When the old man heard it played, he said “I will name my daughter Lila-leo-malie” – Your musical family known as the ‘Au Salamo’ is from Faleasiu. Karauna started a brass band in Apia, Afega and then Vaimoso. That is why I wanted to know if Timo was a son/daughter or member of the church. You can also talk to friends and family of the deceased to give you ideas. I have been to Vaovai a few years back and have seen where the apparently beleived Timo had drowned and also Sopoagas grave and Plaque on the church. Jerome Grey borrowed my music Naunau i le Ufi). Hi Paul so sorry for the delay, very interesting research. Just complete this quick survey with the names of your favourite songs and their artists (type over the words in the boxes) then hit the NOMINATE button to have your say. (He had been worried that I was sick since I had kept my head bowed during the whole talk!) who had ten children. I also have new knowledge that sopoaga is also from faleasiu from the maiava family where his family took music lessons as sopoaga was a pianist his nephews and grandchildren had a band called ‘matagi mai sasae’ from poutini sa’anapu where the song ‘ le matagie ,ua agi malu mai’ originated from. For the Lord is all my family needs. Anyone could borrow a popular music and write his/her own words. I told you the tomb in Vaovai Falealili ? Samoans don't move house. This is one of my favorite Samoan love song and it is appropriate/fair to acknowledge the true author/composer. Eight individual containers and two platters full! Hope you’ll come up with some interesting facts regarding the origin of this song. Sister Toala on the left and Sister Etuele in between us. The houses are on ancestral lands. Sorry correction, my spell check was on. My friend HC Tauanu’u gave me that information when I was in Auckland, NZ presenting a paper on Samoan Ancient Music (Faleula Conference, 2007). He must be in his twenties at that time and in his forties while in Vaimoso Wow! I Love You Messages for Dad: Don’t wait for Father’s Day or a birthday to express your feelings. I'm really amazed that I didn't open my eyes and peek, especially since the young man sitting next to me kept pushing up against my legs during the prayer. My Great Grandfather wrote that song, I have proof that my Great Grandfather wrote it too, it’s in the books of Samoan history that my Great Grandfather wrote it. Timo actually died from a fall from the coconut tree. I just call him Uncle, but anyways Rev Tumama had to ask my Great Uncle if the EFKS could use it and my Uncle had to go to Samoa and ask other elders there and they said yes, that is why EFKS could use the song. They have measured and cut out a piece of foam that she will be laid on. When we arrived home, we thought we should take a picture to show you all the food they sent home for us. Since you’ll be in Samoa by Dec-Jan, I would suggest you visit Eseta’s family to get the exact dates. You can see a fine mat that has been unfolded and shown off, then refolded and given to the family. Songs are usually played in most funerals. There is still one remaining noble elder that may give you the substantial evidence that you may need, who is still alive today, residing in the village of Saleimoa and goes by the name of Italia. It is a farewell to a loved one who’s gone home to rest with Ieova, our Lord. That is where Karauna began his career as composer/band director. When people die, they are buried in the soil of their family lands. Many faipese and brass band directors were taught by the Solomona brothers: Karene (who started his musical life in Malua as band and church musician), Mata’utia Pene, Papalii Taime,(1800s-1900s), their sons – Prof. Ueta, Hemikueva, Semikueva, etc..(1900s-2020s).Alofa tele to you and your family.Be safe and God bless. They contained chicken, sausage, fish, potatoes and bananas. Observing The Basics Of Funeral Music Classical Can you please verify your sources (dates, authenticity of music/words)? The foundation of the fa’aSamoa is built on 2 things: alofa (love) and fa’aaloalo (respect). Talofa Phaira. They are known for their traditional love songs (e.g. The songs chosen should offer comfort to the family and friends of the deceased. You’ll be surprised that some of the most beautiful songs were written by prisoners who loved to quote bible verses. Headstones Starting From $3,000 Up : About Us Contact Us Blogs : inquiry@1800Monuments.com Toll: 1-800-742-0496 Traditional funerals last for several days, with events taking place each day. This plexiglass covering went on top, after the body was placed inside. Ive reserached in Falealili and they actually use the song as a Vii to Timo, their version of the song has “Timo” in the verse Some of the other verses are biblical where sopoaga used quotes form the bible. Alofaaga. If you read the first paragraph, “Mo’omo’oga, sa molia i talosaga, Ta nonofo faatasi i lenei olaga,” it depicts a true love of a mother for the death of her only seven-year-old daughter Anapogi. So, I suppose this must be where Karauna, Karene and others got their talent from. I just stumbled across this article, and I thank you Dr. Pouesi for your clarifications. Wow sounds Great! The men without shirts are village leaders. What is more important to me and my family is God for it says; The ones you find online don’t do the song justice. Mike and I marked off another first on our list today. If you are hiring a band, DJ, choir or instrumentalists, listen to their previous recordings first. The ones you find online don’t do the song justice. Alofaaga. Instead of being overly friendly, he was probably just checking to see if I was still alive!). This will help you know if they will do a good job or not. It is evident that a Fijian composer had borrowed this tune for “Isa Lei.” This is truly a Samoan tune and I have a copy of