They fly just like slow drivers. Roc has some incredible glide but is more of a touch disc. Some people prefer the feel of the Buzzz over the Roc, and that's fine. You pick your team and throw only buzzes or rocs the entire tourney. I like my KC Pro ROCS closer to the basket, especially on a line where I want to throw it on an anhyzer line and let it drop straight down at low speed. I will compare to my Ti Buzzz and Champion Roc3 this weekend. In the end it really just comes down to preference. A brand new champ Roc3 thrown side by side with my Truths wants to turn more in the early-mid portion of it's flight before fading at the end. I like a flat disc, and have bigger hands, so I prefer a bead. A buzzz is a driverish midrange and a roc is a putterish midrange. MD3 is my favorite mid by far. From a slight hyzer it will hold to the ground at 330ft. And if I really need to crank on a mid, the buzzz is the best. and gliding in a straight line. The Buzzz OS is more similar to a non-beaded Gator, in my opinion. I know the obvious differences like the "3" top and the speed difference. From the number they seem to be differnt discs. My most overstable Buzzz (a Ti) is still more neutral and flies less stable lines than my champion Roc3. My new 180 2x is stable with a fan grip. I bet the # of initial posts and discussions of "Roc Vs Buzz" on the internet is in the thousands. I also have a champion Roc3 for fairly overstable shots and headwind. The Buzzz OS is more similar to a non-beaded Gator, in my opinion. I still think they are very different discs. ROC has won all 3 years they've done it, I mainly think its because there are usually more buzzz players than ROC so the average score tends to be higher. Throw a production run ESP or Z Buzzz to get that class Buzzz flight (or one of the new Big Z or Ti's for a slightly more stable flight, although not as stable as the Wasp-tooled Buzzz's). Beat in DX Roc3 vs ESP Buzzz I (stupidly) left my beat in DX Roc3 on the course today and now it's gone. And it wont turn thrown flat, ever. I like my Z Buzzzes on longer straight shots and sweeping anhyzers. I'm pretty sure that in the right hands a buzz and a buzz ss could cover every shot that you carry 5-7 rocs in your bag for. Get Live Cricket Score, Scorecard, Schedules of IPL 2020, International and Domestic cricket matches along with Latest News, Videos and ICC Cricket Rankings of Players on Cricbuzz. I think it will replace the Drone though. I thought roc3's were a "longer" workable premium roc not actually released as an OS version of the roc? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. So I ordered a champion roc3 and buzz. I throw all Rocs for my midranges. That said, I don't think he'd want to play an entire course with just one roc. From the number they seem to be differnt discs. However, I got a hold of a crystal z buzz and fell in love. So this could be one of the most disputed things in disc golf, which mid is the best? The buzzz wants to be thrown fast and low, hitting tunnels in the woods etc. That Ti Buzzz might be comparable to the pro or DX Roc3's in the Innova Factory Store, which seem less stable than the champs, but we're talking about the most overstable Buzzz and the least stable Roc3. I could never get comfortable enough with these so I just relied on my putter and fairway drivers for mid shots. I also find them to be slightly better roller discs and slightly better upside down tomahawk discs (landing on the back to slide up to the basket) and same goes with forehands - again on each it is a very slight preference but put altogether it just wins out and would definitely be my one disc only if I had to choose. It’s ridiculous and the glide is sneaky good. Buzzzes are not as great for that kind of cycling, so those who throw them tend to have their midrange duties split up over more than one mold. Great hand feel, smooth flight, and amazing angle control. Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.8.10Copyright ©2000 - 2020, vBulletin Solutions, Inc. You can definitely find production Z's that are more OS than the 10 years. Having to beat a disc in to fly the way I want is annoying in my opinion. I was wondering if my Buzzz should replace my DX Roc3 or if I should buy another on and go through the trouble of beating it in. Buzzz 5,4,-1,1 vs Roc 4,4,0,3 To me the Roc was always more stable than a Buzzz & I carried both after my worn Roc cracked & used the Buzzz for less stable shots needed. I prefer the Buzzz for it's predictable line and forgiveness if you put too much pop into it. I find rocs to be more accurate for approaching the basket. I agree that Roc3's have a bit more turn than Rancho Rocs, but I would still disagree that Roc3's are anything like Buzzz's. Buzzz 5,4,-1,1 vs Roc 4,4,0,3 To me the Roc was always more stable than a Buzzz & I carried both after my worn Roc cracked & used the Buzzz for less stable shots needed. Yeah, but in that video you're testing a 10th anniversary Buzzz which has Wasp tooling. Now the debate really takes on equal footing. That is really one of the only reasons I choose Roc3's over Buzzz's. Not too scientific, but FWIW Team Roc has won both years. Man I must have some freak roc3 because after a year and a half in the bag its still crazy overstable. I still think they are very different discs. Show 40 post(s) from this thread on one page. Lots of wooded holes here where having just the right behavior from a disc is key. i was so excited to get my hands on my roc, and then i got an Ibex.

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