Now for the Eastern Question. Hopefully, they will have gone with the economic route. They create SGF as a vassal in their sphere instead, though it will otherwise obey all the normal rules for SGF. So while I understand the core mechanics of Vic 2 more or less, a lot of events/decisions are still a little obtuse to me. It sends an annexation event to all those nations, which (if they are in your sphere) they should automatically accept. minzoom: Controls max and minimum zoom. ... Victoria 2 - Pop Demand Mod Wiki is a … Form South German Confederation, which is for Württemberg, Bavaria and Baden, and Form South German Confederation (Austrian), which is unique for Austria. Save this under any name you want and place it in SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Victoria 2\mod\HPM\events. This creates a cyclical benefit that benefits both factories and RGOs. If France is still allied then feel free to call them in, however Prussia should be no match for Austria’s armies. That is by far the most difficult route to form Germany. For general strategy advice, national focus (and to some degree taxes) is the main lever that players can use to influence POPs: The trade system in Victoria 2 is somewhat complicated and opaque in terms of its functionality and where players can have actual and meaningful control. The easiest way of attacking Prussia is to ally with either France or Russia as soon as possible. Once political reforms are enacted, it is possible to enact social reforms if the upper house is liberal enough. Options include “Balkanizing” The Ottoman Empire (using the “Free People” war goal excessively), invading Russia (be careful, it will be a war of attrition), or perhaps settling on claiming all of Africa for the Habsburg's. Beginning in the 18th century, Austria's hegemony over Germany was challenged by the rise of Prussia in the north, a rivalry which would come to define much of German politics for decades to come. The two decisions, The Walhalla and The Schwabing Circles of Bavaria, can also be taken by South German Federation even if it is formed by Württemberg or Baden. It must be noted that this strategy requires you to become a Great Power. This way I could maximize my cultural lands (all South Germans + Hungarians + other cultures that accept DNB). After this, Russia should pounce on them for Kars so the Southern Front is secure. But Austria can also choose to instead form Austria-Hungary (Austro-Hungarian Compromise), increasing its power by calming ethnic tensions and incorporating Hungarians into the military. The decision to unite Germany requires possession of Alsass-Lorraine, which is initially owned by France. While population (POPs for short) makes up the foundation of the Victoria 2 game's mechanics, player interaction with POPs is fairly limited. Once you have founded the SGF you will need to research nationalism and Imperialism so Pan-nationalist rebels will rise in the German countries. Austria is an empire of roughly 8.84 million people in East-Central Europe. Austria has the ability to form SGF itself-- but not to be part of it. Clergy (2% nationally) and Clerks (4% nationally) play a seminal role in research point generation and should be sought after. National focus can be used on clerks in the late game. As a result, it is important to build up military alliances in defense. Did anybody try it? The empire flourished into one of the most powerful states in all of Europe. To form Germany one has to reduce Prussia to at least secondary power, using the Assert Hegemony and Humiliate casus bellis. The primary difference in the effect is that South German nations are much more likely to refuse annexation even if they are in your sphere (25% chance of refusing then, 50% if they're not in your sphere). Preventing the formation of the North German Federation is an immediate and critical goal, as a unified northern Germany will be far more difficult to contend with. In naval management, the ship-attrition system is important to manage. In order to accomplish this, remove all minor German states from the Austrian Sphere of Influence, followed immediately by an alliance with Prussia - they will quickly form the North German Federation, followed by the German Empire, and shouldn't lead to the Austro-Prussian War. Victoria II > General Discussions > Topic Details. Otherwise they will reduce the influence of any South German GP and greatly increase the influence of a random North German GP in their nation. Unlike in vanilla Vic2, German pan-nationalists that overthrow a German nation will not prompt an automatic formation of Germany... they only do so when NGF or SGF exist. This has the exact same requirements as the regular decision, but with two important differences: So this means that if, say, France owns Alsace-Lorraine, SGF can still be formed... so long as all the other South German provinces are owned or their owner is in your sphere. South German is the primary culture and North German is the only accepted culture in South German Federation. Otherwise they will reduce the influence of any North German GP and greatly increase the influence of a random South German GP in their nation. Leaving Prussia with any breathing room or time to recover is unwise (Neither is doing any of this before 1850 as you'll need the "Nationalism and Imperialism" tech to make this work), so it is advisable to declare war as soon as the truce is over. The provinces in Alsace-Lorraine are excluded from this. Level 2 ports can be constructed anywhere, and are represented on the map by a shipyard. Ally France as soon as possible and start justifying retaking Silesia with an Acquire State Casus Belli. If not, crises will wreck the Ottoman Empire. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts France will probably desert you for them when they declare on you to "liberate" Lombardia. If the war goes well, France will surrender the territory and Austria will be one step closer to unifying Großdeutschland. Add the “Admit Hegemony Goal," which forces Prussia to transfer all German minors to your sphere of influence. Until you crush it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It is bordered by Russia, Krakow, Prussia, Saxony, Bavaria and Württemberg to the north, Switzerland and Sardinia-Piedmont to the west, Parma, Modena, Papal States, the Ottoman Empire, Serbia and Wallachia to the south, and Moldavia and, again, the Russian Empire to the east. It sends an annexation event to all those nations, which (if they are in your sphere) they should automatically accept. Encouraging clergymen until they comprise 4% of each states populations will ensure the quickest ris… event which fires with the following requirements: The effect with this event, if the union is accepted, is that Prestige is reduced by 15 and Infamy is increased by 10 (a rather large jump). I just found a decision in the mod folder that suggets it should be possible. If one choose to fight Prussia you must seek an ally on the continent. Prussia will be overwhelmed but make sure the German minors on your side do not peace out by sending troops to assist. After this point, try to ally with Great Britain (as long as they seem not to be declaring war on European states too much) and break the alliance with Germany. Additionally, the "Austro-Hungarian Compromise" decision can be chosen. The decision doesn't even show up in the menu ( and I don't think it did as Austria either) and I am confused as to why I can not form it. Each political party has a set of party issues that impact how that political party, when it is the ruling part of government, affects the nation. The first proposal, called the kleindeutsche Lösung (Lesser Germany Solution), was that the German lands outside of the Austrian Empire be unified into a single nation-state. No longer can a player subsidize all factories and encourage craftsmen, as it will cause a severe recession which will be unrecoverable. Historically, Austria rose to prominence under the Habsburg family, who took the crown of the Holy Roman Empire and expanded their holdings across much of Germany and Central Europe, including Bohemia-Moravia (modern day Czech Republic), Hungary (including parts of several other modern countries), Slovenia, Croatia and Dalmatia. This means that if Austria still owns Hungarian, Italian or Polish core provinces (or it's done some conquering of its own outside of Germany) it won't become part of SGF... it has its own empire. First up, reclaim Silesia! The South German Confederation is a first step for a German nation to become Germany-- but it's only mandatory if a nation wishes to become Germany through pan-nationalists. Beat back their armies and siege Russia. Education spending increases research, administrative spending increases the efficiency of collecting taxes, military and national stockpile spending make it possible to field an army, and so on. The primary method of forming SGF is through the "South German Confederation" decision, which has the following requirements: This decision will add +10 Prestige, add SGF cores ot all national core provinces and also add SGF cores to the national core provinces of any nation with South German primary culture. This article is considered accurate for the current version of the game. In order to avoid being plunged into war because of Austria's diverse cultures, the player should choose event options that boost assimilation rates. You can't annex the SGF unless you release all your non-cores as Austria, unfortunately. Strategy choices highly depend on national circumstances. Liberation movements for Austria's various cultures are threatening. With the expansion A House Divided, the economy has completely changed. Tariffs are a useful way to generate income as well, but should be used carefully and sparingly, with notice given to whether or not POP needs are being met (refer to the pie-charts in the budget window: large sections of red will create POP demotion and increase militancy). When the consciousness of POPs are high and the composition of the upper house is liberal enough, it is possible to first enact political reforms which can meet POP demands and attract immigrants. In 1918, the empire was dissolved and divided into new nation-states, ending the imperial period in Austria. Enter the name of a country, or a country's tag, into the search box to instantly search our database of 225 Victoria 2 country tags . Austria is a large and multicultural empire, and a quick look at the population screen reveals that a very large portion of its population is not South German, Austria's primary culture. During the truce with Prussia, Austria should begin sphereing Hannover, Denmark, and Holstein. As a general rule, all reforms should be pursued for nations that are Great powers. 2) If South German and already in the sphere of a South German GP (who isn't Austria) they will annex themselves to that nation. Get your alliance back. German Pan-Nationalists that overthrow any German country prior to the formation of either NGF or SGF will do one of two things: 1) If North German and already in the sphere of a North German GP, they will annex themselves to that nation.

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