corporate office does not care that the local distributor can charge this amount of money. Are you tired of seeing filmy spots on your dishes after a wash? Yes chalk that up to some stupid tax. I admit that the clorine levels were high after treatment and his testing of his treated water wasn't any better( note: his treated our already treated water). Rainsoft is Saskatchewan’s largest locally owned water treatment company. These reps very clearly get so starry eyed at the prizes or commissions that they will steal from their own mother to get it. Their promise of year supply of soap. Back in 1946 my grandfather founded Rainsoft right here in Regina. I had a culligan filter before and that was crap. The RainSoft water systems get great reviews for function, but the cost and the less than attentive follow-up service bring the rating down. Regarldless I WOULD RECOMMEND RAINSOFT TO EVERYBODY AND ANYBODY!!! And a unique fitting on the manifold end that appears to have a sliding insert perpendicular to direction of water flow. THE SOFTNER HASN'T WORKED IN YEARS!!! Don’t blame your dishwasher. Whether your water comes from a well or municipally treated source, it may contain impurities that cause it to taste or smell bad or create other problems in your home. Do what you think is right. You’ll be amazed at how delicious beverages taste when prepared with RainSoft filtered water. RainSoft Customer Service and Warranties Goes Further. Hard water leaves a residue that’s especially noticeable on glassware. The Terms of Use are governed by the internal substantive laws of the State of Illinois, without respect to its conflict of laws principles. We have a Rain Soft unit in our house (whole house filtration). Each needs to stand on its own merits. Your dishes can go straight from the dishwasher to the cupboard! Ever since, Rainsoft has remained a family company. You can taste and smell the difference in the water with the RO system. Discover how better water can help keep your bathroom cleaner. As well-bought up adults we politely implied that we would consider this offer but we needed time to consider their offer and information. Thanks Home Depot for allowing these people to use your brand to drive me crazy with their used car sales pitch. The product might be okay, but the baggage that comes with it isn't. I will not buy anything from anyone. Read at your own risk. My family thoroughly enjoyed the experiments at the beginning, but we all despaired when she began to force the deal upon us, saying that we can only get a special offer if we sign the agreement now. We’ll send a water treatment expert to your home to test your tap water, explain the results, and recommend the best solutions to meet your specific needs. Nor does anything mention a normal lifespan of the unit. and it's reverse flush cleans it. they contact you by mail too. giving referrals. You MUST send a registered letter clearly stating you want to system out and use the phrase "...cancel the contract signed on (date) between (your name) and (name of company). Prevent hard water from damaging your toilet and bathroom plumbing. After your RainSoft drinking water system is installed, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in the flavor of coffee, tea, soup and other refreshments prepared with water from your kitchen. Oh please post before they sell you anything.....LOL. I wont go into each of the other complaints one at a time but I can assure you as a manufacture we stand behind all of our products 100%. RainSoft can deliver this convenience by plumbing your purifier to your water and ice dispensers. I found several and it was the best of the reasonable ones. I was considering Rainsoft for my home but not now. They are still making a profit. We purchased our Rainsoft softner 8yrs ago for $3600. If you like the taste without the RO, you saved that cost as well as filter changes in the future. Improve the taste of chilled water and ice with a RainSoft water purifier. Dont fall into the hype. I finally saw a lovely RainSoft saleswoman to the door after 4 hours of painful waste of time. "Rain Soft" ? 6. Now all of a sudden there's this 3 day rule for cancellation. It can use salt or potassium chloride for operation. This guy just blew me off as a dick, which I may be, but I am no idiot. You may freely link told it would require little or no service. 7. THE CLOSEST REPAIR MAN IS ALMOST 100 MILES AWAY. We just replaced the unit today (have had to replace the motor and piston 3 times in the last year) with a better unit form a different manufacturer for only $1000.

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