I had been trying to break my old perch PB of 4lb 1oz for many years and although I’d managed to land a few big 3’s last year, I could never quite manage to get any bigger. It hadn’t even started filling out for winter yet, so I reckon come the back end of the season it could be pushing the magical 5lb mark. I didn't stop to look round, I chose to preserve my memories intact. You can make your free running rigs as simple or as complicated as you want. The upstream boundary is Mickelham Bridge; the downstream boundary is Young Street, Leatherhead. I have since learnt that anglers have been requested to kill these as the population is booming in the River Mole. I drove through Betchworth a couple of years ago and, as you can imagine, it is a totally different place now, fifty years on. What wonderful timeless times these were and we caught perch , dace, roach and chub with the odd carp thrown in for good measure. Lifting it onto the scales, I was expecting it to go over 4lb, so was totally blown away when the needle swung round way past that. Used to have loads of chub. Suntimes, moontimes, lunar phase, weather. As luck would have it two elderly lady walkers passed by and I got them to take several shots of me holding it. A small commission is made from the sale of products in the fishing tackle section. It was also very difficult distinguishing bites from the debris hitting the line and what were almost certainly small fish, a few of which I hooked and were no bigger than my palm.I tried a further three swims and experienced exactly the same problem, eventually at swim No.4 I tried something that I would not do normally. This is our main stretch of the river and runs from Mickleham, (near the Running Horses pub) to Young Street. This website is a guide and cannot guarantee full coverage of venues, nor accuracy of the information provided. Due to the very wet weather we have been having for what seems like the whole of the summer, the river Mole was very stained and was running about half a metre higher than normal, well I say normal it has been pretty much flooded for most of the summer. Pages on this website do NOT confer a right to fish, nor to fish in a certain way. by Nigel Rainton » Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:17 am, Post aged 13 from the mole at Esher & used to fish it near Box Hill. Rules can change, and fishing may become banned on waters. A website by Gorge Services Ltd. All rights reserved. The water is fairly shallow and holds a good head of chub. I had a little go with the float rod and made the infamous mistake of not pluming the depth, eventually I did and was amazed to find that it was 12ft deep in from of me! To catch such a big pristine perch from the river was fantastic, but for it to be so early in the season was even better. It fishes very well from September onwards and is at its best when there is colour and pace on the water, particularly when it is fining down after a flood. Perch have made a massive return to all our waters in recent years. TransportDriving two main routes from central London, straight through on the A24 which is best avoided at all times of the day especially rush hour.Or the slightly quicker route on the A3 and onto the A243.Trains you can get direct ones out of Victoria and Waterloo east quite a regular service. Big perch were vital to success during the latest event on the River Mole with eventual winner Tony West including a 3lb 5oz specimen in his net. I struck and immediately thought this is a decent chub, but as it fought I was beginning to think this is either a record breaker or something else. This is a stretch of the River Mole offering river angling in Dorking and surrounding countryside. one that put a bend in the rod!] It then swings east and joins the Thames between East Molesey and Thames Ditton at Albany Reach and Cigarette Island Park. A specimen Brown Trout of 7lb has also been caught on this stretch of the Mole. This website is a guide and cannot guarantee full coverage of venues, nor accuracy of the information provided. Betchworth was a tiny village with a pub and a church and not much else but we'd park up in the farmers old barn and wander across the fields to the weir. – Jim Chisnall, Karpervissen – De Juiste Houvast – Chris Vandenhaute, Carp Fishing – Rigga BCR Carp Fishing Hooks – Video. The Saturday saw me trying my hardest to catch some silvers, but they seemed most elusive and I was plagued by hordes of hungry minnows. But as you can see from this picture she left a bit of her thumb in the way!Posted 12 October 2012. By then it was pretty much dark, so I decided to pack up and head home. Next thought was this is a pike, that had probably grabbed hold a minnow or small fish that i'd hooked but failed to recognise. The Flood: -. It was hovering between 4lb 9oz and 4lb 10oz, so I settled on the lower figure, being more than happy to have beaten my pb by 8oz. Fast forward to a couple of weeks back and I found myself back down at the same stretch of river to see if I could find the big ones again. Although I was gutted, at least I had found where they were lurking. For the club / owner’s webpage for this … It also contains good numbers of roach, some dace, perch, bream and a good number of pike. After that I couldn’t even catch a minnow, so after another fruitless hour I headed home with my tail between my legs. First thought was Carp but the way it was shaking its head I though not. yes that is it olly had a walk round the pond as well did find some intense