An extra 30fps doesn’t seem like much but it should be just enough to make expansion reliable. Barrel: 1.87” My LCR 357 (early one) has a 9 lb trigger pull and is much easier to “short stroke” than my newer LCRx with a 10lb pull and heavier trigger return. Not just the foot pounds but the speed at which it ignites. Compare Compare Now. I consider the grip being short subjective because of my large hands. And this gun is very mild to shoot. One smooth motion and then release fully. But they don’t do so enough to prevent you from emptying the cylinder, which is all you need from one in a defensive situation. At 15 yards I could still hit clay pigeons on the berm with ease. Running some drills with the shot timer, my actual performance was not much different between the two revolvers. Steel cartridges against a steel chamber in these instances result in stuck cases. Yes. Is there any benefit over .38 Special? As you’d imagine a lightweight revolver is going to have some recoil. owned the same, it was absolutely brutal to shoot so I sold it. Great ballistics, Easy to Carry, durable, none of the high recoil of the 357 or muzzle flash, or loud noise. Not hard at all to pick up and find plenty of ammo that shoots with no issue with the revolver in 9mm. High-strength stainless steel cylinder, featuring a PVD finish for excellent durability, is extensively fluted, reducing weight. .38Spl 125g +P. Never had a crip jump. I wonder is Ruger has increased the trigger return weight to alleviate some of the problem. Our motto, "Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens®," The LCR has a much lighter (to me) trigger return spring than Smith or Colt snubs. The trigger aids greatly in accurately firing this bad boy. I do not give reviews, but now in 2020, and owning the gun for 5 years now and shooting it very often, I can say this. Anything this one does better than semi auto comp? I normally will load up about 40 moon clips the night before a range session. The LCR comes packaged in a cardboard box with the gun, instructions, warranty info, some NSSF brochures, a gun lock, and a soft padded case. 9mm rimmed is a duplicate of 9×19 except for the rimmed case. The rudimentary sights do make quick shooting at a small or distant target difficult as you could imagine it’d be with any snubby. They are great little snubbies and recoil isn’t bad in the .357. She brought a box of Winchester White Box 147 grain jacketed hollow points. How would that be a disaster? First of all, I could not Disagree with your statement at all. Lightweight power, easy to carry IWB (Blackhawk! Short-stroking cost you a round in competition, maybe more on the street. I sold it shortly thereafter. Does it loosen up after a couple hundred presses? There are no specifics for +P+ but Wikipedia says 42,000 psi, or 20% above .357 Magnum.

I also feel the additional weight is added for a good reason. To my horror, the cylinder skipped the next round while making a click noise. Fixed sights are regulated at the factory for standard pressure 158’s. I still feel this revolver is light enough for near anyone to carry without complaint. Good gun, but I traded mine for the 38 special version. They sent two new boxes and said they tested as weak crimp. The LCR in 38/357/327 are all probably five-star guns. Your email address will not be published. You have convinced me that moon-clip 9mm revolvers are not a good choice. Lo and behold my money path and desire for a revolver in an auto cartridge crossed paths and I left the happy owner of a Ruger LCR 9mm. Even if the powder charge was not consumed at all, yet was somehow magically ejected out the front of the muzzle along with the bullet (and at the same speed), it would contribute to the recoil of the weapon. Another ammunition issue is this thing does not like steel or aluminum cased ammo. Caliber: 9mm I have a 5’2″ 120# niece that that enjoys shooting these loads in the LCR, saying ‘I like this!’. On the third full cylinder of firing, we had this occur with a single round. It’s the Glock of revolvers so…. Even a heavy tap on the ejector rod won’t eject them. Yeah, but then you’ll want their loads in .357, because why not? 9mm 124g +P. Of course, you can get a grip laser or a laser mounted on the trigger guard. Most of the power of a lighter 357 load with higher capacity.

