You will need to purchase a total of 100 skills and/or gadgets. HE EM Material Rare Metal To exchange medals for items, you will need to head to the lobby and speak with the medal trader. This will unlock once you reach affinity level 4 with Zeliska and initiate a conversation with her. That’s Kirito for You VIT: 255 HE Gunpowder Controller Armor Break Shot 4 Fritz Helmet, The GM Lv. Hunting Quests are quests with the objective of tracking down and killing a named enemy player, unlike sub-quests, these cannot be repeated once they are cleared, meaning that you can only do them once. It is a blue circle directly in the middle of the back. Navigational Headset, Item Drops He will appraise items for a fee. If you are the host, you will have to select Hardcore Co-op and complete 12 of the 15 missions. - UFG - Shift Increase one of your stats to at least 150. Trophies earned during this step: VIT +14 The co-op lobby is found at the Lobby at the top of The SBC Glocken, you will need to go to the Co-op Counter (which is the one to your right next to the teleporter) and start a lobby or search for one. Step 7: Dissonance of the Nexus XP and weapon grinding and miscellaneous trophies 10 Monster Bloodstone - Dropped from the Abyss Guide in the Forgotten Woods, he drops 1 on Easy/Normal and 2 on Extreme. You have the right to request, access, rectify, delete, oppose for legitimate reasons, and transfer all of your data, as well as the right to formulate specific and general instructions concerning the storage, deletion and communication of all post-mortem data. Accessories: You will get ~800K bounty per hour doing this method depending how fast you can kill the Wasp Queens. 80Location: Remant WasteLand (Floating Tower)Item Drops:Rusty Fragment Mach Trooper EM MaterialRare Metal SPB Rapier Strange Metal Mass Ruby - Aim Energized Crystal Step 8: Update 1.6.0 There are a total of twenty four treasure quests in the game and each one has a different item for you to collect. Until Next We Meet Step 2: Reload your "back in time" save and just before the final boss switch the difficulty to Extreme. See A True Hero for the list of requirements for the True Ending. High-Quality Sapphire After obtaining your first ArFA-sys part, you will now be able to access the banking functions of your ArFA-sys. Graviton Shot 4 If you beat the game and go into NG+, you will reset a decent amount of stuff including Affinity Ranks, Weapon Arts and ArfA-Sys parts but you will still keep gear and items though. The best place to grind bounty is in the Solitary Sands on Extreme. If you are missing any items the enemy players will drop the cloth around the White Frontier Field and the Wasps in the White Frontier Field will drop the Bee Antenna. The Co-op will be easier as more people do those and the people who do PvP are quite good at it so I recommend using a boosting partner for the PvP at least. This boss is semi story related. Item drops form Bosses.Other SAO:FB Guides:All Maps.All Endings.Basics Guide.Hunting Quests (Bounty Hunter Achievement).Rank 7 Weapons List.Remant WasteLandElite Automaton Lv. Shiny Membrane A video for this method can be found below, courtesy of Deceiver: The current level cap is 300 as of version 1.13. It should also be noted that you will need to get to a certain area to gift an outfit to that character (for instance, to gift an outfit to Kureha, you will need to head to the Squadron (PvP) lobby), while some will only appear depending on how far you get in the game's story (for instance, you cannot gift outfits to Zeliska unless you complete the tasks associated with the Attack on the SBC Flügel! Before we begin, you can find a complete list of Weapon Arts at our separate page. To be safe always pick the bottom response. MISSABLE MISSABLE Big Bear Mk2, Item Drops High-Quality Emerald If you have purchased the DLC you can use them in the main game without doing the DLC and get the sleepover that way. UHE Large EM Material Credit to Terminator for this information. Your ArfA-Sys will ask you who you want to save between Kureha and Zeliska. HE Laser Emitter OP Guardian Brain World's End++ Rank 11 Gattling Gun Weapon Attack +15% or higher Overheat Buildup & Duration 50% or lower Ammo Acquired +200% or higher Damage vs Mechs +20% or higher Damage vs Lifeforms +20% or higher Damage vs Humanoids +20% or higher Physical Attack +20% or higher Peacock 4+ Rank 11 Shotgun Dual Wield Effective Range + 25% or higher MG Mutnovsky, Item Drops Strange Creature Armor Afterwards, go back to the game, select whoever you want to save and fight against the final boss. You can also choose to either give them another outfit or revert their outfit back to their previous one by selecting Could you wear your old clothes? MISSABLE You will need to buy all the Weapon Arts off Argo. EM Material Below are all the weapons found in SAO: Fatal Bullet along with all their details. HE EM Material Rare Metal For more information on affinity, please refer to Best Friends Forever. You can also use the method found in Top Dog to combine farming EXP, affinity and bounty into one trophy. After talking to your ArFA-sys you will go back and fight it with just you and the ArFA-sys. MISSABLE You can also buy the Nostalgia item off Argo to increase affinity gained, it costs 5 million credits. Trophies earned during this step: Beautiful Diamond Complete the Solo Hero Quests and create/find a high level co-op lobby. You will need to get one to drop a legendary item and also hope it is a weapon. Reach affinity level 4 with every friend. Once you acquire all 26 Earrings, you need to speak to the NPC standing next to the Online PvP Counter (make sure you have all 26 Earrings on you and in order) then she will give you the School Uniform F plan. Monster Rib Shiny Membrane Protective Sunglasses, Location Ruby Miasma Fang, Item Drops You can probably find better accessories but you will want high HP regen over a minute and high defense vs mechs. Second Helping Weaver trophy. The game follows your newly made character who was invited to play GGO by a childhood friend Kureha. Ultra Tough Worm Skin Uniquely Dead The specific parts are after meeting Rain and Seven outside the shop they will be talking about where to get materials and you want to select I know just where to look. This is the longest grind in the game when doing this by normal means but thankfully, there is a method that can make the process of unlocking this trophy, though it requires the Dissonance of the Nexus DLC to be downloaded first. If you are already on the true ending path you can still get the normal ends by letting the creature use the Dark Sphere Charge Attack. The boss is level 100 and located in the Meteorological Institute but can deal a lot of damage. If you pick the wrong option you will just need to reload the area and try again until you get the sleepover. MISSABLE On Another Level Lisbeth. 