Psalmopoeus cambridgei . We also have Classifieds, Reviews, Bite/Sting/Breeding Reports and more! Red Fang … For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. "Cameroon") SA/A 1.1 Rusty Baboon (Hysterocrates sp. Reptile Forums > Help and Chat > Spiders and Inverts > Spider and Invert Pictures: Red Fang Wandering Spiders User Name: Remember Me? Ctenid sp Red Fang, and Africactenus poecilus. red fang venom is to humans. Haematostoma (red fanged wandering spider) and this. I may be wrong here, but from what I've read, Phoneutria is really the only genus in the Ctenidae family with particularly strong venom. ..., , 10 @ 1.5/3, Psalmopoeus imminia : Venezuelan sun tiger... 1 @ 7cm+. Brazilian Wandering Spider (DANGEROUS SPIDER). Just the fact that they are somewhat related to genus. New posts Search forums. Hi guys just ordered a ctenus fang spider all I know is its a type of wandering spider does anyone have any info on these leg span venom ect thanks. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The Brazilian Wandering Spider is a species of Wandering Spider. .x ADULT MALE TARANTULAS x. Brachypelma albopolisum... Nicaragua.... .x ADULT MALE TARANTULAS x. Brachypelma vagans... .x ADULT MALE TARANTULAS x. Chromatopelma cyanopubescens.... .... .x ADULT MALE TARANTULAS x. pterinochilus murinus... .x MALE TARANTULAS x. omothymus violaceopes : Singapore Blue. You must log in or register to reply here. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. Now with new benefits! Anyone have info on their venom?? Thank you R-N-C. The Guinness Book of World Records stated it to be the most … Left to her own devices she prowls around wolf spider mode, and prey items in her enclosure last mere moments. Poecilotheria metallica : Gooty ornamental : .....7 @ 1.5/3, 3 @ 4.5/7, Poecilotheria ornata ..4 @ 1.5/3, 2 left @ 7cm, Poecilotheria regalis : indian ornamental..... , 2 @ 3/4.5cm. It includes the infamous Black Widow Spider and the very deadly Brazilian Wandering Spider. JavaScript is disabled. Hi guys just ordered a ctenus fang spider all I know is its a type of wandering spider does anyone have any info on these leg span venom ect thanks, ask martin French at bugzuk, he was selling them not long ago, Was going order one but i decided not to, need more experience, as far as im aware it would be the same as any other wandering spider aggressive with highly toxic venom, i truly love the wandering spiders spices & will own a few one day !!! Haha, I don't really know to be honest. My pair of whip scorpions arrived in perfect shape and correctly sexed as asked. .Latouchia pavlovi schenkel : chinese trapdoor spider.... .Macrothele gigas ...currently about 12 to 14mm, .Phiddipus adumbratus : jumping spiders..... c/bred babies approx 7 to 8mm long, feeding fruit flies..................3 x sub adult/adults pairs left, price per pair, .Piloctenus Cf. angustum (was brachypelma) ...., 1 @ 7cm+, Tlitocatl kahlenbergi.. (was brachypelma) only 13 @ 7cm+, Tlitocatl Vagans : Mexican Red Rump..bulk buy..price per 10, Tlitocatl Vagans : Mexican Red Rump..bulk buy..price per 50, Tlitocatl Vagans : (was brachypelma).. Mexican Red Rump.....1 @ 1.5/3, 2@ 3 /4.5,cm, .Acanthogonatus recinto : Dark tiger rump, .Ancylotrypa legged trapdoor spider, .Argiope sp 1 : nigeria ....species are variable to that shown in picture, .Argiope sp..species are variable to that shown in picture.4 left, .Ctenus sp ? Only seen aggression from them toward their meals. Slings are impossibly cute; born curious. This particular species is one of the most venomous spiders in the world. This fantastic full colour book , is written by my daughter Jess French, and is, a tall or flat terrarium for arboreal or terrestrial spiders/tarantulas, praying, a tall terrarium for arboreal spiders/tarantulas, praying mantis and other such, This spider is not DWA but is likely to have a venomous bite, Macrothele gigas slings. JavaScript is disabled. Aphonopelma chalcodes : Desert or mexican blond. Website designed and maintained by Right Web Design | Privacy Notice, presentation about tarantulas and how to keep them...CLICK ON MORE INFO BUTTON TO SEE THE VIDEO, 1) VINEGAROONS...SEE LISTED UNDER SCORPIONS, 1) AMBLYPYGIDS....SEE LISTED UNDER SCORPIONS, Fluttering minibeast adventures with Jess **special offer***, Minibeasts with Jess French...fantastic book about invertebrate...***special price*********, Tickly minibeast adventures with Jess **special offer***, Acrylic tall arboreal vivarium...suit arboreal and/or terrestrial tarantulas 35 x 20 only, Acrylic tall arboreal vivarium...suit arboreal tarantulas 20 x 10 x 10, Acrylic tall arboreal vivarium...suit arboreal tarantulas 29 x 15 only, Plastic new sweet jars 4.5ltr with screw top coloured lid.. note you can select a lid colour if you order sweet jar in the cages heading of non livestock section, Spiderling pots 4oz clear tub with lid..pack 25 with lids, Spiderling pots : Optically clear 25ml sample pot with snap-on lid ...pack 10, SPIDERS LISTED BELOW FOLLOWED BY TARANTULAS, .Cupiennius salei : Tiger wandering spider ....1 left, .Heteropoda venatoria .

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