This thing is so light and comfortable in either my pocket holster or Alien Gear I forget about it. Patented friction-reducing cam is a next generation design in fire control systems that results in a smooth, non-stacking trigger pull. I still feel this revolver is light enough for near anyone to carry without complaint. The second answer is there is a slight ballistic advantage over .38 Special, but there is also a significant cost advantage. That should help. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I have handled several, but never fired an LCR. I have no cause for doubt that Dell is telling the truth, but I, like him, am left scratching my head. lines. Just as the .45 auto rim was a duplicate of the .45 acp with a rimmed case. With 5 cylinders, that comes to about 0.02oz of steel left in the end of each cylinder. I like weird guns. This makes it impossible to remove via ejector, and a dowel rod and some taps are needed. The LCR 9mm weighs 17.2 ounces which are almost four ounces heavier than the Ruger LCR .38 Special. Plus the extra weight should just about eliminate bullets jumping crimp.

Grip peg allows for a variety of grip styles to be installed. A model 1873 from Uberti to match with it would be a very pleasant shooter.

It only happened the 1 time but the Chicago loads are now reserved for my k frame. 5 years of great shooting. Why did I purchase such a revolver? Lovely trigger. Capacity: 5 Travis, I typically shoot 150-200 rds per session.
Own GP100, SP101’s & the LCR all in .357 Magnum–I do not find recoil with the .357 LCR uncomfortable at all, not even full house 158 gr JSP’s. The LCR DAO trigger is the DAO trigger all production guns should aim to achieve. It really is a pleasant gun to shoot and carry. Really though I just wanted it, I don’t need or have a real reason. OOps, that was .38 S&W, I’m not familiar. Those the LSWCHPs? Del, are you saying that the Winchester 127 9mm+P+ round weights more, is moving faster, and yet has less recoil than the .357magnum round you fired? I’m not sure what the pressure is for 9mm Federal Rimmed, but based on the pictures, it basically looks like a half-rimmed 9x19mm round, so I guess it would be close to that. This doesn’t happen with every round, but one cylinder of each was enough. Ruger LCRX 9mm Double Action Only Revolver Price:$553!

What was the issue with steel-cased ammo? The front sight is a standard snub nose blade and tipped with a little white rectangle. heavy recoil in a very light revolver causing crimp jump). That’s a load I sure wish would takeoff to drive down prices. 9mm boolits are .355, right? The other polymer revolver, the Smith & Wesson BODYGUARD 38 weighs 14.3 ounces. .357 just looses too much velocity in 2″ barrels to be worth it. The lighter the revolver, the more G forces present. I don’t carry this one often, but when I do it’s cause I’m lazy or going for a run. From here on out I just used brass cased ammo. It was a +p all lead load. It may better be described as “snappy” rather than painful. Buffalo bore makes, or did last I checked, a load in .38 and .357. So you want to carry a SP 101 which is 8oz heavier? Stings a bit. I’m kind of taking a bet with myself to see how many of these reviews give their gun a 4 star review. You can buy the full size LCR 3″ grip. Winchester 127g +P+ RA9TA: 1175 fps. And there are many out there. (Reliability is five stars with 115 and 124 grain.). Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! So the extra weight is to aid in preventing this. It handles well, carries like a dream with my Alien Gear holster, and reloading is fast and easy. Your email address will not be published. The Ruger ® LCR ® is a lightweight, small-frame revolver with a uniquely smooth trigger and highly manageable recoil. rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. You’re right that the extra weight is because it’s chambered in 9mm, but it’s not to tame recoil and prevent bullets from jumping the crimp. For a better frame of reference I wear an XL glove. I’ve actually always wanted one, but times I’d find one and the money I had were never in line with each other. Price: MSRP $669 (street price $500-ish, about $70 more than the .38 variant).

Always have and always will. Mousegun Addict did some great chrono work as well.

The LCR 9mm weighs 17.2 ounces which are almost four ounces heavier than the Ruger LCR.38 Special. The gun is built rock solid.

See individual spec sheets for model specific features. I have found their cylinder release button stiff awkward vs. the push-forward S&W in my Mod. There are some loads that are specifically designed to counteract this (i.e. Own LCR .357, much too bulky for comfortable pocket carry. Even 115-grain loads tend to slap the palm a bit. Those 5 bad bullets do make me doubt it as a primary defence gun. The push button cylinder release is excellent, and the trigger rocks. This is also the only time it’s fired 147-grain rounds. In fact, it weighs.1 ounce more than the.357 Magnum variant.

Guess what?

Maybe Sig could build us something….

It would depend on the weight of the powder charge in each cartridge.

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