150 ( Normal Ending / True Ending), Item Drops DEX: 226 - Reload Trophies earned during this step: UHE Large EM Material Indestructible Binding The first 15 have Emblem Earrings L to Z in a chest located somewhere in the mission so it is recommended to do these 15 and obtain the Emblem Earrings. Beat the game with the normal ending (Kureha's death). Peacock 4+ Rank 11 Shotgun Dual Wield Defeat Snowstorm Ereshkigal on Extreme difficulty. Complete 10 different Co-op quests and win 10 PvP matches. Preliminaries participants is 8 includes players. Remant WasteLand (Floating Tower), Item Drops The game plays like a third person shooter while also having a few RPG-like skills. Doverie, Location This will unlock another Hard version of a quest, if you get Easy here you are locked out even if you get Hard on the first quest. Credit to Blitz5 for this tip. Melee Defense +10.32% The first Earrings A-E are found on the White Frontier Field, Earrings F-H are found in the Meteorological Institute Ruins, Earrings I-K are found in the Icicle Prison and then Earrings L-Z are found in the Party Hero Quests. Worm Liver You will need to raise their affinities to Rank 4 25% then talk to them in the SBC Glocken. - Unfamiliar Coin (SBC Flügel Depths), Level 67: Scorching Legal Tender - Burned Bill (SBC Glocken Underground Ruins), Level 67: Fallen Remains - Dirty Dog Tag (SBC Glocken Underground Ruins), Level 67: Virtual Good Luck Charm - Four-leaf Clover (SBC Glocken Underground Ruins), Level 67: Dead Ringer - Realistic Squirt Gun (SBC Glocken Underground Ruins). This should be relatively simple, we had ours drop from the Snow Queen, see Cold as Ice for how to defeat her. At around 20% boss health remaining the orbs were spawning faster than I could deal with them so I just spent time focusing the boss. High-Quality Sapphire Thick-Rimmed Glasses, Location Damage vs Lifeforms +20% or higher Cat Ear Hood F, Item Drops High-Quality Emerald This will unlock after completing the quest in the Extinct Civilization Research Lab on the Remnant Wasteland. You will also be able to have a sleepover with him afterwards. Remant WasteLand (Near Sea Watchtower), Item Drops High-Quality Emerald You will need to reach level 4 affinity with the main Sword Art Online cast and the new characters specific to this game and, as the description says, characters included in updates and DLC, such as the AGGO characters (LLENN, Fukaziroh, Pitohui and M) and DLC (such as Alice, Dyne and Yuna) don't count towards this trophy. INT: 208 MISSABLE Step 5: Complete the online Co-op and PvP trophies. Unique enemies will drop unappraised items that are either rare (Blue), epic (Yellow) or legendary (Green). Entertainment Europe S.A.S, Join the early informed and receive latest updates and exclusive promotions on your email, In accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, your full name and email address will be used by Bandai Namco for the purpose of providing you with a newsletter and information about Bandai Namco's activities. This will unlock the Hard version of the quest, if you get Easy you will be locked out of this trophy for that run. There is also a Weapon Art you get for completing Kirito mode that you do not need to purchase that will be unlocked automatically when you finish the BoB quest. Powering Up 10 Premium Cloth - Dropped from AI players in the Forgotten Woods (Extreme) and White Frontier. Ammo Acquired +200% or higher Benetnasch 2, Item Drops Gas Mask Hardcore co-op quests are advanced quests that allow players to take on a series of bosses as they advance towards the area's final boss. Keep in mind that you need to have his affinity at Level 4 - 75% since this is a requirement for the true ending. Rusty Fragment Welcome to the World of PvP It is practically the same fight as the Gatekeeper so aim for the weak point on its back. Reach the maximum level for all weapon categories. Mach Trooper Old Precision Circuit Defense vs Lifeforms +11.20% You are then introduced to the main Sword Art Online cast as well as a few more new characters specific to this game. The 2 missable trophies in Dissonance of the Nexus are actually missable so check out those out before going into the DLC story. UHE Large EM Material Damage vs Mechs + 20% or higher Use this to get the rest of the SP required. In addition, each quest will award you two Accessory Exchange Tickets upon completion. Squad Leader Machine Part Dress the Part It should also be noted that if you had already increased their affinity to level 4 while playing in the game's main story, you will just need to start Kirito Mode and talk to the girls at least once until you have unlocked this trophy. If you do not enter NG+ then you do not have to worry about any of the base game missables. In this case, we are going to give 100,000 credits to them so you will need to tap at least twice and so it will equate to 100,000. You should also keep in mind that there are some characters you cannot send gifts to unless you play in Kirito mode. You will need to defeat the other 4 players to become the Squad Leader. Monster Rib DropView Disclaimer: This drop list was made with extreme difficulty in mind. Story Related. Bounty Hunter You can find here all the information regarding the changes, adjustments and new content: 3 new high-difficulty quests added to online co-op: 5 new accessories added (also available at the accessory trader), 1 new painting added to Avatar Customization, Added “Grand Master Class” to BoB Simulation, New rank11 weapons「Series Type-Z」available in new HC Co-op.

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