For example, if you want to sell more appetizers tonight, ask: “How can we reach our goal of selling x amount of appetizers tonight?” Staff will know that you expect a response, and will be able to immediately apply the advice you gave during the meeting to answer the question. Your notes are really an educational or communications tool. Evaluate all restaurant equipment and materials like tables, chairs, glasswares, air conditioners, curtains, walls, telephones, etc. Restaurant Name Chef / KM: Daily Pre-Shift Log CLICK THE LOGO ABOVE FOR MORE FREE TRAINING! Providing your staff with the tools to effectively solve an issue is significantly more powerful than reciting a list of problems and providing one or two hints on how to avoid them. Ending a meeting with “Any questions?” will likely ensure that your staff don’t ask a single one. This is part two in a series of posts about daily pre-shift meetings. These tips will help transform your meetings from a dreaded requirement to an engaging and useful discussion between you and your staff. Longer meetings means more information, and the amount of information that your staff will remember decreases as the minutes tick by. While working in a restaurant can be fun and rewarding, it can also be a tough and thankless job. This does not set the proper tone for a shift. Only $99.00 The Shift: How to Plan It, Lead It, Make it Pay. 7) Keep ‘em – keep your notes, especially after they have been posted and initialed. ���� G xl/_rels/workbook.xml.rels �(� ���j�0���{-����ȹ�B�m� B^[&�$���}EBS�{1=�,����z�5��#u�)(�:��ε Coordinate with your chefs before the meeting, and have them prepare sample dishes of specials and new menu items. David Scott Peters, Communication, Leadership, Training, 1. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(501248, '1517e97f-65ba-4825-a625-9134f80d800f', {}); How to Run a Kick-Ass Preshift Meeting in Under 5 Minutes. Gather and brief your staff regarding the operational responsibilities. If you have to, run a second pre-shift in the kitchen. Your staff don’t work at your restaurant for a long daily lecture about the fine art of serving. Box 70057,1-1660 Kenaston Blvd.Winnipeg MB, R3X 0P6P: 800-770-7319. The answer is to write up notes from daily pre-shift meetings and post them. Read why they’re important in this article. This will ensure that every employee has heard the message at least once if they are part-time and that you have been crystal clear with everyone else. The entire report of the people working in the shift, the various posts assigned to them, the attendance and the manpower, the timing and all that can be gathered from a well-formed shift report. �d  � [Content_Types].xml �(� �T�N�0�#���(q�B�i,G�D� OSo���c��*J�Z�K�x��gf�L'�W���f��$����R�ZPcA�Hm�b>|��ZV-Xt4���h��>r���j��>{ڄ흓 '���\�* �V���`��(��}Zh�BE���X� ���{�4?�A�ϿȔ����>��pNp�f���B�t#�ڸŇ1���j��E�TK�\�u�8� ^�"��bB�A?F��ᅍ���>F��Ç�hz�_�Ds$q�[ x��O�ǔ[怿y��� ��>�;���������tC�̜�攃ӫ�����@��m��0�ξn�S��ЦijO� �� PK ! This compliment not only highlights Sarah’s success, but also provides a learning experience for the rest of the staff that they could use during their shift. Every business has salespeople. As much as you would like to hold court for an hour, reviewing all the details from last night’s shift and showering your staff with tips and tricks for serving success, attention spans are short. Customers will also be much happier when asking for recommendations. At a restaurant they're the Front-Of-House team. Since 2006, Ameego has been helping restaurants create better employee schedules. Only $99.00 Pro˜t on the Dollar Your crew thinks managers and owners are making a fortune. David Scott Peters, Communication, Training, 3-Strikes Approach to Managing Restaurant Employees, Top 6 Reasons Why Restaurant Customers Don’t Come Back, Features of the day, including additional notes regarding the features, Any contests or incentives you are running, What the daily side work or sanitation duties are and who they will be assigned to, Tips of the day, from up-selling and menu knowledge, service tips to cooking skills and people skills to self-help.

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