Donkey: Oh man, of course we are...(looking at the camera) the noble donkey reassured his clearly inferior sidekick. Did you see? Yeah. Just Me Again Down Here Hold up, Shrek. Architects Daughter Donkey: (nervously) And apparently it knows my name. No one cares! This looks to be a very entertaining evening. Really pretty. [The only ones remaining were Shrek, Donkey, Puss, and Pinocchio.]. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Sugar, could you just do me one small, little, teensy favor? Sweet! To prove his point, he showed a book labeled "Once Upon a Time-Out" with Mother Goose on the front, holding a discipline cane. He kept falling through many different holes, until landing inside a wooden trap looking like Prince Charming's face, and it appeared that Puss was eaten by the trap. Fear not, my love. - Ja, wunderbar! But the gang learn that they'll have to spend the night in Lord Farquaad's haunted castle before the winner is named. - Remember? Another figure was creeping up behind the curtains. Together forever. When the puking was done, Shrek moaned in disgust at the puke he was covered in. I worked hard on this costume. Now, then, something beyond comprehension was happening to a little boy on this this house. Now, who’d be stupid enough to break into an ogre’s house? Baby ogres: Candy! Puss's Voice: And about to be eaten alive! Lord Farquaad’s ghost! Ha ha. If you sleep, He laughed maniacally, until Donkey managed to peek out of the monstrous waffle's mouth, smirking. Sacramento If you see a message asking for permission to access the microphone, please allow. The two then headed upstairs to the bedroom. I’m going to love you and hold you, and feed you and dress you and cling to you and… …hang onto you and smother you with my love. Donkey: Oh my goodness! 47 sec ago, C | The insect picked up a top hat he had and spoke. The cricket chirped and Pinocchio's response was a shriek of terror as he ran out like mad, crashing through the door, leaving a shape of himself in the wood.]. The Web's Largest Resource for Famous Quotes & Sayings. Useful when many versions of the same video exist, or when there are different formats (like HTML5). Then, Fiona came out of hiding, with a voice-altering megaphone, revealing to be the voice of the "ghost". The puppet didn't respond, but his head began spinning around 360 degrees. Puss: (scared) No! [Puss then appeared in a bedroom, wearing pajamas and a nightcap, waking up fearfully.]. px, Please allow access to the microphone He opened the curtains and there stood not Prince Charming but a gigantic waffle with a mouth, arms, and legs, while holding a knife and fork. You had your chance. [Then a door was opened by Donkey, who appeared to be upside-down.]. Come on then. "The Pig who cried Werewolf" and "The Ghost of Lord Farquad" are from the Shrek universe and "The Night of The Living Carrots" is from the Monsters vs Aliens universe. - Stories to terrify you. Shrek gets in the Halloween spirit by challenging his fairytale friends to come up with scary stories for a contest. Brady, Sharon // Plays - The Drama Magazine for Young People;Dec2000, Vol.

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