In 2008, Schedule 26 relating to rooming houses was added to the Licensing By-law including the following definitions: Schedule 26 to the Licensing By-law (No. The yearly Rooming House licensing fees vary. The scope of this review is defined by the issues identified by Council in the By-law Review Strategy Report adopted in June 2015. A number of other requirements are applied to rooming houses under the licensing regime. Changes to a rooming house building or propertyIf you wish to change the necessary legal information on the rooming house licence, the client should contact ML&S Investigations, Rooming House licensing coordinator. In 2002, Council enacted By-law No. More information is on the section of the City of Toronto website. Rooming houses can also include some self-contained units/bachelor apartments. “Dwelling Unit” means a residential unit that: “Rooming house” means a residential unit, other than a group home or retirement home, that: is not used or intended for use as a residential premises by a single housekeeping unit; or, contains more than four bedrooms if located in a building that does not permit an oversized dwelling unit, or more than eight bedrooms if located in a building that permits an oversized dwelling unit.

Additionally, this option will assist in avoiding further issues with property owners that claim to be operating a “group home” (licensed by the Province) in attempt to avoid further licensing regulation involved with operating as a rooming house.

The existing definitions pertaining to the rooming house regulation found in the Licensing By-law, as well as in the Zoning By-law, cause difficulties with enforcement and proving that a property fits within the current criteria of a “rooming house” rather than a “single household unit”. Issues raised as part of the 2015 By-law Review Strategy include the regulation of “rooming houses” and clarification with respect to determining at what point the rental of a space in a house to recover costs becomes a commercial business.

Rooming House licenses are not transferable. This site uses JavaScript. The definitions being proposed are as follows: The current definitions relating to the rooming house regulation in the Licensing By-law are sufficient to determine whether a property is operating as a rooming house. Get caught up on the day's top stories and videos, along with the weather webcast and what's in store for CityNews Tonight at 11 p.m. and tomorrow on Breakfast Television. Airbnb) and shared accommodations, work on which will commence in 2018. Your existing password has not been changed. Be the first to know! This will make it easier to identify and enforce illegal conversions where the property is operating a rooming house under the guise of a “single housekeeping unit” or other property type not subject to licensing regulation. This would apply city-wide and allow for the proper tools in identifying true “rooming houses”. Feedback collected from this paper will be used to assist in the review of Schedule 26 to the Licensing By-law respecting rooming houses, currently underway. Clarity in what qualifies as a rooming house would provide an Officer with the ability to distinctly recognize whether or not a rental property is operating as a “single housekeeping unit” and require that properties not operating as such meet the necessary standards in order to obtain a license, including but not limited to yearly inspections. Typically, rooming houses are rented per room with each tenant having their own separate lease with the property owner. According to the city, 328 properties are licenced, or seeking a licence to become a legal rooming house. This is problematic from both a By-law and Zoning perspective as Section 35 of the Planning Act, 1990 does not allow for distinctions to be made on whether or not occupants are related. RenewalsA renewal notice is sent out to the applicant about 3 months in advance of the renewal date. If YES, a new window will open in the background so you can come back to it when you are finished on the website. If and when zoning has been checked and cleared they will refer you to Toronto Public Health to apply for a Rooming House Licence. For example, the City of Waterloo refers to the Ontario Human Rights Code in its by-law and notes one of the purposes in licensing rental units is to protect the rights, and health and safety of the people residing in rental units.

students) be applied to every part of the municipality to avoid susceptibility to being found discriminatory, contrary to the Human Rights Code. The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) looked into the practice of residential rental licensing within close proximity to post-secondary institutions. This review therefore focuses on those issues, which include: the definition of rooming house, as well as the identification of illegal rooming houses.

The wording, specifically “within the whole of a building”, is problematic as a property may not meet the intent of a dwelling unit, but does not fit within the current definition of a rooming house either. A broader review of landlord licensing will be considered as part of the review of the licensing of residential room rentals, short-term rentals (i.e.

Human rights concerns were raised, as this by-law only applies to areas around post-secondary institutions creating a vulnerability to human rights challenges. Managing the enforcement of illegal rooming houses and private home conversions can be challenging. The City of Oshawa established Ontario’s first residential licensing system in 2008 and requires that residential rental properties located within a defined rental area in the vicinity of Durham College and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology be licensed with the City. The Zoning By-law defines a “rooming house” as: “a principle dwelling within the whole of a residential use building that contains at least four rooming units, and which may also contain dwelling units and an administration office accessory to the operation of the house”.

