Hey guys, I'm trying to decide on a DAC/AMP combo and I'm struggling to decide between the two (open to other recommendations as well) as they seem to be the best options in my 250-300$ price range.The mic port is nice on the ARC but I'm more concerned in overall DAC/AMP quality and future proofing like adding a speaker amp and set of powered monitors to my setup. Even if you have planar headphones, it should run them to ear-bleeding levels. The scarlett has a way better adc for the mic as well, I should say that if you are after the form factor and simplicity, the hel is good for that, but I think the scarlett solo and headphone amp is a step up imo. ", "A Great Buy For Gamers, Streamers, And Music Lovers, "As tired a cliché as this may be, if Schiit asks me to pack up the Hel High-Power Gaming/Music/Communications DAC/Amp tomorrow, I'm going to ask for accommodation pricing. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The antlion xlr adapter would be around 25 bucks, and regarding the scarlet, you can look around for deals and probably pick one up for 80 bucks at times. hawaryou share. Started 25 minutes ago Overall great construction. As both a Schiit DAC owner (Yggdrasil) and Blue Jeans speaker cable owner (Belden 5T00UP), I certainly understand that I don't have a "reference" audio system. ", "I honestly kinda thought its preamp capabilities would be wasted on me, since I tend to feed my powered desktop speakers an optical audio signal. Also, they don’t provide microphone input for gaming. Now what I first noticed about the Hel is the lack of plastic. Otherwise you will need a RCA to Stereo cable/Adapter to feed into the line in on the Modi. Press J to jump to the feed. No additional software panels a la Creative for EQ presets and other garbage. And I've tried the dsp button on and off. Posted in CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory, By But having the volume control right within reach in a little device that sits just below my monitor on my desktop has proven incredibly convenient. Started 43 minutes ago However keep in mind it also is an ADC which is why you can connect mic to it. Won't mix microphone input into the audio stream in hardware. Easy to dial in proper volume levels. What are your opinions on these for gaming? Close • Posted by 1 minute ago. In sum, the Schiit Hel is an outstanding and an essential tool for those who love to game and stream, and the high sound quality for listening to music is a bonus. The most important thing is that they don't sound glarey, totally flat and boring, or have weird tonality. You would connect them to the monitor out and hook them up that way. Or sending the $100 bills to us. Any thoughts? Omega-  I5 6600k | Gigabyte GTX 1060 | Cougar Panzer | DDR4 16GB 3000MHz | MSI Z170 Gaming M5, EVGA 650 GQ | AOC 60Hz Freesync Panels x2 | AOC 144hz Freesync Panel x1, Epsilon- I7 2700k | Asus GTX 970 | Corsair 780t | DDR3 8GB 1600MHz | EVGA Z68 FTW Mobo, Upsilon- i7 5500u | 6GB DDR3 | 720p 60Hz panel. Go back and read what you just asked. Which, sorry, we don’t supply. This is on Schiit’s website: So why would I spend $90 more on this than Fulla 3? Implementation, yo. Maybe we should market it to people stuck in the office? The O2 does not clip on K612's either, I ran the headphones for over a year before I switched over to Hd800's and they did not clip. Hel is powered by the included 2.1A USB power supply. COPYRIGHT © SCHIIT AUDIO. But if you don’t want to spend that the fulla is a decent choice too. I want something good for gaming and music with maybe some netflix or other streaming apps. SNR: >108db, A-weighted, referenced to 1V RMS, Input Impedance (rear 1/8" jack): 10k ohms, DAC: AKM AK4490 with TI OPA1662-based filter stage, Output Stage: TI OPA1688 (4 amp stages per channel), Power Supply: Via USB, with +/- 12V rails via high-current dual-polarity switching regulator, with inductor filtering and local regulation. For movies, I use the JRiver MC downmixer. If your console supports UAC2 (USB Audio Class 2, the standard for USB audio these days), then you’re golden. I don’t really think the arc sounds that great on the mic portion, it almost sounded worse to me than a motherboard mic in. Use it in your home office for conferencing. Thanks! Thanks! Hel reports as a 0mA device. Vidar $699. O2's been known to clip on harder to drive headphones like the AKG K612. With an all-new, DC-coupled, high-current output stage with feedforward, its performance is far beyond any computer or phone. I am not a gamer and I don't see myself being one in coming days. Though, I'd suggest getting the JDS Atom and pair that with Modi 3 instead as it offers cleaner amplification, but with slightly less power. Please do not spread false information. That would be closer to the Arc price range, but then the Hel and Fulla 3 would look so much more appealing at that point. Also more future proof than the fulla I think with the gain … Started 39 minutes ago It's not even close, the O2 runs on AC the ARC runs on DC. Schiit Hel looks pretty awesome. Sign up for a new account in our community. This can either be good or bad. IMO, it's good. The only amps i have owned is this arc and fio e10k. But yes, there’s a really good 24-bit AKM ADC in there, together with an OPA1662 pre-amp with an Alps potentiometer for gain control, so it’s a very nice mic input. Ragnarok $1499. The switches are sturdy and the volume knob has a nice feel to it. Smooth but not too warm or thicc -- and cheap. The hel isn’t