But the real man is equally as interesting, and Ron Bass’ legacy lives on. The majority of … I wish she had spent any time with my children. In Reel Life: All the black players sit on one bus, the white players on another. Alexandria in 1971 In real life, there were 4 sisters, but the film makers thought following the four would prove to be difficult and confusing. But the entire movie was way off. In Real Life: "My players were very upset," Yoast says in his DVD commentary. . Bonnie was in college, Angela went to a different high school, and Deidre was only three years-old in 1971, but Sheryl attended most of the games and other events with her father, so the filmmakers thought it would be distracting to depict the other three girls. Closer Look: Lost in a 'Field' of imagination. | Denzel Washington and Ethan Suplee would later costar in John Q (2002) and Unstoppable (2010). Deidre was born in 1968 and also lives in Springfield, Virginia with her husband and children. In real-life, Coach Bill Yoast has four daughters: Bonnie, Angela, Sheryl, and Deidre. She is buried close to her oldest sister Bonnie in the same cemetery. Instead she just yells at the players because she knows that coming together is the most important thing the team has to do. Contribute to her obituary and include details such as cemetery, burial, newspaper obituary Although T.C. Remember the Titans: 2000, directed by Boaz Yakin, starring Denzel Washington as Coach Herman Boone, Will Patton as Coach Bill Yoast and Wood Harris as Julius Campbell. They have to put aside their differences and play the game they love. In Reel Life: The camp is held at Gettysburg College. They played during the regular season, and it was as depicted in the movie...A come from behind 4th quarter win. She goes over to his house to watch game films and becomes friends with his daughter. In Reel Life: Early in the season, Sheryl's watching game film with coach Boone at his house. Since, other sheep have been cloned as well as horses, pigs, deer, and bulls. She is survived by her husband and their only child. Highlights of just a few of the many successes of sharing memories & family history at AncientFaces. I've never been sorry.". The real Sheryl Yoast unfortunately led a relatively short life, passing away from an undetected heart condition in 1996 at the age of 34. "He was big, but not as big and not as funny.". The real Sheryl Yoast unfortunately led a relatively short life, passing away from an undetected heart condition in 1996 at the age of 34. It's image is often used in the college's promotional material. All of the band music in the film, is actually played by them, and as thanks for their participation in the film, they were given a semi-truck trailer. Sheryl's immediate relatives including parents, siblings, partnerships and children in the Yoast Mathew family tree. In Real Life: The Titans did sometimes sing during warm-ups, and when they were introduced did some rhythmic clapping and pad-slapping. I forced them to learn each other's culture. In Reel Life: On the first day of school, there are protesters outside the high school. In Reel Life: Gerry becomes friends with Julius and other black players, and his girlfriend, Emma (Kate Bosworth), disapproves strongly. Sheryl is crazy smart when it comes to football and Boone should have realized this a little faster. Most of the people were real, and just like in the movie, Coach Boone did integrate the players, telling them to learn each other’s cultures and ways. There is one scene in the film, where a brick is thrown through Coach Boone's window. Victory Stadium, where the actual championship game was played, was demolished in July 2006. Tourists often went to the real T.C. In real life, was Sheryl Yoast really an only child who lived with her father? All Rights Reserved. Or just leave a Coach Yoast sends Pete in to replace him at linebacker. In Reel Life: Some teammates brawl, especially during training camp. Williams High School. Alternate Versions . Did Sheryl serve in the military or did a war or conflict interfere with her life? All rights reserved. He gets up in front of everyone in the camp and tells them he just moved to Alexandria from Bayonne. Where was her last known location? At the time, Berry had never had a football team. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.". In 1962, in the year that Sheryl E Yoast Mathew was born, on August 5th, actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe died in Brentwood California. I don't know if Gerry's attitude and his association with his friends had anything to do with it. Rev picks up the fumble and runs in for the winning TD. In Reel Life: Many of the players have military haircuts, and most have fairly short hair. Sheryl Yoast's (Hayden Pannetiere) character broke the female stereotype of girls who don't understand football at 9 years-old. In Real Life: Bertier did get into an accident, but it was after the season had ended -- he was driving home from an awards banquet, and was paralyzed from the chest down. Williams had a pretty easy time of the postseason, beating Annandale 28-0 in the regional playoffs, knocking off Woodrow Wilson 36-14 in the state semifinals, then trouncing Lewis for the title. He says that Coach Yoast has been nominated to the Virginia High School Hall of Fame. Unlike in the film, the real Sheryl Yoast had three sisters and she lived with her mother. Someone throws a brick through his window, calling him "Coach coon. The song "Titan's Spirit" from this film's soundtrack is an instrumental medley mainly taken from the film's score during moments when Coach Herman Boone gave inspirational speeches. in the year that Sheryl E Yoast Mathew was born, on