If you wish to make physical changes to the layout or use of the rooming house, a building permit together with a Toronto Fire Code clearance will need to be applied for. The Ontario Human Rights Commission recommends in its report “Room for Everyone Human Rights and Rental Housing Licensing” that a by-law that may target a group of people (i.e. The rental of single family homes within tight perimeters of areas with large student populations should be reviewed to prevent the creation of illegal rooming houses.

Typically, in rooming houses, the owner does not occupy the dwelling and will rent each room to individuals with no direct relationship to one another and collect rent individually per room rented. If you experience any difficulties contacting a division, please contact 311. You have activated your account, please feel free to browse our exclusive contests, videos and content. By checking this box, I agree to the terms of service and privacy policy of Rogers Media. Toronto Building Customer service counter, Toronto Public Health, Healthy Environments, Bylaw enforcement - illegal rooming houses.

Applications are done by appointment only. General regulations related to rooming houses include requirements such as: The administration and enforcement of the Licensing By-law are pursuant to the Municipal Act, 2001 (“the Act”). Airbnb) and shared accommodations work on which will commence in 2018. the applicant is at least eighteen (18) years of age, the premises comply with zoning, building and property standards requirements of the City, the applicant has provided a report from the Chief Building Official confirming there are no outstanding orders related to the building, the Fire Chief has reported in writing that the premises are suitable for the purpose of the license application and comply with all applicable fire regulations, the Medical Officer of Health has reported in writing that the premises are suitable for the purpose of the license application, comply with all applicable health regulations and are in a sanitary condition, the applicant has provided the original documents dated less than ninety (90) days prior to the date of the application for a license, from the appropriate agency outlining the results of investigations related to the applicant for a Police Records Check for the Service with the Vulnerable Sectors, the applicant has provided proof of insurance, the applicant has provided the required indemnification, the applicant has provided the name and telephone number of the agent of the rooming house owner, the applicant has paid the fees outlined in Schedule “A” of the Licensing By-law, the premises comply with the property standards requirements of the City, ​if deemed necessary by the Chief License Inspector, the Fire Chief has reported in writing that the premises are suitable for the purpose of the license application and comply with all applicable fire regulations, ​if deemed necessary by the Chief License Inspector, the Medical Officer of Health has reported in writing that the premises are suitable for the purpose of the license application, comply with all applicable health regulations and are in a sanitary condition, Posting of the license in a prominent location so that it is clearly visible, The door of each individual rooming unit has a functional view finder, Every new tenant is provided with relevant printed information including the rights and responsibilities of tenants under legislation, Every tenant is provided with a secure location or manner in which to receive personal mail. Former TorontoVisit you nearest Toronto Building Customer service counter to confirm that the area is zoned for rooming houses.

Rental of a room where the owner occupies the property would not be considered a “rooming house” and would therefore not be considered a “commercial business”. An emergency evacuation plan is posted on each floor of the rooming house and is visible to all tenants and visiting public.

Multi-tenant houses, also known as rooming houses, are dwellings where a kitchen and/or washroom is shared between four or more people who each pay individual rent. Please confirm the information below before signing up. The city of Toronto recently funded a review, including public consultations on rooming houses.

Read the full report here. When dealing with a certain demographic, it is essential to consider the Ontario Human Rights Code in order to maintain the rights of code-protected individuals, as seen in other municipalities. The OHRC perspective is that neighbourhoods should be inclusive of all groups and that the rights of everyone in the community should be respected, regardless of the neighbourhoods characteristics. Former YorkRooming houses are permitted in the former city of York and do not need to be licensed. Common concerns with respect to rooming houses include: lack of parking spaces, excessive noise, increased traffic, garbage accumulation and other property standards issues. Officials with the city of Toronto also revealed that a rowhouse that went up in flames in Kensington Market early Thursday was being investigated last year as a possible rooming house. Despite the appearance of being a rooming house, the lack of clarity in the current definitions almost always results in the said property not meeting the criteria and in unsuccessful prosecutions. Depending on the circumstances, fees will range from $100.00-$300.00. A new rooming house licence application will need to be submitted prior to closing of the real estate transaction. We didn't recognize that password reset code.

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