As a fellow former REI employee, this is the only question I want to see an answer to. This happens on both web and mobile. Former employee here and can confirm this. Update! If it's a comparable price to what I've found online I'll just buy it there and get 10% back which is nice. I also like the garage sale because you can get some good gear for a good price if you get there early enough and if you don't have greedy asshats hoarding gear for their friends. Finally, after moving across the country with the assurance of a transfer, I was told by the store in the new city that I did not sell enough memberships and therefore they did not have any room on the payroll for me. — Gazorp, Same story over here. Now that I'm aware of cottage manufacturers and local gear shops I really can't see myself shopping at REI anytime soon. And that goes towards the second part of the question, is REI branded gear (and I guess any big name brand) better than what you find at Walmart? I'm a former employee and I'm shocked that other stores don't have your interests in mind at all. So every time I'm this sub i see people mention the name "Rei" so I decided I would check it out. And he’s not alone. In 2007 they decided to peg the dividend payout at 10% of full priced purchase. If I’m not happy with what we find, we’ll make a change. Cheaper doesn't mean the product is worthless... it may not be as durable, it may be less well assembled, it may use inferior materials, it may not have been well researched or field tested and thus have flaws in design.... but it may work fine for you for years. That said, they are a large company and do tend to muscle out mom and pop shops, who generally have much more experienced staff. Having said that, we may have lost sight of the bigger picture. But keep in mind only full-price purchases apply toward the dividend calculation. There is no doubt that the co-op structure is focused on the concept of membership and there is long institutional memory reinforcing the idea that we should encourage as many people to join the co-op as possible – we believe in the mission and purpose of the co-op. :). I lost my health insurance, a source of much needed income, and any potential co-worker friends in a new city where I knew no one. MrUs writes: I’ve been trying to get an interview at REI for about three years now and have been unsuccessful. Why shop there? So my question is, is Rei equipment really worth the 100 dollars plus. Makes me not ever want a membership, and makes me not want to shop at REI. In general the gear you find at REI is made from better materials and made to last longer than something like Ozark Trail, which is a budget brand. Stritzke has issued the following statement: I enjoyed being on Reddit. Yes and No, REI stuff is pricey no doubt, but they have a great return policy, you can rent gear you want to try, and real pro's on staff to help, and membership is for life for $20, so you get 10% back each year. If you're happy with your equipment I don't see any reason you need to spend more money. Need I say more? I feel like your story represents a measure of individual performance taken to an extreme and I am committed to understanding what happened. I appreciate you sharing your story and I assure you that we are looking into how we are using this measure. This was my first AMA and I answered as many questions as I could in the time I was online – clearly the conversation kept on after that. Additionally, I was not allowed to pick up shifts from people that didn’t want to work because I did not sell enough memberships. I like that if I have a question I can ask a person that works there because for the most part they know what they're talking about. — REI_Whatever. First, the store. If it's a comparable price to what I've found online I'll just buy it there and get 10% back which is nice. Alison’s Co-op Membership Story. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CampingandHiking community. It’s an issue we’re currently focused on and so I plan to dig into the question more deeply. It was like somebody flipped a switch. And the most important thing is that our employees in our stores know that their skill, deep outdoor knowledge and customer service are the things that matter above everything. I can get some of the same info and advice here though. The truth is that we should have been doing a better job sharing what makes the co-op special. I worked for the co-op for ten years was an Anderson award winner and was slowly pushed out because my membership sales did not meet expectations while my product knowledge and outdoor experience continued to grow. I’d be going in store to get the bottle so the employee might as well get the credit. I worked in the gear industry for 7 years and the margins are not insane. In the canister fuel example... the 25/25/50 blend will work great most of the year. I have red eyes, like those of a crazed black friday shopper. Well after browsing online and noticing a store about an how away, I found it to be pretty pricy. What two pieces of equipment in the store would you use to fight me to the death? We do a huge number of things at REI to engage with employees and drive transparency and so discussing things like what it means to be a membership organization are normal practice. For Backpackers who Hike with Camping Gear in their Backpack. The most upvoted comment on the thread (with 5,357 upvotes to the 4,249 of Stritzke’s opening post) from annonemp reads in part: Over the course of a year, I received top marks in my check ins, was eventually cross trained in every department, helped out with inventory preparations, stayed overnight to assist with store moves, and trained new batches employees in multiple departments. Last time I checked Walmart only carried Primus, which is a cheaper blend of 25% Propane, 25% Isobutane and 50% Butane, compared to MSR and Jetboil which are 20% Propane and 80% Isobutane. It all depends on what you are looking for and what you value more, cost or quality. — follier, As a former employee, I too agree that working for REI was a huge life mistake. Year long return policy no questions asked. Hey employees out there, I’m hoping you can help me on here to ease my anxiety of having to ask in person. Our members and customers are our first priority and providing them with knowledgeable insights is the most important thing we do. Your tummy is full of the turkey your wife so excellently cooked on a MSR wisperlight. I like to go into an rei store to check the things that I'm interested in out in person. Because of the return policy they have some great items on Clearance and blowouts during the Garage Sales. Incredibly upsetting and disappointing for many reasons I can’t share here. It's lighter and packs smaller (not a big deal if you're car camping) and the material is much less tear-prone. Annonemp - First, I want to reiterate that I wasn’t avoiding your question. Well, there are two parts to your question. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Really, it depends on how you use it. And it looks like demand for fun jobs selling outdoors gear in a co-op environment is high. But once it gets colder out, the 20/80/0 blend will work much better.

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