bad or anything but I don’t think it sounds as good as the aforementioned stack for a similar price, I appreciate all the help and feedback. Gonna be used mostly with K7XX, 58X, and AD700 with a ModMic 4 Omni. With Hel, your PC setup is complete. The unit is made of metal and has quality on every square inch. Both work fine. MandicReally Speaker Amps. This particular unit is simple to use, hook up , and has a small footprint on your desk. Priced at $189, the Hel is reasonable compared to what one could spend on similar devices in terms of functionality and is a great launching point for those who want to up their audio experience." Yes. And if you have sensitive IEMs, you can use low gain for a vanishingly low noise floor. I like to listen to music and I will be honest if I don’t have something like this hooked up I will notice and I know I missing out on some of the sounds. We hope. We are all about making the right decision when purchasing new headphones. I think the dac in the scarlett is a bit cleaner but they are somewhat close for the hel. These are my current options as I want a mic in for the V-Moda Boom Pro. Also it lets you have an upgrade path in the future too. following this thread. Their are tube options but personally im a little against tube amps in modern setups, maybe would be good with a record player though. Because you want more power or flexibility. Like any sound system you will notice a huge difference if you have a amp feeding the source. dark rock pro 4Keyboard:ducky one 2 rgb full sized Mouse:G502, Model o Operating System:win 10, Desktop audio gear: topping d10 --->  monolith Cavelli Liquid Spark---> Beyerdynamic dt 990 , Sennheiser Hd 58x, Hifiman HE4xx, AKG k240, AKG k52, My portable setup: fiio Q1 mk2, fiio ubtr, fiio btr1k,fiio btr5---> whatever bud or IEM Im feeling that day, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Torn between these two devices to replace my old astro mixamp and onboard. Started 24 minutes ago It's easy! Started 34 minutes ago The sounds are enhanced across virtually every frequency. DACs. Seriously, though, Windows 10 is really good. How’s the DAC in a USB interface vs the one that would be in the Hel or Fulla? We sincerely doubt the Norse pantheon has anything to do with Christianity. ", In sum, the Schiit Hel is an outstanding and an essential tool for those who love to game and stream, and the high sound quality for listening to music is a bonus. Posted in Graphics Cards, Linus Media Group Open topic discussions of anything media are allowed. As in the Norse underworld. Magni $99. I was actually talking to some nerds on the side how I thought the office use perspective, never having to swap headphones/headsets for relentless Skype meetings, had me interested. But that’s only the start: Like DACs costing many times its price, Hel uses the AKM AK4490 D/A converter. In any case, Hel delivers like 40x the power of a typical computer headphone output, plus it has a podcast-quality stereo-compatible electret mic input. You know, just like lots of other, more expensive products do...except we tell you this, and don't encourage you to throw money down the loo. Flawizz I think I'm gonna go with the Schiit Stack. We prefer the latter. these are all better options. Started 5 minutes ago frequency response graphs, CSD waterfall plots, subjective gear reviews. I have some 250 ohm headphones i feel like it just dont drive them as powerful as it should or maybe its just me and i expect more out of it lol. Probably about as much as taping $100 bills to your headphones. [PA] SoundBlasterX G6 or Mayflower ARC. The evolution of the original irreverent and irrelevant and non-authoritative site for headphone measurements, i.e. Just not all the time. Big ass volume knob is nice! It is probably my best reccomendation i can give for a not insanely expensive dac for more clean sound at good volumes. DAC: Schiit Bifrost Amp: EarMax (original not the pro with Mullard 12AT7; Telefunken 6GM8's); Schiit Vali 2 (with Heintz and Kaufmann 5670 tube): the EarMax is more fluid sounding, bass isn't great but midrange is sublime; Vali 2 has better bass (and is more versatile; I'm getting good results with HifiMan HE400 with Dekoni angled fenestrated sheepskin pads and Dekoni Nuggets on the … Schiit Audio Hel High Power Gaming DAC/Amp. Could you expand a bit on the sound quality in comparison to Fulla 2, Marv? See, we’re getting good at predicting what you’re gonna ask. It reports as a 0mA device from the data port. hey I have had the focusrite scarlett solo 2nd gen for a while but I don’t like the headphone amps in it how do you recommend that I upgrade the sound ? Will have to do this in software. You can do whatever you’d like, including dancing by the light of the full moon and making small, non-living sacrifices to the audiophile gods. Use it as a great music DAC/amp. Pi2AES> Yggdrasil A2 > Aficionado(0fb, Jupiter, WE396A, EML Solid)/Loki + T4(Brimar CV4024) > Atticus/Auteur/Aeolus/Veritè (Be2)/Veritè C (UL)Vali/Thror, Pi2AES > Bifrost 2 > Freya S > Vidar x2 > SCM 19, iFi xDSD/Shanling m0 > TR-X00 EB(dekoni e. fenestrated w. attn)/HA-FDX1(green), A healthy approach to understanding measurements, After being asked for the 308th time, Merv lists top 5 headphones, $1000 to the first to design a headamp using discrete components with better measurements than Magni 3+, https://www.facebook.com/SchrodsonkMuseum, (You must log in or sign up to reply here.).

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