August 5th, actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe died in Brentwood California. In Reel Life: Coach Boone is a hardass, seemingly devoid of warmth and humor. Eight helicopters had been sent for the mission, but only 5 arrived in operating condition., Since the military had advised that the mission be aborted if there were fewer than 6 helicopters, President Carter stopped it. For those who may not totally remember the film, Sheryl Yoast is the daughter of Coach Yoast, the football coach who gets looked over for the head coach position at TC Williams High School in favor of Coach Boone, aka Denzel Washington. "I wish she had. Unlike in the film, all four daughters lived with their mother, Betty Yoast, after their parents divorced. Williams High School did play George C. Marshall High, they did not play in a championship game. The movie's red-letter year -- 1971, when the high schools were consolidated after even more federal pressure -- came half a decade after many of us forged a path for the harmonious interracial relationships the film highlights.". In Real Life: Ray is a fictional character, and the scenario is fictional. There are hundreds of movies based on true stories- some that are made direct to DVD or for TV and others that are released in theaters. You are very clearly the hero of Remember The Titans. Although T.C. Gary Bertier was injured in an automobile accident and paralyzed for the rest of his life from the waist down. In Reel Life: Sunshine kisses Gerry Bertier (Ryan Hurst) on the lips. Williams when it opened in 1965, wrote in the Washington Times that there was resistance to federally-mandated desegregation in Alexandria in the 1960s, "But the opening of T.C. In Reel Life: Alexandria, Va., is depicted as a town torn apart by racial tensions, and the forced integration of two high schools -- one all-black, one all-white, forms the core conflict of the movie. In Reel Life: In training camp, and again during the season, Ray (Burgess Jenkins) intentionally misses blocks, because he wants his black teammates to be taken down. Sometimes Sheryl is portrayed as a stereotypical tomboy while Boone's daughter Nikki is portrayed as a "girly girl" stereotype. The home field scenes were filmed at Sharp Stadium. The three schools that merged were T.C. Much of this movie was filmed in Covington, Georgia. But that was the fifth game of the regular season. Although produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the "Jerry Bruckheimer Films" logo does not appear in the film, nor does the print logo appear on the poster for the film or on the home video release. Berry, Georgia. While Bill Yoast was not happy about that, the sisters were fine with it, and rather enjoyed the movie. Did Sheryl finish grade school, get a GED, go to high school, get a college degree or masters? We all know the brilliant film Remember The Titans starring Denzel Washington, right? "She and Gerry broke up about (the time of the accident, described below)," he says in his DVD commentary. Alan's father, Fred (Tim Ware), who's in the stands, yells out, "Don't you take out my son." The Mill that the boys run past is a real, working mill (simply named "The Old Mill") on the Berry College campus where many of the football camp scenes were filmed. 4. In Reel Life: Yoast decides against taking the assistant coach job, and says he's going to take a year off. After Barack H. Obama, then President-Elect of the United States of America, finished giving his speech after being elected as the first African-American president in Grant Park, Chicago on November 4th 2008, Trevor Rabin's "Titan's Spirit" was cranked up to signify the enormity of the moment. Unknown. There is one scene in the film, where a brick is thrown through Coach Boone's window. Clearly Sheryl proves that the tension of black and white doesn't affect her at all. 4. Gerry (pronounced "Gary") Bertier (Ryan Hurst) chews him out for this, and later has Ray kicked off the team. T.C. He returns and plays in the state semifinals before giving his spot back to Petey in the championship game. "It was something far more devastating to any human being than a brick could be. Share what Sheryl did for a living or if she had a career or profession. "I think that's where most of the kids' minds were. Opened with a gross of 20.905 million dollars in the U.S., and stopped September 2000 from being one of the worst months for movies ever. These Historical Photos Have People Talking, First Responders: Policemen and Policewomen, Success Stories from Biographies like Sheryl E Yoast Mathew. Perry was chosen, because their uniforms were of the same colors as those of T.C. Following his surgery, many other teammates besides Julius Campbell also used the pretense of being immediate family to see him in the hospital. "I forced them on each other. In Reel Life: It's implied that the Titans were underdogs. One of the main football fields, used for filming, was Sprayberry High School in Marietta, Georgia. In Real Life: Gerry's girlfriend was named Becky, and she lived next door to Yoast. Sheryl, I salute you. In Reel Life: In the championship game, the Titans trail 7-0 at the half, 7-3 at the end of the third quarter, and are still behind 7-3 with less than two minutes remaining and Marshall holding the ball. Whole families (women and children included) died - more than 900 people in all. I'll say for the record my hair was never that long.". In Reel Life: Bertier is a team leader, and an All-American. When Ronnie Bass and his father first arrive, it is established that Bass's father is a Marine Corps pilot, but his wings are those of an Air Force command pilot.

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