feeding going on in one corner very few fishing it in fact the third person turned up as were leaving no lillies again they seem to have vanished everywhere i go to this season. by Olly » Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:03 pm, Post Just today i visited a stretch of the mole at Cobham on the calpac ticket which is also available on a day ticket. KT22 9BS. Nearest Tackle ShopCheam Angling Centre, 705 London Road, Sutton, SM3 9DL, 0208 330 4787Opens at 0830 hrs, Friendly and a very well stocked shop with all your regular baits and more. Although this stretch has not been fished extensively over the past years, it holds a reputation for producing some excellent fishing. Thankfully it went straight into the net at the first attempt and only then as I lifted it, did I really appreciate just how big it was. Rules can change, and fishing may become banned on waters. The final downstream section falls mainly under the control of Elmbridge Council who do not permit angling on the Mole on their land. Pages on this website do NOT confer a right to fish, nor to fish in a certain way. The river is deeper in places and is different from the other stretch at Norbury Park. So that was downstream of the main A245 road bridge then. New Personal best Chub by several pounds, amazing!Carried on fishing obviously and aside from a nice Perch, a Roach, a few very small chub and the usual minnows, I caught nothing else apart from an American Red Signal Crayfish. Carp Fishing – Big Carp Mind Set Part 4 – Nigel Sharp, Carp Fishing – Big Carp Mind Set Part 3 – Nigel Sharp, Carp Fishing – #TBT Lodge Lakes – Carl Udry, Carp Fishing – The Rockford Leather – Andy Muir, Carp Fishing – Roach Pit Learning Curve – Josh Baker, Carp Fishing – Don’t Knock It Until You’ve Tried It! The set up was a fixed leger rig to a 5 inch hook link and used the lightest leger weight which would hold the bottom out of the main flow. After what seemed like an eternity of catching nothing of note this summer, I finally managed to slip the net under something a bit special. Leaving Dorking, the River Mole skirts the south west of Leatherhead and then Cobham, before heading north between Hersham and Esher. Information source: club / owner website. by Troydog » Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:13 am, Post It was a huge Chub, and looking at it, not that I'd ever see a 8lb chub in the flesh so to speak, I though this is over 8 lb, adrenaline was now flowing and so I backed off from playing it too hard, which sometimes can be a bad mistake, but I did to want to loose this! Fishing in Dorking: CLICK HERE it was at this point I realised how many snags were in this swim and the fish made an attempt to get into all of them. Much of the venue is small river in rural Surrey. The diet of surf perch species commonly includes: shrimp, small crustaceans, amphipods, algae, small crabs, mussels, marine worms and mole crabs. by Ignis2018 » Sat Jul 27, 2019 5:28 pm, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited | SE Square by PhpBB3 BBCodes. No HTML skills required. Read a few blogs and there are rumors but yet to find any evidence of Carp over 30lb with one blogger suggesting the river Mole holds 40lb Carp, Really.........Several months ago I had a lovely near blank of a day down at the lovely Hampton Court where the River Mole Feeds into the Thames and there were at least a dozen Carp anglers down there with their bivvies. Sign of the times i guess but i found swim numbers 10 and 24 & 25 but any others were completley impossible to find so overgrown and cleary not fished. Pages on this website do NOT confer a right to fish, nor to fish in a certain way. by CraigM » Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:13 pm, Post A website by Gorge Services Ltd. All rights reserved. KT22 9BS. I figured that this would help with debris and give more more positive bite indication. This time I was planning to try live baits for them, seeing as I had struggled so badly on the worms and lures after that initial day. Already set up with 5lb hooklenghts. It then runs along the west side of Horley, and heads north west towards Dorking. So that pretty much ruled out float fishing here for me.So decided to set up another leger rod, As I was about to do this I got a little bite on the other rod. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. I tried to get to the water in several other places but just impassable 6-8ft high nettles and in some places a steep drop off was partially hidden from view. Considering on that original day last year, I lost two of that size, I can’t wait to get back in February and March to see if I can find them again. The fish are generally larger on this section which contains Chub, Roach, Dace, Pike, Perch, Gudgeon and the occasional Barbel. This is a rural stretch of river offering river angling near Box Hill, including pike fishing and barbel fishing. Thank you - we used to collect mushrooms in the field that is now the M25! by Troydog » Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:19 am, Post After 5 minutes or so, I scooped it out with the landing net as it went for the overhanging backside vegetation beneath me and struggled to pull it up the steep bank.It was hooked firmly in the corner of the mouth. View River Mole Fishing Map in a larger map. I had a few sessions back in the same swim over the following weeks, but alas couldn’t seem to find anything bigger than a couple of pounds.

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