music/words (transcribed/arranged). Talofa Phaira – Did you travel to Samoa? Use a hymn book to also get good song choices Talofa Sapphira, I really appreciate your input and I agree that our history, etc were passed via music/talanoaga. Sopoaga’s tomb and collect more info relating to this song. This song is sung at every funeral I go to and the harmony is just fitting for the sad occasion. Talofa Sapphira – you posted Timo was drowned and Sopoaga said Timo fell from a coconut tree? Alofaaga. I pay homage to the elder samoan freelance song writers for their gift, their songs have been passed down so many generations and will continue to do so. Alofa atu. I just want to make a little correction, it’s *Musu e* not ‘usu e’. It doesn’t seem to fit if written by Rev. Thank you for the great insights into Samoan culture! Be safe and God bless. I’ve been busy with my hymnal projects. I know the Seumanutafa family in Apia – I’m related to them. Also, keep in mind what their favorite songs were or which artists they liked. The stake president invited Mike and I to come inside the fale and sit with the choir during the service. Watch Queue Queue It’s a beautiful song. Which means that he is very well known with his Samoan History but mainly the History of EFKS/LMS. WTF no way bro. This song was written by my great grandmother Eseta Lameta Palamo of Vaimoso. I will hopefully be in Samoa in Dec-Jan so I will definetly go to Vaimoso and further my knowledge. For all of the three days of ceremony, these sweet ladies would often sit in the fale and sing songs. We attended the last day, when the service for the community was conducted, as well as the burial. If you want more information about my family then I would be more than happy to share with you and yes my entire family are very musical. Well, very interesting discussion! Review the lyrics of the song. Was this a coincidence? I know my uncle Karauna Solomona/Apia was the first band director in Vaimoso in the 1800’s. Mo’omo’oga sa molia i talosaga sa nofonofo fa’atasi i lenei olaga A o lenei ua vala’au ina oe e Ieova o lo taua leoleo mamoe, Musu e fo’i atu ma le tagi Manatua aiga o lo’o fa’atali Ua vala’au ina e oe e le Tupu i le Lagi O la’u penina o oe la’u pele tasi, Faimai Paulo, o le Kerisiano e fa’amaoni Faatigaina puapuaga se’i oo i le oti Nofo i tugamau o tatou tino e oli’oli Fetaui i le Lagi o loo o i ai lou ta nu’u moni, Musu e fo’i atu ma le tagi Manatua aiga o lo’o faatali Ua vala’uina e oe e le Tupu i le Lagi O la’u penina o oe la’u pele tasi, A’e ulufale i le nu’u tumau ua e ai le manuia e sau tua selau O i ai ma le ola fo’i e fa’avavau fa’atali pea ia i lo’u Matai pe a vala’au mai, Musu e fo’i atu ma le tagi Manatua aiga o lo’o fa’atali Ua vala’auina e oe e le Tupu i le Lagi O lo’u penina o oe la’u pele tasi. This is the choir singing a hymn during the LDS part of the service. Some villages have cemetaries, but not many. Alofa tele atu. He led the Vaimoso brass band that led the Mau demonstration against New Zealand, the very demonstration during which Tamasese Lealofi was killed by New Zealand troops. We want to know your Samoan song choices for the following scenarios. Mo'omo'oga sa molia i talosaga sa nofonofo fa'atasi i lenei olaga A o lenei ua vala'au ina oe e Ieova o lo taua leoleo... Adeaze's version of the Eric Clapton classic Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven? Anyone can use the music for something else but it cannot take away the original spirit/intent of the composer. I told Mike that it looks like this dog must miss whoever it is that is burried here! Timo is a relative of my Uncle Rev Tumama Vili of the EFKS. Of course, other verses reflect biblical scriptures, but that doesn’t mean only pastors in those days wrote songs with verses from the bible. Songs, stories and myths and ledgends, gafa in Samoa were generally passed down through generation by firstly taloaga/spoken word. We attended the last day, when the service for the community was conducted, as well as the burial. We don’t want to offend anyone but it’s a fact that borrowing music/words has been a common practice since the mid-1800’s. Forums like these help provoke conversation and consider the facts and authenticity as mentioned by Paul & Sapphira. Timo is Tumama Vili’s cousin. Song of a lost love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8VB8ee3aZE La'u lupe ua lele, lele i le vao mao Talofa e i la'u pele, la'u pele ua leiloa Ta'agae o teine o loo ua gasolo mai Ou mata e tilotilo e te le o sau ai Tali: Ua to'ulu'ulu mai o le sau mai Heremoni e Ua... You'll hear this beautiful lament at just about every Samoan funeral. Tumama Vili is currently an EFKS Faifeau in Christchurch, he is the Toeaina of the EFKS community meaning that he is the overseer of all the South Island EFKS in New Zealand. Appreciate it much. Since you’ll be in Samoa by Dec-Jan, I would suggest you visit Eseta’s family to get the exact dates. That is why I wanted to know if Timo was a son/daughter or member of the church. The faki of the pese has similarities to the Fijian pese Isa lei I have dates and the rest of the verses but I might have to charge you lol.The recent remake was an Efks church in Christchurch . Karauna wrote a requiem (Vi’i) for Robert Louis Stevenson died in 1894. If so what? Talofa Sapphira — you posted Timo was drowned and Sopoaga said Timo fell from a coconut tree? Christchurch EFKS a few years back had recently recorded it and paid tribute to the original composer. I can give you many examples. Re: Graves in the front yard. It’s a very beautiful one at that. They would sing off and on through out the day and every minute during the night. My wife Diana and I will visit Samoa again next year to conduct choral workshops for church choirs and more research in church music.

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